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Crossword Puzzle Answers - 16/09/2016 - The NY Times, LA Times, Usa Today, Newsday, Universal and more

  • Crossword Puzzle Answers - Solutions for daily newspapers: The NY Times, LA Times, Usa Today, Newsday, Universal and more.

You’re filling one in now 
Yeshiva reading 
Word before a discount price 
Word after New or golden 
Williams with the 1984 No. 1 hit “Let’s Hear It for the Boy” 
Wild pig in a news story? (P,D cut from a common phrase) 
What’s seen when a tattoo parlor catches fire? (P, O cut) 
Uplift spiritually 
Top starting pitcher 
Tip of a No. 2 
The Furies pursued him 
Surfacing stuff 
Solomonic sort 
Short socks 
Salesman’s mild spirl? (F, N cut) 
Prez on a dime 
More than dumb 
One of the documentarian Burns brothers 
Polio vaccine pioneer Albert 
Number of stoves in a store’s inventory? (O, Y cut) 
Middle East’s Gulf of 
Peron and Longoria
Like 'Green Acres' humor
Parasitic sort 
Lemon pie topping
Ill-fated queen Anne
One seeking asylum 
Forehead fringe
Figure skater Sasha
Dutch seat of government
Bergman/Boyer movie
Anonymous Jane
Allied (with)
October baseball prize 
Word on a bill
Nutmeg, e.g. 
View from Mount Vernon
Tries to attain
Number of stoves in a store’s inventory? (O, Y cut) 
Parson's domain
North __ (White House area) 
Movie maiden “in distress 
Crumpet's cousin
Census question
Meeting handout 
Barcelona's region
MBA, e.g 
Jean (Marilyn Monroe)
Maze feature 
Where something can be flat or sharp
Volcanic anagram for "ante"
Veggies sometimes served in rings
Make one 
Tall Australian bird
Stack of fireplace logs
Soon-to-be parents' concern
Some supports for motorists?
Some dangerous snakes
Reason for tear gas
Place for a hunter
One taking others to great heights
Gov. Cuomo’s domain 
Lots of campers? 
Not-quite-round shapes
Like the hands of an alms-seeker 
Mixed assortment
Len of “Sweeney Todd” 
Military lockup
In a pique 
Home of the Blues 
Gun, at the starting line 
Grappler’s repertoire 
Legendary entertainer Horne
Legendary actress Sophia
Koi's place, often
Kind of individual pricing
Albeit, briefly 
Jekyll's alter ego
Implied but not verbalized
Anthony Hopkins title 
Immobilized (with "down")
Holier than who?
Good feature for cars stuck in the snow
Getting there 
Give in to pressure
Fictional hunchback
Dough or bread
Derive by reasoning
Deeply engrossed
City west of Corpus Christi 
Chocolate source
Complies with, as advice
Bygone Ford model 
Feature of a May-December romance 
Certainly not alert
Engrave on glass, say 
Certain chapeau
Cleansing cake 
Cello's little relative
Casting director's handout
Brought into the world, as eggs
Circuits run around an Atlanta university? (M, E cut) 
Brio or panache
Bookbinding leather
Chemical used in making 51-Across 
Bibliographical abbr
Caused by 
Biblical possessive
An apple on a computer, for one
Bried fracas 
All the ones before us?
Blue Grotto locale 
Accused's need
Big Pharma product 
"___ Jail" (Monopoly bummer)
Baja bread 
"... not always what they ___"
"Capital" and "alcohol" endings
Assaulted the nostrils 
"Casey at the Bat" poet
Apple software replaced by Messages 
Alternatives to Surfaces 
Working out, say
Where to get dates
lobe (brain part) 
Where Mt. Hood is
kwon do 
Vet's ''fruit salad''
Traditional pickle place
You fell for it 
Typeface like Verdana
Family Guy” wife 
Springy Summer Olympics thing
Springy playroom thing
Springy living-room thing
Springy birthday-party thing
Sousa or smart follower
Resort near Park City
Prepared, as a press
Powered chute
Popular pub promotion
Particular period
Owner's manual info
Novelist Shirley __ Grau
Nintendo's GameCube successor
Neutral vowel sounds
Name that means ''king''
Lopsided competition
Letter that sounds like a swath of seats
Hinduism causality concept
Hector or harry
He often batted after the Babe
Hayek's artist role
Hacker's coup
Fishing venues
First recorded animal shelter
Find attractive about
Eon divisions, in geology
Enforcement power, so to speak
Dos menos que tres
Detroit-based org
Destructive water
Decides not to strike
Case workers
British spa city
Antonym of ''taper''
And such, for short
Affect detrimentally
''Wall Street Journal'' cofounder
''I Hate __'' (''Kiss Me, Kate'' tune)
''Be on the lookout'' message
Woodstock performer before Joan 
Way in the back, often 
Versifier’s weather 
Washateria wear? 
Trouser parts 
Touring jobs 
Torilla chip topper, informally 
Toon devil 
To an adequate degree 
Terrestrial wiggler 
Subject of an evil negotiation 
Storm sound 
Some suits, briefly 
Smokeless chimney duct? 
Shot in the dark 
Self-titled 1987 pop album 
Sci-fi guru 
San Antonio-to-Dallas dir 
Rodeo maker 
River originating in Manchuria 
Prestigious NASCAR venue 
Picking site 
Phil Mickelson’s alma mater: Abbr 
Pass easily 
Parental control device 
On high 
Number on some beer bottles? 
Natural skin protection 
Musical work played where Brits go? 
Multinational energy gp 
Much of the MTV generation 
Many Renoirs 
Make even the slightest comment 
Lima love 
Like the maximum sum 
Less, when added? 
Kennel calls 
Jefferson bills, slangily 
It’s not observed in P.R 
Italian soccer great Rossi 
Hall of Famer Musial 
Golfer’s support 
Giza’s river 
Foster __: sunglasses brand 
Floor option 
Flight regulatory org 
Exotic journey 
Egg foo 
Diner concoction 
Depot worker 
Dash datum 
Cred for bringing someone home 
Courts in some hotels 
Contraction used with “up” 
Contemporary of Beethoven 
Confining room 
Chatted with online 
Bend for a swan, maybe 
2015 World Series-winning manager Ned 
What a darling baby 
The Simpsons” disco guy 
Half __ is 
Dumb and Dumber” actress 
“__ turca: allegretto”: Mozart rondo 
One with changing needs 
With nobody playing, say 
Shakespeare character who coins the term 'primrose path' 
Section of a botanical garden 
Site of Oscar Wilde's trials 
The ordinary folk 
Treat with violent disrespect 
Winner of back-to-back Best Rock Instrumental Grammys in 1980 and 1981 
Was unconsciously disturbing? 
Top of the winter 
Thick of things, in a manner of speaking 
Swords, in Sèvres 
Soft options? 
Retro stereo component 
Quarters' quarters? 
Put away for someone 
Ones coming ashore 
Proverbial certainty 
Person offering you a fortune 
PC-linking program 
On the program 
Longtime 'Voice of the New York Yankees' 
Like some physicians 
Like Ziegfeld girls 
Lives the high life 
Life preserver? 
It's hard to find in a crowd 
Kid Cudi's 'Day 'n' ___' 
Katherine of NBC's 'State of Affairs' 
Handle things 
It may be off the charts 
Group that almost can't fail? 
Girl adopted by Silas Marner 
Gigli and pici, for two 
Former Trump Organization member 
Feels deep sympathy 
Eponym of Bible history 
Ehrich ___ a.k.a. Harry Houdini 
Easter stock 
Does some grilling 
Cosmic path 
Component of some biodiesels 
Command that a dog shouldn't follow 
Chicago Sun-Times columnist Richard 
By and by 
Brainy high school clique 
Blade brand 
Become dull 
Anti-___ League (Progressive Era organization) 
Added to a plant 
8:00-9:00 on TV, e.g 
'Scientists dream about doing great things. ___ do them': James A. Michener 
Claudius' figure 
Dear ___' (1960s-'70s radio program) 

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