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Crossword Puzzle Answers - 29/08/2016 - The NY Times, LA Times, Usa Today, Newsday, Universal and more

  • Crossword Puzzle Answers - Solutions for daily newspapers: The NY Times, LA Times, Usa Today, Newsday, Universal and more.

Hearty dish
Hamelin problem
Edison's -- Park
Door parts
Cuzco people
Website that really stands out? 
Proofreader's instruction 
Web address ender 
Yankee greats Gehrig and Piniella 
Tent securers 
Watch chains 
Vandeweghe of the NBA 
URL that doesn't successfully lead to a website? 
Terrier that's long and low to the ground 
Spanish setting for 'Women on the Verge of a Nervous Breakdown' 
Trump's 'The ___ the Deal' 
Stuff dipped into with a dipstick 
State with the National Mississippi River Museum and Aquarium 
Sneaky sort 
Outback critters 
Star in Lyra 
Quick quaff 
Skull Island inhabitant, familiarly 
Self-referential, in modern lingo 
Running mate for Spot or Rover 
Place to pump iron 
Put into stone, say 
Prefix meaning 'heavens' 
Plugging away 
People showing signs of a lifetime of overindulgence, colloquially 
NY baseball mascot with a big head 
Neighbor of Fiji 
Negroni ingredient 
Filament element 
Malapropian Berra 
Long-running NBC sketch show, for short 
How to single someone out 
Gut-punch grunt 
Graham who wrote 'The Power and the Glory' 
Bit of stored data at the Domino website? 
Computer that distributes court orders? 
'I smell ___!' 
Coral formation 
Classic board game 
Chain with the Rooty Tooty Fresh 'N Fruity breakfast 
Bugs Bunny query 
Bout enders, for short 
Blue birds 
Ambrosia accompanier 
What nerds have 
Basic belief 
'It's anyone's guess' 
Wives of avid sports fans, facetiously 
Adjust, as a brooch 
'Frozen' character voiced by Idina Menzel 
'Fargo' assent 
'Charlotte's Web' initials 
Word with "human" or "alien" 
Treeless plain 
Tingle that irritates 
Subordinate of a marquis 
Suffix for some ordinal numbers 
Sprout up 
Six-Day War participant 
Sprung up 
Sore feet, in slang 
They come and go 
Some summer attire 
Slander relative 
The Buckeyes’ sch 
Something to knock some sense into? 
Talk show group 
Storyteller Myron 
Shed tool 
Place to go when hacked 
Sound from Santa 
River rodent 
Soon, to a bard 
Ramshackle, as a watermelon? 
Palindromic Indian bread 
Low, dull impact sound 
Prop for Sherlock Holmes 
Sign of future 
Legendary Giant Mel 
German "Mrs." 
Share a border with 
Second-largest nation 
Scrawny sort 
Ostrich look-alike 
Old bumper car trademark 
Really obsessed with 
It gives the eye its color 
Ranked higher than 
Liver spread 
One of the Judds 
Like an in-person interview 
Last half of a cocktail? 
Last digit in a price, often 
Musical wrap 
Killed, as a dragon 
Plenty, to texters 
Keats work 
Part of CDC 
Joan of Arc's offense 
It's passed for funds 
One way to compete 
Insect-catching bird 
One- or 11-pointer, in blackjack 
In need of a good fixing 
Gifted one? 
Hinny's kin 
Of interest to collectors 
Hebrew letters 
Neptune’s milieu 
Gilligan's stranding place 
Meet participant 
Maze word 
Former Japanese capital 
Forest fledgling 
Like close-quarters combat 
Foreign Legion headwear 
Flowery gift 
Managerie members 
Fit to be tied? 
Familiar places of comfort 
Face-to-face exam 
EMT's skill 
Judge and jury 
DiMaggio's 56 games, e.g 
College at Oxford 
Clapton of "Layla" fame 
Capital of Latvia 
Bygone Russian ruler 
Brief expression of a guiding principle 
Bribe, in slang 
Bite off too much? 
Beautiful arcs 
Bad attribute of many a prima donna 
Awkward bloke 
Asian weight unit 
Ascended, as from a grave 
Another college at Oxford 
"Planet of the Apes" setting 
Give a ticket to 
"Plaines" leader 
"Long ___ and far away ..." 
Fur source 
Forbidden fruit locale 
Flooring expert
Fit of pique 
Fat unit 
Event with a grand marshal 
Declaring verboten 
Cry of assent 
Crock-Pot concoctions 
Cheryl of “Charlie’s Angels” 
Chad’s home 
Bitter-__ (die-hard) 
Bind, as with a belt 
Berry of “Monster’s Ball” 
Barely get by 
Arguing vehemently 
Alter, as a bill 
Act the coquette 
2006 Amy Winehouse hit 
of Aragon 
bene (pay close attention) 
& Perrins (sauce brand) 
“Who __?” (slangy query) 
“To put it another way ..” 
“The Godfather” composer Nino 
One of Columbus' ships 
Photograph, for short 
Pianist's group of notes 
Young boy 
Wrestling surfaces 
Very pale 
Veal or beef 
Use, as for a snooze 
Type of beer 
Tilt to one side 
Sports complex 
Small metric weight 
Singing threesome 
Settle a bill 
Scratch up 
Resort with hot springs 
Remove grime from 
Puppy's foot 
Yankee slugger, to fans
World Cup soccer org.
Whac-__: arcade game
Prefix meaning ''everything'' 
Wabbit-hunting Fudd
U-turn from NNE
Piece of dinnerware 
United stand .. and what the first part of the answers to starred clues literally can have
Tip jar denomination
Under a quarter-tank, say
Twist, as water-damaged floorboards
Paper-mending roll 
Student’s workplace
St. Patrick’s mo.
One of the Great Lakes 
Sprayed in defense
Sound from Lep
Horse with spots 
Rita with an Oscar, Emmy, Tony and Grammy
Ridicule satirically
Put a strain on
Ice cream emporium 
Prefix with meter
New driver's document 
Prefix with metric and bar
Narrow road 
Place for a massage
Part of a chess match when most of the pieces are off the board
Landlord/tenant document 
Officials who have their faculties
Nobel Peace Prize city
Keep annoying 
Muslims leader
Most rational
Horse-hoof sound 
Lumberjacks’ tools
Low-ranking Gis
Hocked at a shop 
Loom on the horizon
Like Al Capone
Harvest season 
Grandfather clock sound 
Game with kings and rooks 
Fruit-filled pastries 
Female choir voice 
Leo is its logo
Compete in a bee 
Jack-in-the-box sound
Colorado ski resort 
Illusions in a stage act, collectively
Coconut tree 
Café's small sugar holder 
Became angry 
Hit hard, biblically
Bare minimum 
Give it a go
Assign to a job 
Geometry proposition
Appear to be 
Angler's document 
Egyptian queen, familiarly
Drips in the ICU
Desert retreat
Combustible funeral piles
Bailed-out insurance co.
Area of expertise
Actress Stone of “Birdman”
1946 N.L. RBI leader Slaughter
U.S./USSR conflict
Element in an executive compensation package
Drive to do the responsible thing
Cost of shares on the exchange
Yellowfin tuna, on menus
Yonder ewe
Windshield material
Where dos are done
TV hookup for many
Track meet obstacle
They're boiled, then baked
Sal of 'Rebel Without a Cause'
Put on the bill of
Psychic gift, briefly
Actor Neeson 
Prefix with metric or tonic
24-hr. bank feature 
Olympics viewing party chant
''That's funny!'' 
Nation visited by Obama in March 2016
''Now it's clear'' 
Morning crowers
''I'll be glad to!'' 
Member of a pesky swarm
Loaf with a crisp crust
Queen killed by an asp, familiarly 
Like Texas on most election maps
Go on snugly 
Like California on most election maps
Style of music north of the Rio Grande 
Letters stamped on meat packages
Where the buoys are? 
It may include parallel parking
Host opposite Colbert and Fallon
Stuffed Indian pastry 
the Terrible 
Garden pests with a malodorous defense
Friend (Facebook option) 
Fixed period of work
Easter basket item
What's left of a ticket after it's used 
Dr. who created Yertle and Horton
Diamond square
Topic to debate
Texter's 'I think ...' 
Cough's cousin
Communications prefix
Common toothpaste flavor
Comb creation
Squarest of the 50 states 
Channel with a '31 Days of Oscar' festival
Sore, as 56-Across 
Can't do without
Sometimes-bad bacteria 
Soil-turning tool 
Skiing mecca in 39-Across 
Set of religious beads 
Protein in bread 
Preparer of fast food that's 'finger-lickin' good' 
Political period 
Parts of the body that may be ripped 
One of the Three Stooges 
One administering shots, maybe 
Noted rock formation in 39-Across 
Note after fa 
Not feel well 
Nonglossy finish 
Nevada/Arizona's Hoover 
Money due in Monopoly 
Mideast robe 
Lower leg bone 
Lithium-___ battery 
Like Mustangs and Camaros 
Lab eggs 
Blackjack instruction
Battle-ready mounts
After expenses
Inner ___ (flotation device) 
35mm choices
1980s New Jersey governor Tom
with a torch
In very bad condition 
with a sword
Historic trading post in 39-Across 
with a stick
Have a fancy meal
with a scalpel
Group of gnats 
Good job for an animal-loving ex-G.I.? 
with a gun
Gold ___ flour 
'Veep' carrier
Gentle discipline for a misbehaving child 
Game with a stack of blocks 
Famous geyser in 39-Across 
Exemplar of masculinity 
Evil animal in 'The Lion King' 
Energy Star org 
Eggs over 
Edsel or New Coke, notably 
Dish of greens 
Crocodile's home 
Crew implements 
Completely joyless 
Clic Stic pen maker 
CBS spinoff set in SoCal
Catches red-handed 
Brooks of 'Spaceballs' 
British coins 
Boy Scouts squad 
Boy Scouts award 
Ballet leap 
Australia's City of Light 
Animal with a hump 
Allergy season sound 
1990s fitness fad with infomercials 
'Don't worry, nothing's broken' 

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