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Crossword Puzzle Answers - 24/08/2016 - The NY Times, LA Times, Usa Today, Newsday, Universal and more

  • Crossword Puzzle Answers - Solutions for daily newspapers: The NY Times, LA Times, Usa Today, Newsday, Universal and more.

Writer's hiree
Wallach of 'How the West Was Won'
Transport to the courthouse?
Transport to the wedding?
Transport to the theater?
Tears to pieces
Synagogue scroll
Symbols often seen with Egyptian gods
Sugar substitute
Subtle vibes
Stevens who played Matthew on 'Downton Abbey'
Sports Illustrated's 1974 Sportsman of the Year
River through Lake Geneva
Push-up purchase
Purveyor of yellow journalism
Portion that's left
Purple bloomer
Powerful person
Political cartoonist Thomas
Pan Am competitor
Owner of 'The Huffington Post,' as of 2011
On the up-and-up
Nutmeg-derived spice
Nothing's opposite
Notes exchanged in many global transactions
Nonnews newspaper page
Neptune's domain
Message-sending convenience
Long forearm bone
Letters from a debtor
Lets the tears flow
Lead-up to a big Boston 'party'
Last to be chosen, probably
Lana's friend in Smallville
Unusable fingerprints 
Yucky deposit 
Where the Pope lives 
Wall candleholders 
Trivial tizzy 
Savings for a distant rainy day 
Tolstoy title word 
Thing that courteous golfers replace 
Tablet-producing company 
Suddenly bright stars 
Strengthened a poker pot 
Smaller part of a larger zoned area 
Kinshasa's country, during Mobutu's rule
Russian country home 
Kebab choice
Roll in a roller derby 
Junior, to Senior
Puts money in the bank 
Jewish priest with a self-named Bible book
Primitive dwelling 
Prefix with "natal" 
Pennsylvania, to Maryland 
Part of an apple 
One way to make a sweater 
One delivering a dressing-down 
It will help you dig up some dirt
Island from which Napoleon escaped
Nursery schooler 
Irish-born actress Maureen
Miniature guitars, informally 
In no particular order
Musketeer's need 
Humphrey's successor as vice president
Mork's home planet 
Guy who cries foul
Give the slip to 
Glass window section
Mai ___ (rum cocktail) 
Frat party quaff
Magazine revenue sources 
Film swashbuckler Flynn
Like a haunted house 
Filled-dough snack from Eastern Europe
Gavel pounder's word 
Feed in a field
Lift a lawyer's license 
Feeling of inner turmoil
Label for the skinny picture 
Late boxing champion 
Large book size 
Cries of wonder
Cornrow component
Hard to make out 
Core part of the brain and spinal cord
Cone's eye partner
Collar alternative
Formerly known as, in maiden names 
Certain saxophone
Flynn of old Hollywood 
Christian fashion line?
First square of many board games 
Chief newscaster
Fine cigar 
Brought to mind 
Exploratory mission, for short 
Certain degree, in math
'Finish those vegetables!'
Actor with Bolger and Garland
Bob Schieffer's network
Enterprise speed unit 
Emulate a certain tide 
Egg of old Rome 
Editor's insertion symbol 
Doing one's job, and how! 
Dictionary entry 
Definitely on one's toes 
Cuts and pastes 
Cruel barracks "gag" of old 
Cop's treat in stereotypes 
Contributed suggestion, e.g 
Combat pilot's flight 
Chinese dumplings 
Cause disorder to 
Yarn purchase
Winter hrs. in Chicago
Catcher of a clumsy acrobat 
Where Hefner parties
Bucharest currency 
Vex persistently
Transparent mineral
Be competitive 
Andy's raggedy doll 
The Pope’s residence
Approach to an article 
Take-home pay
Any pest 
Stanford-__ (IQ test)
Source of hash browns, informally
Tweak some violin holders? 
Absorbed, as a cost 
1040 reviewer, briefly 
Sharif of “Doctor Zhivago”
Pre-__ (coll. major)
Scottish residence of the Royal Family
"I'm quoting this exactly" 
Wall St. deal 
Rubber tomahwak’s target
Napoleon exile site
West Indies volcano 
"Dined" partner 
Place for a window box
"Awesome!" in the '90s 
Many a McJob holder
Many 5Ks and 10Ks
Moon lander, briefly
Like many bathroom floors
Like good pastrami
Like an unmatched sock
Lawrence who played “champagne music”
Las Vegas’ __ Grand
Lake __ (Mississippi River’s source)
Tweak some ski parkas? 
Keep __ (continue)
Issues a subpoena to
Tweak some church chimers? 
Israel’s Netanyahu, informally
Inform on the Mob
Housebound feline
In an aimless manner
Parting shot 
Hatchling’s sound
Tweak some business outfits? 
Hand-dyeing method
Good-sized lot
Torch job 
Game with Reverse and Skip cards
To boot 
Field goal specialist
Three-part figs 
Dalles cager, for short
Third deg.? 
Come down in buckets
Switch on a boom box 
Store door nos. 
Tach nos. 
Carpenter’s gripper
Capital on the Baltic Sea
Stadium ticket specification 
Busboys’ pickups
Slangy “Sure” 
Bit of change
Begins to take effect
Be in the red
Shipping department supply 
Scientology guru Hubbard 
Any “Jurassic Park” dinosaur
Put one over on 
Annapolis newcomer
Pulled off 
San Lucas (Baja resort)
Portmanteaun for a grown-up who hasn’t yet grown up 
$1000000, informally
“The Untouchables” gangster
Performed light surgery on? 
“With the bow,” in music
“Sour grapes” fabulist
“Nana” author Zola
One recently hitched 
“Odyssey” enhantress
Little League teams 
Part of a sitcom farewell 
OK for dieters 
Nintendo rival 
NATO alphabet starter 
Monogram on some pricey handbags 
Milk purch 
Maker of many kitchen rolls 
Lyft rival 
Loot from a heist 
Like used fireplaces 
Like most fairways, daily 
Lab order? 
Just open 
Jazz club performers 
Hands-free devices 
Fuss over 
David Cameron’s alma mater 
Dainy trim 
Caramel-filled candy 
Breaks like a branch 
Big name in spaghetti westerns 
And such: Abbr. 
Adapter letters 
“My Generation” band 
Writer Quindlen 
Vampire's teeth 
Toon villain Whiplash 
Swedish auto 
Posh city dwelling 
Quarterback Marino 
Mobster's hired gun 
Whitish gemstone 
Limo alternatives 
Water east of Dublin 
Italy's silhouette 
Using few words 
Tough to climb 
Frazier foe 
Touches lightly 
Fine spray 
Throw a fit 
Sushi-bar beverage 
Star Wars series mentor 
Fine cotton 
Spa garment 
Dealer's foe 
Skeet participant 
Boston nickname 
Aspiring actresses 
1974 Jack Nicholson film 
'It can't be!' 
Most iffy 
Shade tree 
Sheep's call 
Winter follower 
School corridors 
Skin feature 
Road-fork shapes 
U2 singer 
Residence for robins 
Texas player 
Raison d'__ 
Radar-screen dots 
Stable worker 
Propelled with oars
Somnolent state 
Patient and forgiving 
Relay stick 
Museum-funding org 
Minute part 
Merest amount 
Meadow cry 
Meal for a mare 
Lord's wife 
Lasting mark 
Hibernation spots 
Looked for 
Got financial control of 
Farm unit 
Isn't truthful 
Is worth it 
Internet site administrator 
Impressive grouping 
European viper 
Crib occupant 
Comic's stock 
Helps out 
Cannon sound 
Calls to the phone 
Have __ for (dislike) 
Big party 
Apartment renter 
Apt. coolers 
A lot better than average 
''Quickly'' in a memo 
Fly like an eagle 
Film clip 
Feudal laborer 
Ernie of the PGA 
Noisy toy 
Door knocks 
Cut and __ (edit) 
Some support payers 
Store sign 
Song often accompanied by physical spelling 
Club __ (bar mixer) 
Beginning of an idea 
Bart Simpson and Daffy Duck 
ATM manufacturer 
Word on a triangular sign 
'70s dance halls 
''__ the night before . . .'' 
Smart in the '60s 
''Tosca'' or ''Carmen'' 
Sixth col., often 
Shirker's excuse 
''Gone With the Wind'' surname 
Quickly buy 
Notorious Philistine 
Mother of William and Harry 
Diner dessert request 
Medically related 
Less soaked 
Herb with bitter leaves 
Hardly controversial 
Handful of hair 
Unknown, on a sched. 
Garfield's foil 
YouTube journal 
X-rated stuff 
Feeling no anxiety 
El Creador 
Wisher’s place 
Ecole Beaux-Arts 
VCR insert 
Down, say 
T-shaped crosses 
Diner menu choice 
Transport with mud tires, for short 
To-do list item 
The last of the Mohicans, in Cooper’s novel 
Diminish, as enthusiasm 
The albums “Godspell” and “Jesus Christ Superstar,” for two 
Cave, at times 
Decongestant brand 
Colleague of Riker, Troi and Crusher 
Copies, quaintly 
Texas landmark that shares its name with a tree 
Didn't just pay the asking price 
T. Rowe Price offering, in brief 
Start, as an adventure 
Something in a KFC bucket 
Some univ. instructors 
Consider officially 
Sign on a prank victim’s back 
Concert highlight 
Return to Amish channel 
Pro org. with Christmas Day games 
Pieces of punditry 
Classic statement of confusion, and a hint about this puzzle 
PBS documentary series since 1988 
Part of a modern baby monitor 
Classic state? 
Pain relief brand with early “hammers in the head” ads 
Ornate style 
Classic residence? 
One of the Wilson sisters of rock’s Heart 
Nothing, in soccer 
Classic frozen treat? 
Most perceptive 
Minor argument 
Metric weights: Abbr. 
Mars, to the Greeks 
Car turner 
Mark Harmon police series 
Bruised, say 
Main ingredient in soubise sauce 
La Scala’s home 
Holder of 1,000+ patents 
Magi’s guide 
Like arsenic in large amounts 
Like a dog’s kiss 
Big jerk 
Lake ___, home of Presque Isle 
Beggin' Strips brand 
Insole material 
I’ll have another 
Basilica section 
Hoops great O’Neal 
Athena's shield 
Alley howler 
Actor who won both Comedy and Drama Emmys for the same role 
About 30% of Earth's landmass 
Grp. that’s an anagram of 60-Down 
Miss Brooks' (old sitcom)
Gallery hanging 
'You're hilarious' 
Flaky Greek pastry 
'Yo!' from a yawl 
Field of DraftKings and FanDuel … or 18-, 23-, 52- and 58-Across? 
There but for the grace of God 
Families-and-friends support group 
'Bob's Burgers' daughter 
Election-influencing org. 
Duffer’s delight 
Do a mohel’s job 
Custardy dessert 
Coastal inlet 
Cash crop in Colombia 
Bronx nine, on scoreboards 
Be on the lookout alerts, for short 
Baseball’s steroid ___ 
Androcles and the Lion thorn site 
Andrea Bocelli delivery 
Al who was A.L. M.V.P. in 1953 
Adams who photographed Yosemite 
Activity for Tigger and Eeyore 
Activity for Hobbes 
Activity for Harry Potter 
___ Tome and Principe 
Activity for Anakin Skywalker 
1/100 of a Norwegian krone

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