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Crossword Puzzle Answers - 19/08/2016 - The NY Times, LA Times, Usa Today, Newsday, Universal and more

  • Crossword Puzzle Answers - Solutions for daily newspapers: The NY Times, LA Times, Usa Today, Newsday, Universal and more.

Deal with extremes of patent's impact
Clare admits it is about time in Mediterranean
Bails out women's institute for having a word with the man upstairs
del Sol
at ease
Zebra relative
Young goat
Western address?
Turkish governors of yore
Vatican vestment
Tranquil scenes (Var.)
Texas shrine to remember
T. ___ (dinosaur)
Sunflower yield
Subject to a limit, like a payroll
Sub outlet
Study of the juvenile mind
Sneak ___ (glimpse)
Scottish terrier
Saved for the future
Rural road feature
Rubber glove material
Room's color scheme and furniture
Reddish color
Rapt and then some
Places for pews
Part of a birthday suit
Over your head
Not of the clergy
Military mix-up
Mess or first-aid
Mature insect stage
Male and female
Living-room items
Like good lessons for students
Knocks down in a ring
Kind of gun for speeders
Having a ho-hum attitude
Hallucinogenic initials
Herringlike food fish
Frequently, in poems
Forbidden perfume brand?
Fly with eagles
First appearance, as of symptoms
Cookie many take apart
Water park fixture 
Computer data amount
Rod with seven batting championships 
Chip's cartoon buddy
Tree of the birch family 
Traveler on foot 
Chinese philosopher ___-tze
Chicken ___ king
Store belowdecks 
Starts the pot 
Big-top figure
Being delusional
Source of igneous rock 
Some saxophones 
And others, in footnotes
"Stop right there!"
Sesame extract 
"Maria ___" (old tune)
"Et tu, Brute?" day
"A Death in the Family" writer James
Rough Rider's nickname 
What a shocking thing to say
Wrathful states
Rm. coolers 
Word after shooting or curling
Rival of Hertz and Alamo 
Woodard's director in 'Crooklyn'
Without a break
What a suitor pitches
Welterweight's weapons
Rathskeller order 
Wasn't seaworthy, in a way
Radioer's "back to you" 
Turkey, for one
Puts up 
Three-time George Burns role
Substance with a pH above seven
The Queen of Hearts, vis-à-vis Wonderland
Of yesteryear 
Successful eBay lister
O. Henry device 
Standards of perfection
Mountaineer's descent 
South Pacific kingdom
Some Greenland dwellers
Microsoft slide show software 
Shape whose interior angles total 1,260 degrees
Melon discard 
"That ___ say . . ." 
Seeks help from
Fix, as fences 
Melon discard 
Refs' decisions, at times
Provide energy to
Many an MTV viewer 
Patronize Spago or Sardi's
Liberal pursuits 
Outburst of astonishment
Obstacles to objectivity
Impede, as progress 
Observance involving the Four Questions
NBC show first hosted by George Carlin
Gin flavoring 
Muskogee resident of classic country
Food giant whose brands include Hebrew National 
Follow orders 
Material sought in a rush
Monogram on a Cardinal cap
Foch of "Spartacus" 
Makes like Old Faithful
Let the cat out of the bag
Lawyer's 'concerning this'
Fender bender evidence 
Bureaucratic delays 
Deck with pentacles 
Eat ___ (be humiliated) 
Duller of the senses 
Lake recreation option
Knee-revealing garment
Cavern sound 
Joint often seen by shoe store clerks
All tensed up 
Invite to visit the penthouse
"Rebel-'Rouser" guitarist Duane 
Incur a cell phone surcharge, perhaps
In a sharp-toned manner
Brushing, flossing, etc 
Having been torn apart
Assigned scores to 
Frasier Crane's service
Assign new actors to 
For face value
Fish in some dragon rolls
Artificial playing surface 
Expression of disapproval, each part of which appears in 17-, 29-, and 45-Across
Establish a link with
Earthling, to Beldar Conehead
"Silent ___" Coolidge 
Carpeters' calculations
County on San Francisco Bay
Car radio button
Captain Kirk's journal
Blues musician Mahal
Beverage high in antioxidants
Barack nominated her for the Supreme Court in 2010
Banded venomous snake
Ball-balancing barkers
Ancient inscription letter
Airline with a globe logo
Airer of telly programmes
2007 Senate resigner Trent
2003-'07 Saturn model
1994 Jodie Foster drama
'Vexations' composer Erik
Texas city
Parking ticket dodger
NASA moon craft
IRS employees
Fender bender
Charlotte and Norma
Almanac data
'Baseball Tonight' channel
' do for now'
Turkish peak
Truck driver
Tankard's cousin
Tadpole, e.g
Some collectibles
Sewing kit collection
Sales rep's handouts
Refiner's supply
Projectile path
Polonius' son
Go hungry
Industrious worker
Finish the cake
Designer Giorgio
Desert spots
Brooklyn team
Brews, as tea
Abacus units
Work group 
Wiped out 
Vladimir's veto 
Very heart 
Verbal white flag 
Unkempt assemblage 
Treble reed 
Third-century starter 
Talk idly 
Taking notes, studying, etc 
Take the lead 
Stop resisting 
Some picture frames 
Slowly, on scores 
Slim margin 
Skill evaluation 
Room full of mice 
Rink ploy 
Restless feeling 
Quaint expletive 
Poetic adverb 
Place holder 
Phrase on vegans' T-shirts 
Old-time country singer, sometimes 
It's southeast of Punxsutawney 
Not easily moved 
Net business 
Neglect to have 
Mother's Day bouquet, say 
Long-legged wader 
LBJ's VP predecessor 
It's southeast of Punxsutawney 
It means ''celestial'' 
It may come out in the wash 
Ingredients in some shampoos 
How ''Billboard'' comes out 
Having what it takes 
Had met 
Gilligan's boat 
Genghis Khan follower 
Form of silica 
Fiesta fare 
Fiery flow 
Familiar episode 
Dry as a desert 
Damage control org 
Course of events 
Certain blockers 
Beat to a pulp 
Awfully slow 
'90s heavyweight champ 
''World's worst dog'' in a 2005 book 
''World's Online Marketplace'' 
''Leading with My Chin'' author 
''Dark Matter'' airer 
''. . . you get the idea'' 
Young partner 
Wig out 
West Indian sorcery 
Uvula doc 
Universal donor’s type, briefly 
Underwear brand 
Twain’s New York resting place 
TV sched.uncertainly 
Tool sometimes u sed for steering
Thorny thicket 
Thirst quencher 
Stake-driving hammer 
Sound often not allowed? 
Some caviar 
Sizable chunk 
Sarcophagus holder 
Safe to put away 
Roll at the airport 
Reason kept to oneself 
Part of a chain 
Old Venetian magistrate 
NYC commuter line 
Not the best of time 
Maroon 5 singer Levine 
Lunchbox staple, familiarly 
Low-cost home loan org. 
Literary monogram 
Letters left of center? 
Leisurely lakeside activity, and a clue for the circled letters 
Lake of Lombardy 
Johnny Olson catchphrase 
Guitar players, slangily 
Green attitude? 
Golf bag item 
Former Vietnamese emperor Bao __ 
First name in despotism 
Encourage to score, as a base runner 
Dust jacket info 
Defense acronym 
Country singer Clark 
Country about 12 times longer than its widest point 
Counter square 
Cold weather word 
Cinephile’s TV choice 
Carne follower, in Mexican fare 
Carefree syllable 
Bum rap 
Boy in the first family 
Barack Obama, astrologically 
Auto company founder Citreon 
Aunt with a “Cope Book” 
1953 automobile innovation 
“Make iy snappy!” 
“It __ Right”: 1956 Platters’ hit 
“If __ again I meet him beard to beard ..”: Shak. 
“Evita” role 
“Anaconda” rapper Nicki 
Yom Kippur War leader 
Yeah, why not!? 
When repeated, spouse’s complaint 
What blowhards blow 
Was on the cast of 
Walter ___, Dodgers manager before Tommy Lasorda 
Trust issue? 
Took by force 
They’re put in for work 
They may grab a bite 
They may be settled over drinks 
The Fox and the Hound fox 
The Antichrist, with “the” 
Sr. stress source 
Song that starts “Hate New York City / It’s cold and it’s damp” 
Slowly picked up 
Secluded spaces 
Rush, e.g. 
Road sign silhouette 
Reznor of Nine Inch Nails 
Person with a lot on his plate? 
People thinking on their feet? 
On the hoof, in diner lingo 
Kim Jong-un, for one 
On end, to Donne 
Non-humanities acronym 
Nonactor with cameos in more than 20 Marvel movies 
Medium for many 13-Down 
Lisbon lady 
Let’s do this! 
Large-scale detail 
If you ask me …, for short 
Hometown of Columbus 
Good for sledding, say 
Give a Yelp review, say 
Gender-neutral possessive 
Gendered “Seinfeld” accessory 
Federal div. concerned with gas consumption 
Entertainment for general audiences? : USOTOUR 
Emmy-winning Susan Lucci role 
Early Judaic sect 
Done for 
Dish that often has pea pods 
Concert needs, for short 
Collection at the Musee d’Orsay 
Certain grenade, for short 
Came down with 
Brand whose first commercial featured a cable car 
Bleeding Love singer Lewis 
Beatles title girl with a “little white book” 
America, informally 
___ Fierce (onetime Beyonce alter ego) 
I find this mildly amusing 

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