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Crossword Puzzle Answers - 10/08/2016 - The NY Times, LA Times, Usa Today, Newsday, Universal and more

  • Crossword Puzzle Answers - Solutions for daily newspapers: The NY Times, LA Times, Usa Today, Newsday, Universal and more.

Sun-blocking cap parts 
Spirited attack 
Sentry's cry 
San Francisco's Hill 
Sacred river of India 
Pump up the volume 
Mex. neighbor 
Industrious sort 
Import illegally 
Having no sequel 
Greyhound driver's assignment 
Forage for food, say 
End-of-wk. cry 
Discoverer's call 
Curved molding 
Cupid's specialty 
Classified data 
Chills and fever 
Assembles again 
Poe's middle name 
Yale supporter 
Pronto, in memos 
Crackle and Pop
X or Y line
McCoy's nickname 
Wrote, as a novel
Honey-rich dessert 
Worst, needwise
Woodworking grooves
Henhouse raider 
Women's undergarment
Gorilla, for one 
What you're looking at
Formerly named 
Use a branding iron
Fall, for one 
Undesirable thing on ponds
Cork's country 
Three types of cheese
'Robinson Crusoe' writer 
'Jealous' singer 
Sweeping hairstyle
'Affliction' star 
pal (female buddy) 
Snobbish quality
Sleuth, in potboilers
Recovery prog
Receive willingly
Publicly hold forth
Whistle ___ (fantasize) 
Thomas of "That Girl" 
Stand in line, say 
Opposite of aweather
Skycam carrier, perhaps 
Shortly, to poets 
Off-white hue
Place to tie the knot 
Odin's thunderous son
Pulled the plug on 
Sandcastle's undoing 
Many are minimum at McDonald's
Just ___ on the map
It is what's left
Hathaway or Archer of Hollywood
Place to cyber-shop 
Pindaric works 
Gridiron opponents
Goes downhill in the winter
French Impressionist Edgar
Game with kings and queens
PC's bailout key 
Part of SRO 
First name in the "Frasier" cast
Film projector need
Feeling of boredom
Fancy bathroom fixture
Fall like Niagara's waters
Europe's largest lava-spewer
Easily handled, as a ship
Do the math, in a way
Dehydrated, as land
Corn Belt state
Part of a Clue board 
Out of whack 
Civil Rights gp. since 1909
Congregation leader
Ouija board word 
Workout buff’s motto opener 
Not so bulky 
Windy weather fliers 
Young player on the rebound … or, in another way, what each set of circles in this puzzle represents 
Card in a mobile phone
Neural transmitter 
Bachelor homes of old
Built, as a house
Make a person crazy 
Band on a sleeve
Stayed on 
That being the case 
Surrealism pioneer Max 
Sharif of “Doctor Zhivago” 
Traffic court letters 
Arab ship with a triangular sail
Ancient alphabet character
Acknowledges applause
Little by little 
90-degree angle
"___ Love You" (Beatles tune)
Spread some gossip 
Like the smell of stale lager 
"___ Know?" (trivia heading)
Skin “Creme” in blue tins 
Less cordial 
"Why are ___ hard on ourselves?"
Sir Arthur __ Doyle 
Kennedy or Turner 
Shucker’s unit 
"The Lord of the Rings" soldiers
It doesn't need ironing 
"Sort of" ending
Send to cloud nine 
"Candle in the Wind" princess
In shabby condition 
SALT weapon 
Heading on a chore list 
Rodent-eating reptiles 
Hawk or dove 
Racing legend A.J 
Have a feeling 
Prez on a fiver 
Gout target, usually 
Portland Timbers’ org 
Game-rules authority 
Pita sandwich 
Philips electric toothbrush brand 
Paperless tax return option 
Pain reliever sold in Liqui-Gels 
Original “Veronica Mars” airer 
Oft-baked pasta 
Nailed the test 
Miles away 
Metered praise 
Match makers? 
Like mosquitoes 
Letter-shaped beam 
Japanese cartoon art 
Italian food ending 
Iron source 
In disarray 
Impish looks 
Hybrid toaster oven snacks 
Homeric epic 
Head of a pub? 
He has a nest at 123½ Sesame Street 
Handmade bleachers sign 
Go off-script 
Frat party wear 
Flamboyant Dame 
Emphatic affirmation 
Dutch banking giant 
Divers’ destinations 
Day before a big day 
Furtive "Hey, you!" 
Chow fixer? 
Full of streaks 
Buns and flips 
Form a mental image 
Brand for serious last-minute preparation 
Eros or Eos 
Birch or beech 
English majors' degs 
Barely flow 
Elba, to Napoleon 
Baby goat sound 
Does a garden chore 
Arms-akimbo joints 
Arch site 
Wrinkly-looking fruit
Warty-skinned croaker
Time machines?
1862 Tenn. battle site 
Thin and watery, like a blood component
San Francisco bakery specialty
Adobe file format 
Desert of Israel 
Scouring pad brand
Singer-songwriter Tori
Teen Wolf” network 
Cornhusker State city 
Choir member's wear 
Regulatory org. for 32 teams
… Mr. Tambourine Man, __ song for me 
Carson of neurosurgery 
Protector of US workers
Blue hue named for an element 
Play in which the title character is never seen
Bit of mock fanfare 
Possible result of a sacrifice, briefly
Austin who's married to Ice-T 
Antarctica's ___ Sea 
All wound up 
PC connection device
Adorned, as with parsley 
Part of a jungle gym
Ottawa's public TV station
"Raging Bull" subject Jake 
Aches and pains 
1940s foes 
One of the Bobbsey twins
"The Song of the Earth" composer Gustav 
On the dull side
"The Canterbury Tales" inn 
Niña's fellow traveler
Native of a -stan country bordered by five other -stans
Mont Blanc, for one
Masked crusader who leaves his mark
Many laboratory test subjects
MacDowell of 'Groundhog Day'
Leave the stage
Kristen who cowrote and starred in 'Bridesmaids'
It might be left for a fairy
Innocence Project evidence, briefly
Good dessert to enjoy while telling a George Washington legend
Gin rummy sequence
Fried tortilla with a topping
Gel-producing succulent
Forgo a home-cooked meal
Forest just south of the tundra
For the most part
Feature of some snow tires
Dream state, briefly
Don who coached the Baltimore Colts and Miami Dolphins
Desire for more and more
Clark who played Rhett
Chocolate and caramel concoction
Camel train's respite
Camel cousin of the Andes
Blend of cabernet sauvignon and merlot, e.g
Approval for a flamenco dancer
Alec Guinness or Sean Connery
Airport shuttle, often
Activity you'll get a kick out of
1941 Gary Cooper comedy in which a tramp must pretend to be a nonexistent person
'Well, ___-di-dah'
'Oh, now it's clear'
'It ___ Necessarily So'
Worship from __ 
Wins, as a contract 
Weapons warehouse 
Unlikely, as chances 
Thomas __ Edison 
Temple leader 
Take care of 
Salon application 
Pro Bowl team, for short 
Police dept. alerts 
Smelter delivery 
Sushi bar selections 
Start over with 
Scorn and mock 
Rubies and emeralds 
Rowing implement 
River-mouth formation 
Prime-time hour 
Poem of praise 
Play for time 
Pertaining to birds 
Old saying 
Musician McCartney 
More understandable 
Makes a mistake 
Made possible 
Look amused 
Little fellow 
Judge’s garb 
Instrumental ender 
In the manner of 
Ill-gotten gains 
Height: Abbr 
HBO WWII miniseries 
Got out of bed 
German autos 
Gave one’s word 
Former PLO leader 
Flea market merchant 
Epic story 
Eggs and bacon with potatoes, e.g 
Dear __ or Madam 
Crude shed 
Crowd’s sound 
Convent leader 
Canine sound 
Bona fide 
Be deserving of 
Bad to the bone 
All wrapped up 
Acting groups with many well-known actors 
13 Across holder 
”Fine with me!” 
Workplaces for some Santas 
Wide-mouthed pot 
Wide-brimmed straw hat 
White Monopoly bill 
Ultrasound emitter 
Thumb-to-forefinger signal 
Throw down the hatch 
Tear dabber 
Taken advantage of 
Study closely 
Stretch out 
Somebody you might call Mom who’s not your mom 
Site of Waterloo and London 
Site of the world’s tallest building 
Place for a soak 
Shower affection (on) 
Retirement destinations 
Red snapper on a sushi menu 
Pitching pros 
On Santa’s bad list 
Of part of the heart 
Noticeable reduction 
Nine of diamonds? 
More than willing 
Messages to followers 
Mentor’s charge 
Member of a small colony 
Member of a certain service organization 
Meal remnant 
Matching pair marking 
Legal grievance 
Leader whose father was a prosperous sugarcane farmer 
Khaki color 
It gets taken to the cleaners 
In the area 
Burlap base 
Get hold of 
Future husband, perhaps 
Flush out 
Florida city nicknamed ‘The Big Guava’ 
First name in early horror 
Fail to note 
Evidence of obligation 
Distraught sound 
Disney film for which Eddie Murphy voiced a dragon 
Couldn’t stand the heat? 
Charlize of ‘Mad Max: Fury Road’ 
Challenge for translators 
Candidate’s choice, or what both halves of the starred answers can be
Bullwinkle’s last name 
Bubble maker 
Brief breaks for NFL teams 
Bent outward 
Airline app datum 
African ungulate 
Achilles was dipped in it by his mother 
Utter buffoon 
Source of a halo effect 
9:30 a.m. for NYSE traders 
‘To reiterate…’ 
‘Roger that’ 
‘Rizzoli & Isles’ channel 
‘Quit ___ bellyachin’!’ 
Work determinedly (through) 
With 25-Across, a farm call 
West Coast cop squad, for short 
Warm Alpine wind 
Turkish brandy 
Transmission setting 
Tijuana’s locale 
Spun records, say 
South African tongue 
Some presidential appointees 
Some baby food 
Smiles broadly 
Sign of a saint 
See 5-Across 
See 59-Down 
Regal automaker 
Reef explorer 
Put a stop to 
Powerful engine, informally 
Pokemon Go, e.g 
Place primarily populated by Palestinians 
Place for a parakeet 
Part of a neutron’s makeup 
Out of the question! 
Out of focus 
One of 17 in Monopoly: Abbr. 
Odd behavior 
O.K., in slang 
Mrs. Einstein 
Mock doc 
Mmes., in Madrid 
Like each letter of the alphabet in this puzzle, at minimum 
Like calendar firemen 
Like an Old English sheepdog 
Like 100 vis-à-vis 20 
Lead-in to space 
Kool-Aid flavor 
Kind of sauce, for short 
Kind of bee 
Key of Schubert’s “Trout” Quintet: Abbr. 
Jaromir ___, five-time N.H.L. scoring leader 
Go a few rounds 
Fusion dance-music genre 
Foot-stomping dance 
Evening wear 
Eastern ruler 
Ear swab 
Deceptive talker 
Daisy variety 
Copy off another’s paper? 
Close to closed 
Can’t say as ___ 
Butt out, briefly 
Building material for one of the Three Little Pigs 
Beehive State city 
Beauty spot 
Arms and the Man playwright 
Albuquerque’s home: Abbr. 
African antelope 
Acronym for an outdoor fantasy game 
About 6.5 million for the Pentagon: Abbr. 
519, in old Rome 
43-Across in one’s ___ 
___ Thompson a.k.a. Honey Boo Boo 
___ disease 
___ bean 

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