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Crossword Puzzle Answers - 26/08/2016 - The NY Times, LA Times, Usa Today, Newsday, Universal and more

  • Crossword Puzzle Answers - Solutions for daily newspapers: The NY Times, LA Times, Usa Today, Newsday, Universal and more.

TV Batman West
U.S. astronaut's insignia
Western showdown time
Thumbs-up verbal votes
Telephone button
Tax shelter type
Suffix with "folk"
Some preservers of order
Some candy purchases
Slangy boxer
Pearl River city
Obey a dentist, at times
Novel type, once
Norse love goddess
Mournful poem
Wraps up 
Long-lasting curls
Wine bottle datum 
Like a janitor's keyring
Weightlifter's unit 
Inspirers of passing thoughts?
Hand lotion ingredient
Greeting card section
Gradually trespassing
Give off, as light
Frank Robinson was one
Fine cotton fabric
Don't keep in
Date not on a calendar?
Construction zone indicator
Cheryl of TV or Gregory of dance
This is one 
State with surety 
Bit of work in physics class
Speed-of-sound name 
Bananas' relatives?
Apartment division
Aerialist's precautions
40 winks, collectively
"Let it stand" editorially
"Check this out!"
Sharp insight 
Rose who surpassed Cobb 
Raga instrument 
Project, as charm 
Press coverage, slangily 
Opera house accommodation 
Mental flash 
Mag. staffers 
Ltr. insertion 
Livestock raiser, out west 
Like new, in ads 
Like lion cubs at play 
Knicks great Patrick 
Impala cousin 
Fashionista's concern 
Impala cousin 
Hamelin pest 
Like Gore-Tex 
Workplace sub
It's in brown, but not white, rice 
Is shy, in a way 
Is in the lineup 
Ironman watch maker 
Worthless material
Weapon for Beowulf
Was certain of
Flirty lass 
Utah ski resort
Unreliable source
Tofurky eaters, perhaps
Attraction being phased out by SeaWorld 
BBQ side dish 
Extreme defensiveness 
Synagogue authority
Emphasized type (Abbr.) 
Start for space?
Drop in on 
Start a cribbage hand
Dead set 
Source of some flashbacks
Snoopy, for one
Choir attire 
Show nervousness, maybe
Charlie of TV ads, e.g 
Prehistoric terror, familiarly
Calculus pioneer Leonhard 
Palindromic man's name
Osso ___ (veal entrée)
On a grand scale
October decorations
Bay Area county 
Not roped in by
Neighbor of Ecuador
Alphabetic symbol of old 
"That's the truth!" 
Morrison or Braxton
Maker of the Zombie Strike Doominator Blaster
"Sweet Love" singer Baker 
Make modifications to
"Serpico" director Sidney 
"Ars ___, vita brevis" 
Head-smacking Stooge
St. Petersburg’s river 
Byrnes of ’50s-’60s TV 
Head, to Delphine
Hamill of the 'Star Wars' films
What’s found in central Arizona? 
Half of a semicolon
From ages past
Muffin go-with 
Romaine relative 
Fred's best friend on 'Sanford and Son'
E. Berlin’s land 
Fortune-teller who interprets lines
”__ you done yet?” 
Cole Porter's 'You're the ___'
Carpenter’s array 
Cold War threats, for short
Access requirements 
Change, as a Wikipedia article
Calypso-influenced genre
Brand with a cuckoo on its box
System of thought 
Work on a novel 
Black Sabbath's '___ Man'
vincit omnia 
Michael of “Arrested Development” 
Baseball team with an elephant mascot named Stomper
”30 Rock” network 
Attire often covered by ski pants
Hard-working “little” folk tale critter 
Johnson & Johnson brand 
2013 Emmy winner for 'Project Runway'
WWII White House dog 
Apply, as pressure
Thin coating 
Actor/comedian Denis
Subtle come-on, perhaps 
1963 title role for Elizabeth Taylor
Place of rapid growth 
1962 crisis area
Where many strikes are called 
1953 title role for Rita Hayworth
'To the Lighthouse' novelist
Show wonder 
'Just give it a shot!'
Beat the buzzer, say 
'For what ___ worth ...'
'Blue Bayou' singer Ronstadt
Wetlands grasses 
”It tolls for thee” poet 
”Carmina Burana” performers 
Tropical cooler
Secret matters
Rx amount
Bonn : König :: Lisbon : 
LAX stat 
Move evasively
Waiter at a stand 
Lacking vegetation
Mining supply 
Dodge City-to-Topeka dir 
Convent dweller
Like the edges of some mirrors 
Can material
Sylvester’s genus 
Brennan of 'Clue'
Toondom’s Phineas, to Ferb 
Brazilian dance
Vacant look? 
007 returning from assignment? 
Alberta resort town
'The Greatest'
That’s kinda funny 
'Shrek' princess
Computer conveniences 
'A mouse!'
Sulu portrayer
Smooth, perhaps 
Used a mirror
Legwear for air travelers? 
Woman’s name meaning “white” 
Refinery rocks
P replacers, in some lineups 
Primer character
Love, in Lombardy
Ruff stuff 
Give for a time
Garden structure
Gala event
Upset, with “over” 
Coral structure
Fishing spot for vacationing Londoners? 
Earth-moving tool 
Cold weather
Anatomical rings in irises 
Cheering wildly
Cabinet part
Sonic employees 
Butter on the farm
Budget amounts
Boxing punches
Best boxer
Belfry dweller
Beatles movie
Beat, but barely
Battery end
Back muscle, for short
Advanced exam
Where Flagstaff is the seat 
Where ''stat'' is often spoken 
Wet ground 
Wear for ''The Mikado'' 
Visibly radiate 
Verizon client since 2015 
Veggie in miso 
Useful intelligence 
Umbilical concavity 
Symbol of growth potential 
Suit spec 
Stuart queen 
Structure at Auntie Em's place 
SpaceX regulator 
Source of much chocolate 
Sort-of opposite of 16 Across 
Slanty script, for short 
Road rescue 
River through Orléans 
Purina sister brand 
Pizzeria franchise 
Outmoded organizers 
Office memory jogger 
No-show of a sort 
Navigator Islands, today 
Mrs. Tom Hanks 
Microloan agcy 
Loses zip 
London's __ Modern gallery 
Job-based move, for short 
It might be tidy 
Interior appointments 
Ill-fated cruise ship of 2012 
Guys in ''J. Edgar'' 
Gets the benefit from 
First in line 
Feel wistful 
Feature of some letters 
Elegant gathering 
Do some subbing 
Crockett colleague 
Clip off 
Cake-pan trademark 
Business suit 
Bus. lobbies 
Book after James 
Bit of hindsight slang 
Ballistic path 
Assigned to a mess, perhaps 
Ancient storyteller 
189-gate facility 
''What was that?'' 
''She Walks in Beauty'' writer 
''Better Call Saul'' airer 
You can bank on it 
Wide foot indicator 
Where some princes prepped 
Veneer patterns 
Under-C hook 
Thick cut 
They're used to track work 
They make the cut 
Strike setting 
Stood for 
Staff member 
Sonata quartet 
Some tip jar contents 
Small-screen reading 
Ring in the ocean 
Quarantine subject 
Qualified for 'The Biggest Loser' 
Put up with 
Purple snorkasaurus of TV 
Pristine place 
Prepare pilaf 
Oscar winner for both Foreign Language Film and Director 
Not decrepit 
No longer up in the air 
Letters on Mustangs' jerseys 
Leader of the pack? 
Lacking spontaneity 
It lost the Best Musical Tony to 'Man of La Mancha' 
It comes with the Magic Keyboard 
Instrument for Orpheus 
Ill. hours 
Hue tongue 
Hardly convincing 
Hall of Famer Gilbert Perreault, for his pro career 
Haitian holiday 
Gila R. site 
From the halls of Montezuma 
Five carats 
Find intolerable 
Female gerbil 
Expressive activity 
Editor's countermand 
Eaglet holder 
Dudley's 'Arthur' co-star 
Dismissive retort 
Disinfectant target 
Dark periods for advertisers 
Creep through cracks 
Court session 
Course requirement 
Cole Hamels stat 
Cohort of Betty, Rue and Estelle 
Bus. major's course 
At the most 
Ark passenger 
Activity to join for a spell 
'New Jack Hustler' singer 
'I suppose' 
Cut of the pie chart: Abbr. 
Successful campaign sign 
It's water under the bridge 
Informal move 
Passing concern? 
Child of Uranus 
Relieve, in a way 
European country whose flag features a George Cross 
Hare-hunting hounds 
Large letter in a manuscript 
Org. doing pat-downs 
What emo songs may convey 
Bacteriologist's discovery 
They're straight 
Feature of the 1876 or 2000 presidential election 
Party person 
2012 thriller with John Goodman and Alan Arkin 
Cup or bowl, but not a plate 
Like some seals 
Stephen Curry was one in '15 and '16 
Multimedia think piece 
Variety of quick bread 
Nickname for a two-time Wimbledon winner 
Say irregardless? 
Statistician's tool 
Pickup points 
Fibonacci, notably 
Bought or sold, e.g. 
Pirouetting, perhaps 
Spots that might smear 
Only highest-grossing film of the year that lost money 
Bill Clinton or George W. Bush, informally 
Place for bowlers 
Political accusation 
Knee jerk, perhaps 
First name in gossip 
Eye-opening problem? 
Statue outside Boston's TD Garden 
Bit of bronze 
"You don't want to miss it!" 
Part of a devil costume 
Quick tennis match 
Ornamental garden installation 
City in central Israel 
Active ingredient in marijuana, for short 
"Good thinking!" 
A crane might hover over one 
This, in Taxco 
Many sisters 
Father of Fear, in myth 
Phone charger feature 
Kale or quinoa, it's said 
Joan of Arc quality 
City with the world's largest clock face 
Social app with the slogan "the world's catalog of ideas"

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