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Crossword Puzzle Answers - 23/09/2016 - The NY Times, LA Times, Usa Today, Newsday, Universal and more

  • Crossword Puzzle Answers - Solutions for daily newspapers: The NY Times, LA Times, Usa Today, Newsday, Universal and more.

Jean (Marilyn Monroe's birth name)
Two hard things
Three hard things
Sewing kit feature
They're effective when nutty?
Put on board, as cargo
One making pans
Missing portion of text
Like a noted ranger
Knowing about
Climbing flowering plant
Harps' kin, way back when
Former communist country
Editor's notation, sometimes
Damp and spongy
Crunchy munchies
Corporate leaders, briefly
Clapton of music fame
Chancy get-together
Bow maker's wood
Between continents, perhaps
Barnyard cluckers
Bang or boom, e.g
Adhesive stuff
Accompanying music for a film
Accident reminders, sometimes
Mingled with 
"___ he drove out of sight..."
Wished for a redo 
"Thank you, Jesus!"
Much less than pleased 
"For goodness' ___!"
Something to see on the sea 
"... and make it fast!"
Win out
Whirlpool product
They’re cracked before they’re eaten
Terminal postings (abbr.)
Much less than pleased 
Surfing convenience
Sock-in-the-gut grunt
Shocked reaction
Research facilities for ecofriendly orgs.
Repairman’s visit
Org. concerned with visitors from afar
Minding the store, say
Like most cupcakes
Lenovo acquired its PC business in 2005
Industry heavyweight
Hobby farm scurriers
High-pitched wind instrument
Hazmat suit problem
Hanukkah pancake
Gracefully slender
Flooring option
Transcribe twice 
What some bells confirm 
Flat-crowned topper
Wells' mad scientist 
Out of order 
Verb for Juliet 
Toddler's pet, perhaps 
Taken apart 
Spring celebrant 
Source of overhead images 
Certain council member 
Burns' nighttime 
Sort of seed holder 
Bind oneself 
Sony big seller circa '77 
See 5 Down 
Sign of affection 
Serbia's second city 
Rock group 
Collection of emergency equipment
Display arranged by a self-centered sort
Org. concerned with 20 Across 
Dark time, in promos
O. Henry title characters 
Crewmate of Spock and Uhura
Name meaning ''born again'' 
Duly receive 
Co. that distributes arrangements
More sentimental 
Central component
Meal with a macaroon dessert 
Carpenter’s tool
“Fernando” quartet
Many a Nikon 
Lizard look-alike 
Lecture-hall regulars 
“A-Hunting We Will Go” songwriter
Keep from leaking 
It's west of Odessa 
Zadora of "Butterfly"
Web address that can end with any of the suffixes hidden in five answers in this puzzle
VHS tape displacer
Had a craving 
Thurman of 1998's "Les Miserables"
Forrest Gump, e.g 
Sister of Zsa Zsa
Fibula neighbor 
Coolers or clappers 
Shoot for the moon
Seasoned veteran
Do whittling 
Seasoned mariner
Deteriorated, so to speak 
Road map abbr
Destroys, with ''up'' 
Rice who created Lestat
Pundit Huffington
Circumvented, with 4 Down 
Contraction spoken in ''The Jazz Singer'' 
Prior to, to bards
Comparatively misdirected 
Prefix with stop or skid
Commandment adverb 
Prefix with practice
Classic Alsatian creation 
Poetic rhapsody
Pin the blame on
Pepsi purchase
One of Spain's Balearic Islands
One "X" of XXX
Big name in American exploration 
''Bugs Bunny Show'' marcher next to Elmer 
Winding course 
Old comic with a fake Italian accent
Attic window view 
MetLife rival, for short
Annual-report pro 
MASH staffers (Abbr.)
Timeline unit 
Walt Disney Concert Hall architect 
Like a he-man
Field, site of Jackie Robinson's Major League debut 
Lessen in worth
Zener cards test it 
Jay of "Ghost Whisperer"
Two from Toledo 
Unnatural eateries? 
Hypothetical hominid
Told tall tales 
Gridiron celebration area
Grade in the 60s, perhaps
Eastern philosophy
Exceeded, as a time limit
Disentangle, as hair
Estrada of telenovelas
Craven of horror movies
Company-free period
Charades and such
Causes of some traffic backups
Brownish eye color
Any top 10 tune
"Quo Vadis" role
Alternatives to box trucks
4-Down product
"Dancing With the Stars" judge Goodman
"Morning Edition" airer
Memphis neighbor 
Telethon VIPs 
Steered clear of overhang? 
Tailless mammal 
Short-lived 1970s cop show 
Rossiya refusal 
Rice variety whose name means 'fragrant' 
Rodenticide brand 
Really bother 
Rock drummer Fleetwood 
Ring master 
Rock drummer Fleetwood 
Recurrent film role for Myrna 
Rake spike 
Petty quarrel 
Nebraska city medical group? 
Mouth, slangily 
Member of a certain college 
Lacking any trace of friendliness 
Many a ragtime dance 
Makes uncharitable remarks 
Looked for 
Little seen on screen 
Joey who sang 'Peppermint Twist' 
Inferior movie segment? 
James Dean's 'East of Eden' role 
It shared a launch date with Windows 95 
Howard who made shorts 
Curbs the excesses of fame? 
Growth area 
He knows the ropes 
Gossipy conversation method? 
Gillette brand 
George's collaborator on 'I Got Rhythm' 
Expression of annoyance 
Elite squad convened? 
Drank everything in 
Dolomites peak 
Disparage Bordeaux wine? 
Designated driver alternative 
Critic of the Once-ler, with 'the' 
Corporate image 
Copier sound 
Comparative follower 
Caddies carry it 
Bread spread made from yeast extract 
Baseball's 'Master Melvin' 
Arachne's device 
Animal that hangs around all day 
2015 Album of the Year winner 
'There is no such thing as accident; it is ___ misnamed': Napoleon 
'Tequila' instrument 
'Calm down, buccaneer!'? 
Deeper into la-la land 
How a snail moves? 
Invoice heading no 
Plains tribe 
View from the Eiffel Tower 
TV’s “Through the Wormhole,” e.g. 
Traction aid 
Some kissing sounds 
Soaps actress Rylan 
Seminal discovery by sports historians? 
Searches (through) 
Salon procedure 
Ryan of “Sleepless in Seattle” 
Relative of -ista 
Real head-turner in the animal kingdom 
Reaction to Bugs’ contibued evasiveness? 
Philatelist’s source 
Peloponnesian region 
Part of un giorno 
Out of practice 
Org. assisting museums 
Night sch. Staple 
Nature spirirs of Greek myth 
Newspaper supporters 
Milwaukee : mine :: Marseilles 
Mess metaphor 
List substitute: Abbr 
LAX stat 
Last of three Catherines 
It doesn’t last long 
Hagar creator Browne 
Dieter’s choice 
One Mic” rapper 
Coverage-providing org 
Confessional music genre 
Comprehensive text on mints? 
Common ID 
Cold and wet 
Certain cross-country traveler 
Casual opening 
Card game 
Canter cousin 
Calligrapher’s array 
Cadillac model 
Brine-cured delicacy 
Bit of equestrian gear 
Bit of adverbial wordplay 
Be enamored of 
Amstrak unit 
A, in Acapulco 
Beach, Hawaii, home of the 2005 Little League World Series champs 
You got me there 
That’s so cute! 
“I plotted against Caesar completely on my own!”? 
From Here to Eternity” Oscar winner 
Am I clear?” 
World capital with 40 islands within its city limits 
Worked the field, in a way 
Zoom (along) 
Yet that thy brazen gates of heaven may ___: Shak. 
Worthy of reference 
Word shouted before “Fire!” 
Wearing red to a Chinese funeral, e.g. 
Very well-pitched 
The Consolation of Philosophy author 
Summoning statement 
Start of a classic boast 
Southern African game 
Shout of surprise 
Shoshone language relative 
Sit (down) heavily 
Says “Top o’ the morning,” say 
Quite removed (from) 
Prestidigitator’s word 
Playground set 
Places for pilots 
Pilates class sights 
Pianist McCoy ___, member of the John Coltrane Quartet 
Painter Jean-___ Fragonard 
Openings in the computer field? 
One making waves over the waves 
Modern parents may try to limit it 
Midwest college town 
Material for mounting photos 
Many are named after M.L.K. 
Manager honored at Cooperstown in 2013 
Mailed or faxed 
Lothario’s activity 
Longtime “Meet the Press” moderator 
Lego competitor 
It has no life 
Huckleberry Finn character 
Hearing command 
Head of Hogwarts 
Give a raise? 
Get perfectly pitched, in a way 
Genre that “The Long Goodbye” is based on 
Film setting? 
Drawn together 
Digs around 
Cousin of a kite 
Conductor who has a hall at Tanglewood named after him 
Company that makes Tamiflu 
College recruitment org. 
Cesario’s lover in literature 
Certain Cornhusker 
Cannon shot in Hollywood 
Camera manufacturer whose slogan is “Be a Hero” 
Cake Boss network 
c, in a text 
Broadway star who was on Nixon’s list of enemies 
Breakfast spot? 
Bond femme fatale 
Become flowery 
Aeschylus, Sophocles and Aristophanes 
Administer, as a shot 

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