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Crossword Puzzle Answers - 05/09/2016 - The NY Times, LA Times, Usa Today, Newsday, Universal and more

  • Crossword Puzzle Answers - Solutions for daily newspapers: The NY Times, LA Times, Usa Today, Newsday, Universal and more.

Workers with vans
Tends to stubble
Taper off, as wind
Taj Mahal location
Stung a second time
Prefix with "cycle" or "sex"
Paste alternative
Object stared at in disbelief
Muppet with a hooked nose
Make president
Make new laws
Looks of wickedness
Laugh like a lion?
It's not for a winner
Gloomy atmosphere
Gilbert of "Roseanne"
Gangster's rapid-firer
Former Panamanian leader Noriega
Event that buries hatchets
Essence of roses
Didn't take part (with "out")
Container ship, e.g
Consecrate with oil
Computer info quantity
Classic John Wayne film
Chapter in a history book
Certain condiment
Carpenter's rotating device
Building addition, sometimes
Book of many places
Battery projection
Barroom fights
Bargain hunter's accomplishment
Baker's dozen?
"Swan Lake" costume
"Hold ___ your hat!"
Underground vault
Take under one's wing, say
Seed-bearing organ
Rickman of Harry Potter films
Reddington portrayer on 'The Blacklist'
Raymond of 'East of Eden'
Political wit of the Progressive Era
Place to spot a cabin cruiser
Piece of landscaping material
Music highlight
Measure up
Jack's value, sometimes
It's usually dry-cured and smoked
Huck Finn's transport
Homework assignment
H.G. Wells's island physiologist
Fuel for the grill
Fragrant hybrid
Former clandestine org
Flowering succulent
Fire pit particles
Fast-moving mammal
Dogfish Head products
Demanding letters
Conceder's words
Composer Copland
Completely confused
Champion skater Brian
Carry off secretly
Camper driver, for short
Twist, in a bar 
Where to do axels 
Amass, with 'up'
Welcome-kit pin-on 
A sitter may be hired for them
Walkout defier 
A hacker won't break it
A clothing tag may scratch it
Visibly ashamed 
1957 Jimmy Dorsey hit
Veer back 
'___ Works Hard for the Money'
'The Greatest Show on Earth' filmmaker
'Socrate' composer Erik
Tom Yum __ (Thai soup) 
'Kidnapped' monogram
Tile design 
They may have pluses or minuses 
Taking a 39-Down 
Takes for one’s own use 
Suffix with disk or kitchen 
Steer clear of 
Sporty car roof 
Specialty of David Blaine of Criss Angel 
Source of suds 
Seven-time Wimbledon winner Steffi 
River of Memphis 
Remove lines, perhaps 
Remnant of the past 
Regulation about parking or lawns, say 
Refuse to admit 
Catches sight of 
Eyes up and down 
Kachina doll carver 
No. 19 of 26 
Noisy bird 
Psych 101 topic 
Yule quaff
Tonic's mixer
Product maker (Abbr.) 
Superman foe Luthor
Pottery pieces 
Steal from
Plus more (Abbr.) 
Solo player in 'Star Wars'
On sick leave, e.g. 
Like a fictional monkey
Not to be trusted 
Cabbage salad
Shoelace securer 
Blond shade
Organs that may be pierced 
Santana’s “__ Como Va” 
Point an accusing finger at 
No. 26 of 26 
1992 film starring 12-Down
Spot of acne 
Sing like Joe Cocker 
Windex target 
Years gone by
When repeated, a Hawaiian fish 
Works leather
Like trade-ins 
Weimaraner warning 
Letter flourish 
The “a” sound in “about” or “around” 
Turkish bigwig
Job for Holmes 
Tennessee team
Is vexing to 
In a bit, to bards 
Hurl an insult at 
Humorist Barry
Heck of a mess 
Gorilla or gibbon
Greeting that may have a GIF 
Golf score units
Features of barbers’ chairs 
Comic strip section
Church doctrine
Chimney output
Roll in the aisles 
Prom participant 
Burger toppers
Prior name of Ho Chi Minh City 
Black as night
Drop off briefly 
Donald’s first sex 
Outskirts of the outskirts 
Do an IRS jjob 
Defaulter’s loss 
Corn, in Canterbury 
Component of brass 
Links org 
Come into view 
LAX listing 
List listings 
New Deal org. 
NFL officials 
“__ been there” 
“Mi __ es su ..” 
Baseball great Ruth 
Brand for a boxer 
More gloomy 
Be inquisitive 
MLB postseason semifinal 
Arch locales 
All worked up 
Aerial cable ride 
About, on memos 
Moss (fashion label) 
“You rang?” 
Who’da thunk it! 
Um, excuse me 
Kiddie-lit monster 
Joan at Woodstock 
Great joke 
Had the information 
Japanese drama 
“Friends” friend __ Geller 
Ice cream treats 
Baking spice
Behold, to Caesar 
Any one of the Bahamas 
Amo, __, amat 
__-Z: classic Camaro 
“You’re a riot .. Not” 
Horror’s “Mistress of the Dark” 
Great Lakes’ __ Canals 
Geometric art style 
Fusses over 
Formal affair 
Flower child, e.g. 
Erik of “CHiPs” 
Female reproductive gland 
Fatal plant diseases 
Elementary lessons 
Driver’s license prerequisite 
Discouraging answers 
Damaging precipitation 
Cry bitterly 
Classic cowboy hat 
Classic cars 
Chronological documentation in a court case 
Check-signing needs 
Channel covering Capitol Hill 
Captain obsessed with a whale 
Brief film role 
“Not gonna happen” 
“Be careful on that icy sidewalk” 
Much-admired celebrity 
game (pitcher's dream) 
broke (risk it all) 
Window stick-on 
Walk in the woods 
Upper-left PC key 
Type of bank, for short 
Try communicating with 
Touch on the shoulder 
Top-billed performer 
Tennis-playing area 
Style of furnishing 
Sport on horseback 
Small speck 
Small piano 
Sheet to excuse an absence 
Sheet sent with a résumé 
Sheet from a coworker 
Salesperson, for short 
Sailor's ''Hello!'' 
Said specifically 
Rabbit relatives 
Provide temporarily 
Prefix for bytes or bucks 
Pay tribute to 
Paperless novel 
Organization for people 50+ 
No longer in town 
Muscle twinge 
Minor earthquake 
Little green veggie 
Knight's suit 
In separate pieces 
Grasped in one's hand 
Gorillas and chimps 
Get an education 
Forest trails 
Direct look from a speaker 
Data, for short 
Curved part of the foot 
Coke or Pepsi 
Clothes-dryer duct 
Chore list heading 
Chauffeured car, for short 
Center of a bagel 
Boston cream or Key lime 
Big tourist attraction 
Bath powder 
Be patient 
''__ the night before . . .'' 
''Jane __'' (Brontë novel) 
Yule tune 
Tool for severing a steel cable, maybe 
Thorn’s site on a rose 
The ‘p’ of r.p.m 
Symbol of royalty in ancient Egypt 
Springsteen’s E ___ Band 
Sparkling Italian wine 
Shoot for the stars 
Scoring high on Rotten Tomatoes 
Romanian composer Georges 
Prilosec and Prozac 
Prefix with transmitter 
Pony up, in poker 
Pass-the-baton track events 
Open, as a toothpaste tube 
Number of lords a-leaping 
Moth whose name is Latin for ‘moon’ 
Jockey purchase, informally 
Double-reed woodwind
Japanese food 
He’s next to Teddy on Mount Rushmore
Installs, as a lawn 
Mobster John 
Male turkey 
Male foal 
Mailing charge 
Like some tennis grips 
Like outfits with ruffles and lace 
Late, great boxing champ 
It might give you the chills 
It has only a few stories 
Hard to see through 
Distress signal producers 
Facial sign of sleep deprivation 
Energetically starting one’s day 
Drive-___ window 
Dog’s bark 
Descriptive of some bills or hills 
Decorate, as a cake 
Couple’s answer to ‘Who’s there?’ 
Counting devices 
Connected, as a bath to a bedroom 
City with piers 
Celestial cool red giant 
Celebratory cheers 
Castaway’s spot 
Bus station 
Break off a relationship 
Board for a séance 
Bill with Washington’s face 
Battle of ___ Jima 
Bathe in the buff 
Baseball’s Slammin’ Sammy 
Asia’s diminishing ___ Sea 
Article of apparel with styles found at the starts of 17-, 26-, 41-, 51- and 66-Across 
America’s Cold War foe, for short 
Actor Don of ‘Trading Places’ 
‘You reap what you ___’ 
‘The Wizard of Oz’ studio 
‘I totally agree!’ 
‘I read you,’ in radio lingo 

‘And … ___!’ (director’s cry) 

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