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Crossword Puzzle Answers - 02/10/2016 - The NY Times, LA Times, Usa Today, Newsday, Universal and more

  • Crossword Puzzle Answers - Solutions for daily newspapers: The NY Times, LA Times, Usa Today, Newsday, Universal and more.

Zero, in soccer
Withdraw, as from a habit
Utah ski resort
Usual tic-tac-toe outcome
Titan bearing the world
Tanning lotion letters
Supply a spread for
Still undecided
Springsteen, to fans
Sign for many April births
Shortening brand since 1911
Shirts' opponents, in a pickup game
Shepherd's pie spheroids
Works on wrinkles 
Saloon selections
Search for, as one's ancestry
Samba and mambo
What bodybuilders count 
Way of carrying oneself 
Ruler toppled in 1979
Visual pair 
Ritz cracker lookalike
Unattractive pond feature 
Duplicate a duplicate, e.g 
Sometimes consumed bacteria 
Some House votes 
Some farm beasts 
Singer and actor Burl 
Persia, now 
Performing threesomes 
Morning drops on blades 
Mental keenness 
Biology lab gel substance 
Husk relative 
Little amount 
Large sea ducks 
Land of presidents 
Precursors to migraines
Human's first home? 
Place for a BLT
Hotel posting 
Pitchblende, to uranium
Highland head warmers 
Peace Prize winner with Arafat
Have a decisive chess win 
Part of a Lionel set
Fairly large-sized musical group 
Orchestra locales
Everglades bird 
Metalworker's avian sculpture?
Marine ___ (presidential helicopter)
Leslie Caron title role
Didn't offer for sale 
LAX or JFK guess
Composes or authors 
Laborious effort
Horse waiting?
Certain sorority woman 
Jessica of "Total Recall"
Capital in the Baltics 
Hippie's two-finger sign
Guitarist Segovia
Between 0 and 90 degrees, as an angle 
Batman's Bruce 
Exotic dancer's wear
Bad names? 
Excessive detail, to texters
Exaggerate onstage
Almond or eggshell relative 
Exacta alternative
Address a convention 
Did the job
Did a smith's job
7-Up alternative 
45s and 78s (abbr.) 
Dentist's order after "open"
Business suit go-with
Catch 40 winks
"When You ___ Upon a Star" 
In this way 
"Hello, sailor!" 
Make amends (for) 
Ben Gurion Airport carrier
Least distant 
Baseball great-turned-politico Bunning
Leaf blower brand 
Attempts to win a tea-making contest?
Artful to the max
Hunter's garb, for short 
Accused's defense
30 minutes of football
Hard to come by 
"Walk-___ welcome"
Go places 
"The Lion King" lioness
Gentle-but-firm persuasion 
Gaggle sounds 
Fruit skins 
Frond-bearing plant 
From Havana 
Flows forth 
Flout the rules 
Flour producer 
Flat-topped hill 
Fixture in some basements 
Fill with love 
Fabricated statement 
Etching compound 
Easel, for example 
Duke Ellington tune 
Currently popular baby girl name 
Colorful tabby 
Collar insert 
Carnival confection 
Carrier to Tel Aviv 
Caravan stop 
''In what way?'' 
Actor Nick 
Cantina fare 
Can't do without 
Bring under control 
Bradbury of sci-fi 
Bookcase fastener 
Be under the weather 
Base-clearing hits 
Avid aficionados 
Word on Irish stamps
Very light dessert
U.S.-Canada defense system
''Steady as __ goes'' 
Trim, as bushes
Touch base via phone
''Not so!'' reply 
Toon mermaid
Support bars
''Have some!'' 
Star-shaped flower
''Funny Girl'' composer 
Speed demons
''Beauty and the Beast'' girl 
Smokestack buildup
Shows compassion for
Shortly, to Shelley
Sentence segment
Road branches
Raptor's grabber
Quick message
Prefix meaning ''recent''
Prayer wrap-up
Plant in Road Runner cartoons
Part of a flight
Opulent residence
NASCAR sponsor
Name derived from Dolores
Mrs. Smith's competitor
Marine, slangily
Make revisions to

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