Saturday, September 3, 2016

crosswors puzzle answers 04/09/2016

  • Crossword Puzzle Answers - Solutions for daily newspapers: The NY Times, LA Times, Usa Today, Newsday, Universal and more.

Relative of a weasel 
The "E" of HOMES 
View in awe 
"Negotiations are off!" 
Fresh (Tex-Mex chain) 
Noted philanthropic family 
Descend in a controlled fashion 
Beverage since 1922 
Gertrude ___, first woman to swim the English Channel 
Lead-in to Victoria or Albert 
Breathe out 
Pirate, in old slang 
Some fuel oils 
Optometrist, at times 
Number of hills in ancient Rome
Bareilles who sang "Love Song" 
Just like always 
Spa sound 
Like three men of rhyme 
Basic form of a word 
Oscar-winning Berry 
Might be able to do it 
Word that becomes its own synonym when spelled backward 
The "e" of i.e. 
City where Mexico's routes 1 and 2 meet 
Material in two states 
Site of the George Bush Presidential Library 
United Nations concern 
1997 film megahit 
Stemmed from 
Word often replaced with "your"
Footnote material 
Martians, in "The War of the Worlds"
Noted index 
Grp. sponsoring the Muzzle Loading Championship 
Surrounder of la Grande Jatte
Multicolored candy in a yellow package 
2022 World Cup host 
Airport posting, for short 
"That makes sense" 
"Going somewhere?" 
Begin a voyage 
And more 
Sources of mescaline 
Spanish prefix with líneas 
Cops, with "the" 
Shout made while pointing 
Diamond head 
Ocean bottom? 
Slithy one, to Carroll 
Calvin Coolidge's reputed reply to a woman who bet she could get more than two words out of him 
Where bees be 
School in Oxford, informally 
Ammonia and lye 
Prefix with parasite 
A U.S. flag is a common one 
"Don't let those guys escape!" 
Flattened at the poles 
letter (college app part) 
End-of-seminar feature 
Offered for breeding 
Takes it easy 
Retired Steeler Taylor 
One of two in the Adidas logo 
Start of a time capsule direction 
Relatives of scooters 
Since you didn't hear me the first time 
Most important piece in échecs 
Like many a lad or lass 
Release from TLC or Alicia Keys 
Foist (upon) 
24 in a caffeine molecule 
Ball in a socket 
They mind their manors 
Short dagger 
Bio course: Abbr. 
"That ___ part of our agreement!" 
Kind of camera, for short 
Subordinate: Abbr. 
Answer to "Is Bonn the capital of Deutschland?" 
Response to a flatterer 
"Cease!" on the seas 
Neighbor of Illinois 
Things aggressive people may throw 
"Old MacDonald" sounds 
Have a one-person apartment, say 
bag (party giveaway) 
Indication of freshness 

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