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Crossword Puzzle Answers - 31/08/2016 - The NY Times, LA Times, Usa Today, Newsday, Universal and more

  • Crossword Puzzle Answers - Solutions for daily newspapers: The NY Times, LA Times, Usa Today, Newsday, Universal and more.

Turn signals
The Browns, on scoreboards
Temporary calm
Painter Joan
Oscar-winner Kedrova
Norwegian seaport
Nest egg choices
Knee-length pants
In this manner
Hang down loosely
Grenada gold
Full of excited chatter
Darth Vader's first name
Clean air org
Chest muscle
Argentinian dance
Sports official
Simple fellow
Rust, for one
Programming program
Politician Lott
Online merchant
Mass per volume
New drivers, usually
Nerve cell part
Like gymnasts
Well-meaning one 
Turned over, as property 
Traditional or Roth savings vehicle 
Keanu's 'Speed' costar
Hamlet's home
Flexible conjunction
Dick Tracy's love
Crown repairer
Brewed beverages
Broad street
Thoroughly proficient 
'The Simpsons' saloon
Things at Six Flags 
Tending to a problem 
'The Deer Hunter' director
Take into one's family 
'Sprechen -- Deutsch?'
Sword with a bell-shaped guard 
Wing tip tip
Stay awhile 
White as a ghost
Video sharing device
Sounding wistful 
Took charge
Tidal movement
Something to pick out 
The Palace of Auburn Hills, for one
Target for Tom Brady
Sylvia of 'The Queen'
Restaurant customer, at times 
Starter usually covered with feta cheese
Qatar VIP 
Social butterflies (and a hint to 17-, 23-, 37-, and 45-Across)
Pump number 
San Antonio destination
Rolled-under hairstyle
Public speaker's platform of yore 
Rickman of 'Die Hard'
Provide startup funds 
Resting spot for Noah
Prefix with "violet" or "marine" 
Rest stop for a rock climber
Poker pair 
Prince Charming's love
Premium purchase?
Packing on the years 
Pot sticker cooker
Minimally worded 
Popular Apple app
Oldies players 
Pick up momentum
Not on the guest list 
Onetime toothpaste brand
One who plays through pain
Nebraska metropolis 
Olympic event
Like vinaigrette
Mimicking bird (var.) 
Like a student with a 4.0 GPA
Measure, in music 
Lake next to the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame
Maui veranda 
Job for Ellery Queen
Ivy League school in Philly
Eggnog time 
Grumpy companion
Like a love letter 
Framing member
Corvette or Camaro
Jewish religious leader 
Clothing store department
Indicate agony 
Butch Cassidy or the Sundance Kid
Bugatti or Maserati
Bend over backward
Hindu musical genre 
Aware of
Hawaiian gift 
Annual athletic award given in L.A
Eng or Chang, famously 
Alien invader in 'Pixels'
Alfred E. Neuman's magazine
Al Yankovic description
Did a tour guide's job 
'___ Park' (Martin Cruz Smith novel)
Couple for life, hopefully 
'The ___ Santini' (1979 Robert Duvall movie)
'Piece of cake!'
Computer key 
'Owner of a Lonely Heart' group
'I've ___ your back'
Common foil material 
'I bought some batteries, but they ___ included' (Steven Wright)
Burn on the outside 
'Holy cow!,' online
Break down grammatically 
Barcelona chair's lack 
Banister's end 
Ballroom dancing move 
Automobile type 
Aussie ratite 
Assume to be 
Anti-flood embankments 
Another computer key 
Animal's gaping mouth 
Accommodating place 
"___ while they're hot!" 
"___ a far, far better thing ..." (Dickens) 
"Love ___ (Beatles tune) 
Words to a solicitor
White-plumed wader
Weed whacker
Turkish monetary unit
Stevie Wonder’s “__ Duke”
Some gallery hangings
Shakespearean sobriquet 
Sheehy who wrote “Passages” 
Some cirrus clouds
Timber preserver 
Spider's weaving, strung between columns? 
Seventh of 24 letters 
With dexterity 
White House workers 
Well-earned praise 
Was out 
Turnpike toll basis 
Tombstone name 
Pool table edge 
They handle people's possessions 
Their bells are big 
Salk contemporary 
Taken in 
Polly, to Tom Sawyer 
Sun Bowl setting 
Rickety auto 
Pesky kid in “Blondie” 
Starbucks stack 
Raised, as cattle 
Part of a bedroom set 
Prom night transport 
Package payment option 
Social class 
Skye cap 
Saying 'moo' instead of 'oink'? 
Roughing-it shelter 
Pan Am rival of old 
Rocker Reed 
Palette choice 
Lighter of the 1996 Olympic torch 
Poker player's 'bullets' 
Pad __ (noodle dish) 
Resting on 
Moat denizen, briefly 
R&D site 
Oxygen carriers in blood 
Place for a street musician's tips 
Of the flock 
Piper with horns 
Pale blue gas 
Nip of whiskey 
Myrmecology specimen 
Midas’ tragic flaw 
Ma and others 
McKellen who played Magneto 
McDonough of “Suits” 
Justin Trudeau and Theresa May, e.g.: Abbr 
Lode yield 
Involved account 
Like spy messages 
In need of assembly 
Like a wink-and-a-nod agreement 
Home to many a New York gallery 
Kittens’ pick-up points 
Furniture hauler 
Insignificant, as gossip 
Fox foot 
In a snit 
Four-time Emmy winner for Outstanding Drama Series 
Identified on Facebook 
First name in swashbucklers 
Hands-on spa offerings 
Exhibition offering 
Go along with 
Hands-on spa offerings 
An American in Paris, say 
Apiece, in scores 
Flee from justice 
BP checker, perhaps 
Contents of some office cartridges 
Duelist’s attendant 
Duck, as a question 
Devilish tots 
Davis of “She Hate Me” 
David who sang “Fame” 
Chef Hall who cohosts “The Chew” 
Bump off 
A handful of 
Boot camp exercise 
Blu-ray buy 
Avoided a tag, say 
Atlas datum 
Atlantic City’s Steel __ 
According to 
Atlantic catch (and a hint to this puzzle’s theme) 
A Ponderosa brother 
-jazz (music genre) 
dry clothing 
“Time is money” is one 
“The Farmer in the Dell” syllables 
Dynamite product, and a hint to the puzzle's theme answers 
Diet target 
Diamond center 
Destructive felony 
time (very quickly) 
Wheat or soybeans 
Stage platform 
Dating from 
close to schedule 
Dancers' wear 
Crime covered by Article III of the Constitution 
Cooper aboard the Mayflower 
Communicated with followers 
Show bewilderment 
Colleague of Stephen and Sonia 
Rock concert buy 
Charging weapon
Patronize, as a café 
Revlon rival 
Caustic comment to a Klingon? 
Reed-section instrument 
Private eyes 
Camel's cousin 
Burt's 'Rent-a-Cop' co-star 
Possessive pronoun 
Prez on Mount Rushmore 
Baldwin of '30 Rock' 
Apiece, in scores 
Pastureland portion 
Not working today 
Online chats: Abbr 
Onion covering 
Occur next 
'Inside Out' studio 
Most cunning 
More skillful 
More fit for harvesting 
Lion's share 
Kind of camera: Abbr 
Bogged down by routine 
Kate, to Prince William 
Hiking trails 
Grain in grits 
Government bond, for short 
Fuel for a fireplace 
Distributed poker cards 
Digital music device 
Did the backstroke 
Den recording device 
Casino feature 
Carpentry joint part 
Calico's cry 
Bloomberg Television, for one 
Atoll element 
Atmospheric layer 
Actress O'Neal or actor Channing 
'Happy Days Are Here Again' composer Milton 
34 Down's name 
'Grace and Frankie' co-star 
1-800-FLOWERS rival 
''__ there be light'' 
''Sweet'' girl in a barbershop song 
''Fine, just quit nagging!'' 
You, in Peru 
Writing on the wall, so to speak 
Writer LeShan 
Word with tight or loose 
With “en, ” hot, in sports slang 
Western tribe 
Virtual citizens in a video game 
Venus de Milo knockoffs? 
Type of auto found in the three other longest puzzle answers 
Tony of “Who’s the Boss?” 
Things in a hold 
They may be black or green 
Rise dramatically 
Showed disapproval 
Remote cells 
That that hasn’t won a World Series since 1908 
Stuff in a dump 
Street in “Freddy vs. Jason” 
Steely Dan album pronounced like a continent 
Stat for Chris Sale 
Seemingly forever 
Ruler of the Valkyries 
Round gaskets 
Reduce to rubble 
Pervasive clown 
Provide fare for an affair 
Move with effort 
Meathead’s ’70s TV mother-in-law 
Man with a code 
Like zombies 
Let in or let on 
Leafy Tolkien creature 
Kid’s wheels 
Joe Namath, notably 
Got on everyone’s nerves 
Got money for 
Fund, as an academic chair 
French police force 
Foot note notation 
Flowery, as prose 
Evening get-together 
Elaborate spread 
Drop from above 
Doing the job 
Deuce follower, in tennis 
Cracker brand 
Came up 
Buried the hatchet 
Bump on a lid 
Boomers’ kids 
Bikini parts 
Ask for proof of age 
ABC drama about plane crash survivors 
__ Waldo Emerson 
“Interstellar” director Christopher 
“A Passage to India” heroine 
Explosive in Road Runner cartoons 
"The birds and the bees" 
Suffix with Gator or Power 
Grin from ear to ear 
The absolute worst, with "the" 
Gait slower than a canter 
Attractive to bargain hunters 
Hunter's document 
Rescue squad letters 
Go head-to-head 
Come to the rescue 
Bit of body art, in brief 
Most common blood group 
Silverstein who wrote "A Boy Named Sue" 
Something to hit on the head 
Acct. earnings 
Gangland rival of Dutch Schultz 
"r," in a 72-Across 
Enjoy, as brandy 
"PAID," for one 
Breyers alternative 
Penetrates fully 
Taxpayers' bugaboos 
Bog fuel 
Poolside amenity 
China's ___ Kai-shek 
Dutch cheese town 
Mineral used for insulation 
Stan of Marvel Comics 
One may bug you 
Not a good thing to do while driving 
Reds and Blues 
Tree of Life locale 
Epic of Troy 
Broadway musical based on "La Bohème" 
"Use this sparingly" ... or a hint to this puzzle's theme 
Victims of the Morlocks, in sci-fi 
A skeptic may raise one 
Picnic baskets 
Kentucky Derby prize 
Parker or Cross 
Mental health org 
An air ball misses this 
"Miss Dickinson, put your poem on Facebook"? 
Zero, at Ashe Stadium 
___ de toilette 
"Enough!" as opposed to "You quit that right now!"? 
Major conduits 
"It's ___-brainer!" 
Places to hang hats 
Playground equipment thief? 
L.A. campus 
Like most pretzels 
Exposed to risk 
I need this immediately 
Hormel's assurance that Spam is packed safely? 
Bow-toting deity 
State bordering British Columbia 
Federico of the Clinton cabinet 
Galileo Galilei Airport city 
Stuff for sale at concerts 
Sty fare 

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