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Crossword Puzzle Answers - 24/09/2016 - The NY Times, LA Times, Usa Today, Newsday, Universal and more

  • Crossword Puzzle Answers - Solutions for daily newspapers: The NY Times, LA Times, Usa Today, Newsday, Universal and more.

Things displayed at checkpoints 
Wood lighters? 
Trials and tribulations, essentially 
Time for the elderly? 
Steer clear of 
Stage, as a show 
Sound of a BB striking tin 
Some bays 
Service charge 
Secret agent org 
Protein, often 
Protective layer 
Old cinema star 
Offspring acquired by marriage 
Ness and Lomond 
Narc's org 
More like a squid's defense 
Like a pink steak 
Lady Liberty, for one 
It's hardly a convertible 
It may be beaten or bucked 
Hip-hop's Elliott 
Witty saying
Health store beans (var.) 
TiVo precursor
Things made to fit in cylinders
Team whose colors honor the Brooklyn Dodgers and the New York Giants
Foreman vanquisher 
Group on the payroll 
Rough rug fiber
Rids of soap
Game for "it" 
Freeway catastrophe 
Residence in a glade?
Fiery funeral mounds 
Piping shorebird
Female seal group 
Long-range weapon, for short
Make a snood from a skein, say
Letter-shaped plumbing fitting
In the style of
Certain machine gun 
In cunning fashion
Egg cells 
Grammar school basics, briefly
Dream Team country 
Corner of the market 
Common sound systems 
Franklin who sang “Piece of My Heart”
Duplex apartment?
Crib at the top of the stairs
Caring and decent to others 
Brilliant acclaim 
Beaver's work 
Barely leading on the scoreboard 
"The ___ Reed Show" 
"Originally named" 
Cook out, perhaps
"Aviv" header 
"Ask ___ what your country ..." 
Compensation in a lawsuit
Brick-and-mortar emporium
Birthstone after sapphire
Basic belief
Bacchanalian blast
Accommodations at the penitentiary?
Abbr. akin to POTUS
2016 Olympics city, familiarly
“Weekend Update” show, for short
“Live free __” (New Hampshire motto)
“East of Eden” girl
“Adventure. Excitement. A Jedi craves not these things” speaker
Whodunit discoveries
Wake a bedmate, maybe
Uncomplaining bunch
Tongue-in-cheek tributes
Those opposed
Word after A, B, or C 
The Nittany Lions' sch
Web connectors, for short 
Warms with waves 
Tailed streakers
Tusk, in fact 
Some hosp. staffers
SUV from Gwangju
Test with arguments, for short 
Trouble word 
Style one's hair like Donald Trump?
Time keeper? 
Trailers often precede them 
Shimmery stone
Shaggy Himalayan beast
Setup of a sort
More suitable 
Sulky state 
Series finale of a daytime drama?
Shelled omnivore 
Self-styled 'people of the longhouse'
Sandford opponent in a landmark 19th-century case 
Scoundrel from old Iran?
Rubber home 
River of western Germany
Reverent recitation
Pervasive quality 
Reason for denying entry, maybe
Out of one’s class 
Really bad pun
Ordinary people 
Pretentious pancake
One-named musician whose last name is Chryssomallis 
President Hollande's home
Not a good sense 
Players of the past
Person who puts up with you
Mideast unitarians 
Person deciphering a short coded letter?
Mental comparison 
Like penthouse suites 
Like fake fruit 
Lasting ability 
Johnny Vander __, only pitcher to throw back-to-back no-hitters 
It may lead to an argument 
Ink dispensers 
Informal qualifier 
Home to Mount Kinabalu 
Hill chest 
High-end chocolatier 
Guitar band 
Golden State sch. 
Five-point K, e.g. 
Fictional dark side 
Feature of some ‘Vettes 
Feature of Civil War General Ambrose Burnside 
Ending with humor 
Castle projection 
Org. that deals with FICA money
Emeril’s French Quarter restaurant 
One might be in the mail
Eloborate procedure 
Nevil Shute's '___ Like Alice'
Downed, in a way 
Much of E. Eur., once
Decorative Japanese porcelain 
Many a freshman course
Mammal known for tobogganing
Brown university athletes 
Boomer until 2003 
Best Moment and Best Upset 
Allow it to go no further 
“Dancing With the Stars” numbers 
“Anything you can get away with”: Marshall McLuhan 
Hockey great Lemieux 
Young ‘__ (tots) 
Village People disco hit 
Troupe member 
Tricky billiards shot 
Took charge of 
The Shangri-__ (“Leader of the Pack” group 
Like much teen talk
Takei’s “Star Trek” role 
Jump from a startled kid?
Like many Broadway theaters on Monday
Space invaders, briefly 
Jimmy Carter speech feature
Shut hard 
It has a duel purpose
Plant with trumpet-shaped flowers 
Intimidate by bullying
Seat of Dutch government, with “the” 
Have chips, say
Google moneymakers
Put in a warehouse 
Fruity wine concoction
Prefix meaning “seven” 
Exchange letters
Fix, as an old baseball glove
Exclamations from Ernst
Photoshop maker 
Dressed for court
Mottled bean or horse 
Non-solid-state rock band gear 
One in the red 
Cowardly horse with a flecked coat?
Nursery containers 
Comical lead-in
Charlie Chaplin's fourth wife
MVP award considerations 
Centre de l'orbite de la Terre
Cal. column heading
Brand mentioned in 'Kodachrome'
Like slander, vis-a-vis libel 
Blues legend Mahal
Bloom with a beard
Jack Sprat’s taboo 
Blanchett of 'Carol'
Is nitpicky 
Baseball Hall of Famer Pee Wee
Hornet relative 
Auto that debuted in 2006
Auto that debuted in 1957
Arm images, for short
Hillary who conquered Everest 
Arizona neighbor
Get ink on, say 
Aristotle of Greece
“Be Without You” singer Mary J. 
Fiber-rich food 
Fake, as an injury 
Dirt road impediment 
Cooked-up account 
Be worthy of 
Andy Warhol’s “Lonesome Cowboys” is one 
3 Musketeers maker 
“Foot-long” meal 
Animal with poison-secreting glands
Antonio Ghislanzoni wrote its libretto
American Airlines Center cagers
A quick snort followed by a quick puff?
117-Across and others
'Sing to me! for ___ love thee well': Wilde
'Ozma of Oz' author
'Monster Mash' setting
'If I might say something...'
'Human Behaviour' singer
You-vs.-gravity game
VIP at
Veterinary specialty
Traditional three-layer product
Toward where you just were
Top male R&B artist of the '90s
Tolkien trilogy, essentially
Thoughtful offering
Statue toppled in Kiev in 2013
Sort of troublemaker
Shuttle destination, often
Shield from enemy eyes
She edited Princess Grace's book
Shape of some foreign coins
Setting for London's ''People of the Abyss''
Setting for any ''M*A*S*H'' movie
Raconteur in Ken Burns' ''Baseball''
Product of some plants
Prismacolor Magic Rub, e.g
More than fond
Memorable plain preceder
Matched in a contest
Major macronutrients
Keaton's designer for ''Annie Hall''
Infant immobilizer, perhaps
Improbable concoction
How some townhouses have gone
History class illustration
Ghost avoider since 1982
Ezra recounts its rebuilding offering
Early home of the Cuban sandwich
Cut out suddenly
Certain hair dryer
British bubbly-texture chocolate bar
Brimming with zeal
Bills are frequently paid for them
Bavaria neighbor
Audio storage units
Anagram of ''redaction''
1500s conqueror/conqueree
''Of hasty love or headlong __'': Scott
''. . . however improbable . . .'' author
Youngest-ever Nobel Prize recipient
Was brutally honest
Things discussed at une académie
Things corporations and fire trucks both have
Something a dog might fetch
Smokeless explosive
Skipping sounds
Science fiction author Stanislaw
Portfolio parts, for short
Pennsylvania and others: Abbr
Pennsylvania county named for an animal
Pacific Island group
One going around the block?
Olympic skier Phil or Steve
New Deal power agcy
Missouri and Arizona
Missed a lot
Mil. figures
Many an email attachment
Makes secret again, as court documents
Like the Olympic flame
Like safeties vis-à-vis field goals
Like kiwi fruits
Italian food named after a queen
Indian-born maestro
In a ball
Head of an Indian tribe
Fast-food menu information: Abbr
Electron's area around an atom
Easy shoes to put on
Dishes sometimes served with Riojas
Colt 45, e.g., informally
Collection of high lights?
Classic film whose soundtrack is famously composed entirely of strings
Capital of the French department of Loiret
Bull Run victors
Blink of an eye
'Someone who allows you to see the hope inside yourself,' per Oprah
'Love Is Strange' actress
'I wasn't expecting it, but ...'
'I already have other plans,' often

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