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Crossword Puzzle Answers - 13/09/2016 - The NY Times, LA Times, Usa Today, Newsday, Universal and more

  • Crossword Puzzle Answers - Solutions for daily newspapers: The NY Times, LA Times, Usa Today, Newsday, Universal and more.

You can't join Mensa without one 
Word with "strength" or "city" 
Trait of a Southerner's speech 
Three Bears patriarch 
The Hawkeye State 
The Elder or Younger of Roman history 
Target for Carmelo 
Swells out of proportion 
Some submerged leaves 
Some kitchen utensils 
Significant periods of history 
San Antonio hoopsters 
Remote control abbr 
Quiet "Check this out!" 
Psychic's read, supposedly 
Piece for nine 
One of the "Friends" 
On ___ (with an eye toward selling) 
Nonmoving picture 
Ninth rock from the sun, once 
More than never 
Mark's replacement 
Major blood line 
Longtime beau 
Like word-of-mouth 
Like dime novels and some orange juice 
Like a shepherd's staff 
Length x width, for a rectangle 
Legolas of Middle Earth, e.g 
Island off Australia 
Infant's abdominal woe 
Gemstone for many Libras 
Freshwater carnivorous mammal 
Fracture immobilizer 
Fit for night owls 
Big, fat mouth 
Chanel of fashion 
Choice invitees 
Female family nickname 
Easygoing attribute 
Accepts as true 
Barnyard bellow 
Adolph Coors, famously 
Far from bored 
Fancy wheels 
Convoy member 
the air (still undecided)
Mist (soft drink now called Mist Twst)
Wren appendage
Words yelled before 'No hands!'
Was in charge of
Visible impressions
"X" may mark it 
Tracked, as prey
"What ___ can I say?" 
Tolstoy or Buscaglia
"That's an order!" 
Texter's 'No freaking way!'
"Beetle Bailey" dog 
Taylor Swift album named for a color
Super Soaker brand
Stereotypical name for a lab assistant
Ship that carried Jason
Sailor's patron, briefly
Pt. of some signatures
Polynesian language with a 14-letter alphabet
Pad thai tidbit
Nonprofessional sports org
New Age musician from Greece
National Yoga Month (abbr.)
Marooned, in a way
Make sympathetic
Loaf at the deli
Jane Rochester's maiden name
Gruesome Tolkien creature
Grandstand divisions
Epps of Hollywood
Eggs from the sea
Dwarf planet discovered in 2005
Drapery ornament
Caffeinated brew, often
C, on a thermometer
2014 top 10 hit for Meghan Trainor, and what's happening at the beginning of the answer to each starred clue
1054, to Hadrian
Tall, slender drinking vessel
Restraint used by dog trainers
Homes with staggered stories
Hit song from the Beatles' 1963 album 'Please Please Me'
'Three Bathers' painter Henri
'The Dark Knight Rises' villain
Obedience school command
Every which way
Classic arcade game Donkey
Neck of the woods
”Big Hero 6″ hero
Hollywood agent
Estevez of “The Breakfast Club”
Big name in antivirus software
Subsurface woodwork decoration
Surrealist painter from Barcelona
In need of a friend
Corrosive liquid
Did some wickerwork
Preserve, as ashes
In the middle of
”So long!” along the Seine
Word after floor or flight
Ken or Daria of financial journalism
Rodent in a German lab
Symbol for the lower piano music part
Acts like Elizabeth Taylor?
Elizabeth Taylor role, informally
Mended using stitches, with “up”
Some speeches open with them … as do this puzzle’s four longest entries
Chestnut horse
Divided island of Southeast Asia
Unsportsmanlike behavior
”Gone With the Wind” family name
Data set average
Word on a shoppe sign
Going to the grocery store, the bank, etc
Clicker’s target
Not at all excited
Maiden name intro
Flag Day month
Chicken chow
Metal-rich deposits
1998 Bullock/Kidman film involving witchcraft
Baltic Sea capital
More than rotund
Ocho minus cinco
Toddler’s taboo
How some sloganed T-shirts should be washed
Work with a loom
Tennis court surface
Wintry coating
Airport idlers
Kemper of “Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt”
Oodles and oodles
Word before suit or servant
Word before game or user
Whitney or Manning
When mammoths roamed
Wedding day acquisition
Sunni counterpart
Spy novelist Eric
Source of sweet sap
Soldier’s temporary lodging
Single-file parade
Simultaneous statehood achievers, with “the”
Rue the loss of
Rock group with an “army”
On a winning streak
Most extreme (Abbr.)
Look over, informally
Like many violent movies
Hunter who wrote “The Blackboard Jungle”
Home to drones
Hardwood source
Guesses on a sked
Fleecy female
Fateful day for Caesae
Espied, to Tweety
Earth Day org.
Don __ de la Vega (Zorro)
Dog collar adornment
Detroit River’s outflow
Corleone portrayer
Connector on an EKG cable
Closing credits listing
City planner’s map
Citi Field predecessor
CD-__ (PC inserts)
Card that’s sometimes wild
Cannes festival entry
Calyx segments
Bar mitzvah, for one
Affectionate bird
A fossil fuel
1972 Elton John hit
“The Munsters” bat
“O tempora! O mores!” orator
“Losing My Religion” rock group
“It’s the real thing” soft drink
“Foxfire” author Seton
“Feed the Beast” cable choice
Tuck (Robin Hood pal)
Wedding vow locale
Showed again on TV
Sgt.'s subordinates
Remove from a memo
Puzzle answer
On a slant
Leather variety
Large coffee brewer
Large brass instrument
Known only to few
Japanese wrestling
High poker card
Female chorus member
Fail at the plate
Currently occupied
Cord around a package
Castaway's dwelling
Bundled, as hay
Bellowed like a bovine
Become more acute
Battleship designation
Backs of envelopes
Water swirl 
Sparse flow 
Something caught in a filter 
Workplace fairness agcy. 
Was in store for 
Waffle introducer? 
Violin’s string tightener 
Vampire in “The Vampire Chronicles” 
Title bestowed on 72-Across 
Things sometimes seen in banks 
The Braves of the N.L. East 
Surfacing for a golf course 
Supermarket checkout lines? 
Sidney of “Lilies of the Field” 
Sink, as one’s chances 
Orators’ aids 
Quid pro 
RCA introduction of 1977 
Rights, informally 
Rebuke, with “off” 
Pie pan material 
Person between 50 and 59 
O’Neal’s memoir of his N.B.A. rookie yea 
Oblique look 
N.H.L. team that became the Colorado Avalanche 
Mistyping remedy 
Miss ___, etiquette columnist 
Emulates the O. J. Simpson jury 
Mars, to the Greeks 
Many an ology: Abbr. 
Metaphor for insignificance 
Men seldom make passes / At girls who wear glasses, e.g. 
Frequent follower of “said” in the Bible 
Let off from punishment 
Macbeth or “Otello” 
Lucy or Ricky on “I Love Lucy” 
Logician’s “There you have it” 
End of “Macbeth” or “Othello” 
Gushes, as from a water fountain 
Beanie, e.g. 
Beanie, e.g. 
Black ___ (secret missions) 
Downton Abbey countess 
Donator of Lennon’s home to the National Trust 
Deep and sonorous, as a voice 
Davenport’s home 
Davenport, e.g. 
Cousin of a baboon 
Corrida cheer 
Award on a wall 
Chicken drumstick 
Channel for TV shoppers 
Central Florida metropolis, informally 
Airer of F.C.C. hearings 
Acknowledge as true 
1950s British P.M. Anthony ___ 
15+ minutes of a typical TV hour 
kick (swimming technique) 
courage! (French cry) 
Brewster, Cary Grant’s role in “Arsenic and Old Lace” 
___ Beta Kappa 
Wolverine's portrayer 
With 52-Across, impetus to get down, and.. 
Went aboard 
Time for preparation 
Successor and predecessor of Leno 
Subjects of some bargaining 
Stephen King's Christine, for one 
Social surroundings 
Soaks in hot water 
Snug as a bug 
Petty officer on a merchant ship 
Site in the first stanza of 'Oh My Darling Clementine' 
Second-highest card in pinochle 
River wriggler 
Restriction for Mr. Sprat 
Quick summary 
Quarterdeck's location 
Prison area 
Printer type 
Prepared to spring 
Place for a witness 
Oscar winner as Thatcher 
One who calls 'em as he sees 'em 
Notice that needs to be noticed? 
Nickname for an oldster 
Nautical side 
Melody that overstays its welcome 
Mace Windu, for one 
Lowest card in pinochle 
Is abundant 
Investment company T. ___ Price 
Halloween purchases 
Get a move on 
Guitar maker Fender 
German river that flows into the Rhine 
Flyer to Amsterdam 
First bird sent from Noah's Ark 
Filing mo 
Fast Amtrak train 
Expressed disapproval 
Enters gradually 
Diner dish 
Compact submachine gun 
Co. now part of Verizon 
Clear out 
Champagne specification 
Bean in space 
Arabian Sea's Gulf of ___ 
Alito replaced her 
African tuber 
...a hint to the starts of the answers to the starred clues 
Willow bark tea for a headache, e.g 
What a family might use to play Monopoly 
Target of many fall ads 
Condiment made with tomatillos 

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