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Crossword Puzzle Answers - 06/09/2016 - The NY Times, LA Times, Usa Today, Newsday, Universal and more

  • Crossword Puzzle Answers - Solutions for daily newspapers: The NY Times, LA Times, Usa Today, Newsday, Universal and more.

Ecol. watchdog 
Marvel superheroes 
Stage illuminator 
Rx overseer 
Knife material 
Hourglass fill 
Disneyland site 
Biblical realm 
Beer in-gredients 
Arced tennis shot 
Apples and oranges 
'Sundown' singer Gordon 
Relaxing resorts 
Victor at Fredericksburg 
Sports venue 
Spice from nutmeg 
National park in Utah 
Lively folk dance 
Golfer Arnold 
Congress setting 
Gladys Knight's backers 
Copenhagen native 
Boater or bowler 
Word with note or print
Without artwork, as walls
Water, in Oaxaca
Units counted by dieters (abbr.)
Spreadsheet div
Spot for clearance items
Spot for a Bluetooth headset
Sports compact from Toyota
Prime minister after and before Churchill
Player on three World Cup champion teams
Not at all nice
Manner of walking
Maker of Lindor chocolates
Like some chardonnay
Like a stained shirt pocket, maybe
Julie's 'Doctor Zhivago' costar
John who sang 'Daniel'
Hawaiian Tropic letters
It may have a good point
Herb in a Simon & Garfunkel song
Grab hold of
Gift set for Father's Day, perhaps
Fire engine warning
Exchanges between pen pals?
Envelope-routing abbreviation
Employee badges, briefly
Director Reitman
Designer Saint Laurent
College transcript no
Cattle drive rope
Break for a toddler (and for Mommy)
Beer brand with a ribbon logo
Avoid summer school
Answers, on 'Jeopardy!'
Agatha Christie output
Actress Lena of 'Havana'
A, in communications
'You rescued me!'
'Walk ___' (1964 Dionne Warwick hit)
'Put Your Head on My Shoulder' singer Paul
'Habanera' from 'Carmen,' e.g
'Deadliest Catch' boatful
'Already caught that movie'
Word with "photo" or "black"
Word with "film" or "home"
Where to get a muddy face
Voice in the choir
Type of valuable vase
Title character with the King of Siam
The last one was Nicholas II
The art of putting things off for tomorrow
Santa's reindeer, collectively
Port of Ukraine 
Resurrection Day
Wintour of fashion 
Relating to the Pope
Valentine’s Day gift to an air rifle aficionado, informally 
Perform incorrectly
U.K. lexicon 
Not yet unwrapped
Traveler’s choice 
Not a heavyweight
Member of the Jackson 5
Sonic the Hedgehog’s company 
Material in a gym
Soldier’s hairstyle 
Mary of "The Maltese Falcon"
Sir or Madame 
Make sore by rubbing
Made a choice
Shower with love, with “on” 
Low-budget film, often
Shakespeare, the __ of Avon 
Like illegally parked cars, often
Religious rite 
Instrument with some heft
Prefix with corn or sex 
Indiana's state flower
Nixon denied being one 
Hallucinogenic drug
Got dirty going home?
Petroleum org. 
Of bygone days 
Glitterati member, briefly
Fortune-teller, supposedly
Miracle-__ (garden care brand) 
MapQuest offerings (Abbr.) 
Luncheonette list 
Mail-order health food morsel? 
Lo __ (noodle dish) 
Knight’s wear 
Jewelry store chain 
International show 
Hand over, as property 
Italian wine city 
In the know, in old slang 
Hawaii, until 1959 (Abbr.) 
Hard work 
Hang around 
Force out of office
For the time being
Fodder holder on a farm
First-rate, slangily
First name on "Cheers"
Extremely long films
Enters REM sleep
Don'ts partners
Dilly-dalliers' activities
Delays leading to rescheduling
Cushiony forest growth
Codeine source
Caustic drain opener
At a good clip, in poetry
"... and you know the rest"
"Great white" bird
"Love is blind," e.g
Would-be First Family of 2000
Word with legend or sprawl
Former Maine Senator Olympia 
Funeral heap 
Earthen wall 
With 65-Across, cause of a computer program crash
Disney clownfish 
Come crashing down 
Texan singer Joe
Slaughter whose #9 was retired by the Cardinals
Shrinking sea of Asia
Scented soap brand
Give sparingly, with “out”
Response to the sounds at the ends of the starred answers
Gettyburg event 
Rodent-control brand
Gaucho’s rope 
Description of a mutual aid group enrollee? 
Prov. east of Man
As __ (letter sign-off) 
Prepares for prayers
Cafe au __ 
Charleston campus, with “The” 
Platinum or plutonium
Below zero (Abbr.) 
Part of a GI's address
“__ Como Va” (Santana song) 
Over three million square miles of Africa
Orientation intuition
Beehive sound 
One-named singer who's sold 75 million albums
Old Testament book
Become firm 
No longer woolly
Napoleon, for one
B&O part 
“Hamlet” or “Tru” 
Aussie bounders 
Made a clean breast of it
Aspiring novelist’s goal 
Listing in an iPhone address book
Like undercooked eggs
John of 'The Addams Family'
Apply lightly 
Island nation east of Australia
“Happy motoring!” gas brand 
“The Hobbit” hero Baggins 
“Sharp Dressed Man” band’s agents? 
Herbicide target
Henry VIII's desire
“Hamlet” or “Tru” 
Give a makeover
“Alias” org. 
Flexible conjunction
Gift tag preposition
Flesh and blood
Filling station?
Drill leaders
Defense gp. since 1949
Cross the stream, perhaps
Common casserole shape
Broker's charge
Box with a trainer
Beethoven dedicated a bagatelle to her
Bedding in a barn
Base transceiver station, familiarly
Bartender on 'The Love Boat'
Anchor's delivery
Agreeable answers
A high-top hides it
Unofficial mascot of the Disney Company
Source of a draft
'Shocking' hand-held novelty item
'Every dog has its day,' e.g
Unlimited authority 
Saudi Arabia neighbor 
Overly proper 
Chanted phrase 
Won at musical chairs 
Quite a long while 
Up-or-down walkway 
Trousers support 
Terse in speech 
Teacher at a golf course 
Stovetop cooker 
Spirited horse 
Sound boosters 
Smallest acceptable amount 
She’s honored in May 
Sea journey 
Plod along 
Pays for 
Percussion instrument 
Peke or Chihuahua 
Passed with flying colors 
Package of paper 
Meditative exercise 
New staffer 
More competent 
Chanted phrase 
Having debts 
Make suitable 
Lion constellation 
Icy hazard for ships 
Harness for oxen 
Han Solo portrayer Ford 
Grade, for a test 
Farm enclosures 
Department stocking ties 
Bit part for a big star 
Come up short 
Department stocking ties 
Clueless look 
Car parker 
Like some tuxedo shirts 
Hand-held cleaner, briefly 
Fictional visitors from space 
Cable film channel 
Break __ (split) 
Blowhard’s false claim 
Bird on an ”It’s a Girl!” sign 
Beauty parlor 
Arm of an octopus 
5 Down, for one 
Works at a museum 
Without a care in the world 
Watering aid 
Vatican City is one 
U.S.-Canada defense system 
Twisted shape 
Tuna at a shushi bar 
Tuxedo part 
TV channels 2 to 13 
Toothpaste-endorsing gp. 
Sweetie, in dialect 
Summit-ending agreement 
Summer treat 
Sty mother 
Start of a sequence ending in “thx” 
She, in Sao Paulo 
Rare bills 
Prefix meaning “ten” 
Pointy hat wearer 
Place for a ring 
One called Miss 
Olympics segment 
Tom who wrote “The Electric Kool-Aid Acid Test” 
Old Voice of America overseer: Abbr. 
Okinawa okay 
Of assistance 
Odds partner 
Nile snake 
Log-on needs.. And, literally,what the ends of 16-, 23-, 37- and 56-Across canbe 
Like the bikini in a 1960 #1 hit 
Like Dumbledore and Santa Claus 
Lends a hand 
Delicate handling 
It’s said that he said, “I never said most of the things I said” 
It used to be plenty 
Hi-__ image 
Gung-ho, as a fan 
Gridiron squads 
Funny Cheri 
Frozen convenience store offering 
Flew the coop 
Extension on an unformatted document file 
Eponymous electrical current principle 
Clove crusher 
Dislike intensely 
Dipped chip 
Campus mil. group 
Deceptive measure 
Cuatro y cuatro 
Call for pizza, say 
Courtroom VIPs 
Burton of “Roots” 
CIA relative 
Buckwheat noodle of Japan 
Arrive at 
Actress Mila 
25% of M 
“That was a close one!” 
“Stillmatic” rapper 
“Slithy” thing in “Jabberwocky” 
“I think,” in chats 
“__ what I mean?” 
Words before “old chap” 
With 18-Across, phrase of resignation 
What a phoenix rises from, with “the” 
Weeding tool 
Washington/Montana separator 
Was heartsick 
VW or BMW 
Type of black tea 
Toyota Prius, e.g. 
Totally uncool 
Sure thing 
Send over the moon 
Scare off 
Tool for climbing the Alps 
Tobacco holder 
The sixth letter of “garbage,” but not the first 
The “F” of T/F 
Thanksgiving dessert 
Somewhat tardy 
Paperless party summons 
Second-longest river in Iberia 
Squeal in pain 
Offshoot of punk 
Some E.R. cases 
See 17-Across 
Santa ___ racetrack 
Room with a tub, informally 
Qualifying match, informally 
Regarding this matter 
Punch bowl dipper 
Phrase of resignation 
Only U.N. member whose name comes alphabetically between P and R 
Minuscule, informally 
Gait between a walk and a canter 
It’s not the truth 
Maguire who played Spider-Man 
Literal phrase of resignation 
Go in circles 
Lightens, as one’s load 
Land divided by the 38th parallel 
Hides in the forest? 
Have down ___ science 
Haunted house inhabitants 
Gait between a walk and a canter 
Frolicking mammals 
Former celebrity 
Former attorney general Janet 
Flightless South American bird 
Envious critic, in modern lingo 
Early 2000s White House inits 
Developmental rink org. 
Constantly worry 
Comedy routine 
Collectible art print, in brief 
CBS logo 
Cardio workout regimen 
Brand at the Daytona 500 
Big name in Chicago politics 
Beautiful water hue 
Attacked on all sides 
Achieved results 
Adjoining hotel accommodations

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