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Crossword Puzzle Answers - 02/09/2016 - The NY Times, LA Times, Usa Today, Newsday, Universal and more

  • Crossword Puzzle Answers - Solutions for daily newspapers: The NY Times, LA Times, Usa Today, Newsday, Universal and more.

Satan (with "the") 
Yeanling's mother 
What you're filling in 
Sailor, in slang 
Was a blabbermouth 
Use a bayonet 
Tall fodder holder 
Swimming pool measurement 
Spongy tree gall 
Soon, to a bard 
Site of a Muslim pilgrimage 
Rosemary or thyme 
Relax on a couch 
Raise trivial objections 
Proceeds from a heist 
Prefix with "cross" 
One way to serve a steak 
Most desperate 
Modern Persia 
Member of Indian royalty 
Like a neat, perfect arrangement 
Lady Macbeth or Hamlet 
Kind of license 
It's spotted in Westerns 
It gives one a leg up 
Hunter's hiding place 
Hope for a nominee 
Heavy British weight 
He's "the Man" of baseball 
Having X and Y chromosomes 
Hardly a gentleman 
Half of the tai chi symbol 
Had a sensation 
Get a handle on 
Fish-eating birds 
Finish a pie crust 
Face-to-face exam 
Extremely naive 
Duane or Nelson 
Do the running man 
Directors Spike and Ang 
Coffee order, sometimes 
Cheated at hide and seek 
Bright meteor
Between a rock and a hard place
Bearlike marsupial
Auction merchandise, sometimes
Astrological carnivore
Acid-neutralizing compound
"Damn Yankees" femme fatale
"... happily ___ after"
TurboTax alternatives (abbr.)
Thing to avoid doing
Spring phenomenon
Renders awestruck
Ralph Kramden's laugh syllable
Organization concerned with breeding
Neighbor of Kans
NBC skit show since '75
NASA component (abbr.)
Mountaineer's challenge
Mark left by a whip
Like the Gobi
Like pale yellow hair
Like caramel candy
Kind of torch
It means nothing in the World Cup
Hurdles for future attys
Horse racing feat, literally
Guinea pigs, perhaps
First female attorney general
Figure skating feat, literally
Expected much from
Crash site, at times
Clinched, with 'up'
Baseball feat, literally
Canine coat?
Ballpark denizens
Arctic Ocean sighting
X, to Xenophon
Working stiff
Wine from memory
Vote of dissent
Twinkies maker
Travel like space junk
The Joads of fiction
The Arthur Ashe Courage Award is one
Some Skype chats, e.g.
Situation for one on a deadline
Saxophonist called “Bird”
Rock that’s “fracked”
Plaster spreaders
Physique, slangily
Peaks crossed by Hannibal
Outfielder’s chance
Network with an eye logo
Neighborhood friends, slangily
More savvy
Make a wild throw, say
Like formalwear
Lecherous looker
Lawn-wrecking pests
Jazz legend Count 
Investment bubble of the late 1990s
In the ballpark
Hometown folks
Half-gainer performer
Grass commonly used to golf courses
Good Humor treat
Float like a hummingbird
Factors in heredity
Enter, as password
Domino’s fixtures
Couldn’t stomach
Capture, in chess
Brooding bird
Bridge declaration
Bach or Berlin
Auction advisory
A new penny is mostly this
1929 disaster
Cup (tennis event)
“Six Degrees of __ Bacon”
“K-K-K-__” (1918 tune)
“Animal House” group, for short
“__: Cyber” (33-Across series)
“__ heard enough!”
Wrap of a sort 
Workplace law enforcer: Abbr 
Where many learn 47 Across 
Where Heyerdahl went to college 
When the Battle of Normandy began 
What holds carry 
Valjean creator 
Urban woe 
Trojan War ally 
Tree on Lebanon's flag 
Travel to dreamland 
Survey component: Abbr 
Supposedly seen saucers 
Stereo software 
SpaceX CEO 
Setter fetter 
Roth novella 
Rescue team 
Rangoon's land 
Project Mercury name 
Procter and Gamble brand 
Pesky person 
Pamplona pronoun 
Oxford accessory 
One watt-second 
Not-so-fast pace 
NCR products 
Motherless man 
Let pass 
L'Oréal spokesperson, for short 
Homophone of the only letters absent from the answers, and also the clues 
Health-care breakthroughs 
Great joy 
Former New York mayor, to pals 
EPCOT shuttle 
Engels collaborator 
Emulated a ram 
Dunham seen on HBO 
Double Stuf snacks 
Decoys, for example 
Dapper Dan 
Dance that tells a story 
County east of Sonoma 
Coatless cat breed 
Cash getter 
Bruce's butler 
Boom-box toggle 
Blow a gasket 
Beyond short on 
Be added gradually 
Bad-tempered boss 
Anwar Sadat, e.g 
Allen's ''Manhattan'' ex 
About 1% of the atmosphere 
56 Down's frequent task 
1969 French Open champ 
''Yes we can'' sloganeer 
''Sweeney Todd'' prop 
''Outta here!'' 
''No more, please'' 
''Jeopardy!'' sponsor 
With 13­Across, Mexican restaurant choices 
Time units 
Thorn in one’s side 
The kiwi is the smallest one 
Takes in 
Swinging about 
Swell applications 
Subside, with “down” 
Street­wise amphibian? 
Puts in place 
Piece at the bucther shop 
One-tenth of a Vietnamese dong, formerly 
Slender woman 
See 2­Down 
Sandy’s home 
Require help 
Raring to go 
Politically active fowl? 
Oxford don associated with slips similar to 17­, 28­, 45­, and 59­Across 
Operatic vocal effect 
Not likely to miss much 
Mayo is in it 
Make an impression 
Locks often gray 
Loan fig. 
Letters at N.C.’s Camp Lejeune 
In a supple manner 
Hose problems 
Half a tuba sound 
Golf club part 
Goddess with a throne headdress 
Given orally, as evidence 
Get rid of 
Fake it, in a way 
Embarrassed avian? 
Easily bent 
Drink order 
Dely. Destination 
Comfortable with 
Clinton’s first labor secretary 
Clever insect? 
Books in which each sheet of paper is folded into eight leaves 
Birch of “American Beauty” 
Balancing aid on the slopes 
Aries or Taurus 
Anne Frank’s father 
Achievement of many a CEO 
20s dispenser 
__ fly: productive MLB out 
“The Little Mermaid” prince 
“A Chorus Line” number 
Writes to briefly? 
Words of longing 
Wolverine of Marvel Comics, e.g. 
Where Is the Life That Late ___? (“Kiss Me, Kate” number) 
What you can get away with, according to Andy Warhol 
What to call Judge Judy 
Valuable diamond 
Ultimate necessity 
Took for a ride 
They’re not pros 
Summer Olympics event 
Southernmost city on I-35 
Something you might take a pass on 
Some linemen: Abbr. 
Small nail 
School whose mascot is Riptide the Pelican 
Some help from above 
River to the Seine 
Replies of understanding 
Reno, for one 
Push away 
Place for a long run, maybe 
Order that’s rarely followed? 
One with connections to traveling speakers? 
One is a prize for scoring 
One ___ (multivitamin) 
Old “Red, White & You” sloganeer 
Not one’s best effort, in coachspeak 
Nobody special 
Newswoman Burnett 
Needs grease, maybe 
Month with two natl. holidays 
Made new? 
Mace and shield, e.g. 
Largest sesamoid bones 
Just do it 
Intro to Comp Sci, for Data Structures, e.g. 
Hosp. readout 
Highly sought-after things 
Giant in sports entertainment 
Foucault’s “This Is Not ___” 
Et ___ (footnote abbr.) 
Endowed with from the start, as money 
Derisive reaction 
Certain powerful engines, briefly 
Cup holder 
Contract employee? 
Big ___ Conference 
Becomes a traitor 
Became untied 
Baseball exec Epstein 
Auto name discontinued in 1986 
Animal in un parc zoologique 
Actor with the title role in “Robin Hood: Men in Tights” 
A Prairie Home Companion broadcast site

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