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Crossword Puzzle Answers - 20/09/2016 - The NY Times, LA Times, Usa Today, Newsday, Universal and more

  • Crossword Puzzle Answers - Solutions for daily newspapers: The NY Times, LA Times, Usa Today, Newsday, Universal and more.

Winter Games vehicle 
Windy City transports 
What Johnny Appleseed did 
Water depth measurer 
Vigorous effort 
Tribe with a state named for it 
Toothpaste buy 
Thanksgiving day (Abbr.) 
Street __ (respect, slangily) 
Stranded messenger? (Abbr.) 
Produce provider 
State that was once a republic 
Stares slack-jawed 
Soak to the skin 
Send to city hall, say 
Sci-fi servant, perhaps 
Rotisserie league lists 
Red tag events 
Princess’s irritant, in a fairy tale 
Party to a 1990 reunification 
Overly ornate 
Oscars night attire 
Obey the coxswain 
North Carolina’s __ Banks 
Look up online 
Winter Palace dweller of yore
Lomond or Ness 
Turned logs into boards, maybe
Like throwback uniforms 
Widespread perp alert
Leave the stage 
Volume dealer
Lacking a sound basis 
Two-handed bags, familiarly
Kurds or Serbs 
Heko from the bullpen 
Toolbar picture
Supply with supper, say
Sultana grapes lack them
Stupidity and gluttony, vis- a -vis Homer Simpson
Stat on Coppertone bottles
Start of a quip by chess grand master Savielly Tartakower
Signal to enter a scene
Shirley Maclaine’s role-within-a-role in 2005’s “Bewitched”
Seascape’s supporter
Schooner alternative
Reduce to rubble
Pronounce for a peachen
Pentathlon items with guarded tips
Penalty for shoddy service
Newton knighted in 1705
Neutrogena rival
More of the quip
Minuscule marchers
Market condition that causes a price drop
Many a veterinary patient
Like the region reached by Byrd
Kahuna’s “Catch you later!”
John’s “The Blues Brothers” costar
Italicize or editorialize
Hybrid citrus fruit
Hollywood’s Helms and Harris
Gymnastics apparatus 
Hadn’t yet squared
Get the picture 
Country club figures 
Frisbee or puck 
Get mileage from 
Garbage-hauling vessel
First name on Perry Mason novel covers
Ernie with a company that designs golf courses
End of the quip
End of “Little Jack Horner”
Ellie’s role on “The Office”
Egyptian symbols of life 
Easily understood 
Debt collector’s demand
Dirty water dog, say 
Cupid counterpart 
Cooperite, to platinum 
Conventioneer with fake pointy ears, perhaps 
Colors, hippie-style 
Chess kings and queens 
Confirming reply to “That so?”
Compound found in lab solvents
Cars from Korea 
Coiled barrier with cutting pieces
Candy heart word 
Bursting with energy
Beef in deli sandwiches 
Bed or bill preceder
Beauty who loved the Beast 
Barely squeezing (out)
Baseball scoreboard words 
Auto rental firm since 1974
Affirmative action 
Ace on a par three, say 
Arms for some commandos
140-character-or-less message 
Areas often near ICUs
word (linguistic invention) 
“Born yesterday” sort 
cool for School 
Act the rat fink
“Someone Like You” singer 
Abbr. after some inactive generals’ name
“The Revenant” Oscar winner, to fans
1977 film in which George Burns swears an oath by saying,”So help me, me”
“The First 48” channel
“Scent of a Woman” dance
“Hamilton” won 11 of them in 2016
“Did you call me?”
Witnessed and did nothing
What a cook must do, sometimes
Walking unsteadily
Uncannily strange
Type of modern lab
Travolta danced to it
Thomas Jefferson, religiously
They're all created equal
They may be socked
Suffer, as from the flu
Start of a common musical phrase
Slip away, as time
Site of Muhammad's tomb
Separator of family names
Revealing lots of skin
Rapids contained in some rivers
Place for the first couple
Pivot around a pole
Perfume with smoke
One of four with 30 days (abbr.)
Make with the waterworks
Make sense (with "up")
Legendary actress Sophia
It was founded by Saul
Inept goof
Indoctrinated, in a way
In the style of
Important sports stats
Home of King Kong
Hardly healthy-looking
Expensive mushroom
Employee badges, essentially
Ellington and Wellington
Crusher or breaker relative
Bird that may be spotted
Begin, as darkness
Become decent?
Artistic carnival worker
Another body of water
Acquired family member
Absolutely positive
"La Boheme," e.g
"Joltin' Joe" or "The Babe," famously
"Do the Right Thing" pizzeria owner
Zoo critter with stripped legs
Yellow “Despicable Me” character
Word before “Pizza” or “River”, in film
Wood-finishing tool
Washington MLBer
Touchdown approx.
Tannessee senator __ Alexander
Sphere in a library
Social faux pas
Slide down the slopes
Shop __ you drop
Shoe company with a cat in its logo
Send back, as to a lower court
Seagoing mil. training group
Retired newsman Donaldson
Response to a clever put-down
PlayStation maker
Place for meditation
Pilothouse wheels
Part of AAA: Abbr.
Mount of Exodus
Long, narrow mollusks
Motto for the cautious .. Or hint to the starts of 17-, 28-, 37- and 45-Across
Mexican revolutionary played by Brando
Letter that opens with a click
Intense personality
Headache treatment
Hawaiian floral rings
Gracias, across the Pyrenees
Doone of Exmoor
Collarless shirt
Contractor’s fig.
Concerning, on memos
Clever Bombeck
Cheering syllable
Capek’s robot play
Camper driver, for short
Bus. get-together
Brass instrument played like a trumpet
Bed with high sides
Balkan native
Baaing mom
And so on: Abbr.
Adjusted sales figure on which some royalties are base
“The Joy Luck Club” novelist
“The Heart of the Matter” novelist Graham
“Sure, I’ll give a ride”
“Marvelous” Marvin of boxing
What a chef might call each dessert featured in this puzzle, literally or figuratively
West Side Story seamstress 
Walloped to win the bout, in brief
Severe and short, as an illness 
Pass’s opposite 
Square things, ideally 
Uncles, in Acapulco 
Tiny bell sounds 
Teacher’s plan 
Strip of fabric used for trimming 
Steamed-for-hours, aged-for-months concoction of treacle, brandy, fruit and spices, set afire and served at Christmas 
Singer with the site imaginepeace.com 
Set traditionally handed down to an eldest daughter 
market (outdoor bargain venue)
1 (speed of sound)
Lowdown, in slang 
West Florida city
Sam Cooke’s first #1 hit 
Surge in real-estate sales
Rock’s ___ Inch Nails 
Spark of inspiration
Low ground, poetically 
Pushing conventional limits 
Space shuttle's path
Locale for urban trash cans 
Positive R.S.V.P.s 
Person growing crops
Ones who are splitsville 
Layers of sherry-soaked torte, homemade custard and fruit served chilled in a giant stem glass 
On the Pacific
National bird
Latches (onto) 
Goes it alone
Land of Blarney 
Four-run homer
Kilroy ___ here 
Drags from behind
Kill, as an idea 
J.Lo’s daughter with a palindromic name 
Habitual customer’s order, with “the” 
Ice cream and sponge topped with meringue and placed in a very hot oven for a few minutes 
I dare you! 
Campfire residue
Hesitating to mention it, but … 
Bonnets and berets
Growing luxuriantly 
Bold and loud
Apollo 11 destination
Glass fragment 
Adhesive substance
Give off, as vibes 
2012 presidential candidate
German kingdom of old 
11:50 a.m. or 12:50 p.m
Gates of philanthropy 
''With all __ respect . . .''
Fabric purchase: Abbr. 
''Quickly,'' in a memo
Error report? 
''It's my turn now''
Ending with neo- or proto 
''I really enjoyed the party!''
Ed of “Up” 
Drive mad 
''Goosebumps'' author R.L. __
Dreadlocked ones, informally 
''Golden touch'' king
Blade in the pen 
''Argyle'' footwear
Designs with ® symbols: Abbr. 
Command-Z command 
Comical “Dame” 
Chew the fat 
Club game 
Clothes presser 
___-December romance 
___ of the Apostles 
___ and answered (courtroom objection) 
Poetic unit 
Showers love (upon) 
St. Nick's day 
Writer Gaiman 
Rebecca of the WNBA 
Writer Gaiman 
Salty part of a margarita glass 
Rms. for rent 
Off in the distance 
Like many valedictorians, classwise 
QB's miscue 
Presidential helper 
Prepared for refinishing 
Part of a winter warmer 
Modest response to a compliment 
Model whose last name is Lanzoni 
Major musical work 
Likely answer to 'Who broke that window?' 
Like some apples and grapes 
Like a poor excuse 
Length of a certain term 
Kyle Field athlete 
John Hughes's directorial debut 
Impressive selection 
ID for the IRS 
Heinz rival 
Gold-medal-winning runner Zatopek 
Glee club member 
End-of-semester ordeals 
Fowl female 
Five-sided plate 
Europe's tallest Ferris wheel 
Dutch city with a famous export 
Clandestine engagement 
Celebrities' surroundings? 
Burn soothers 
Celebrities' surroundings? 
Beyond cold 
Begins a journey 
Beethoven-Haus locale 
Be concerned 
Barracks no-show 
Balkan native 
B.B. King's music 
Athletic contests 
Andy Taylor's boy 
Alanis Morissette's role in 'Dogma' 
1982 Jeff Bridges sci-fi film 
'Back to the Future' time machine

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