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Crossword Puzzle Answers - 04/10/2016 - The NY Times, LA Times, Usa Today, Newsday, Universal and more

  • Crossword Puzzle Answers - Solutions for daily newspapers: The NY Times, LA Times, Usa Today, Newsday, Universal and more.

You can see right through it
Windows XP successor
What rolling stone don’t gather
Ultimatum ending
Top-notch steak sauce?
Sun-blocking umbrella
Stereotypical English drink
Stars and Bars org.
Slender amphibians
Racer or sidewinter
Presses and stretches, as dough
Persian Gulf port
Paranormal gift, initially
Noted seashore vendor, in a tongue twister
Michigan college town
Many a prom attendee
Making things happen
Like some beds
It can be proper or common
Grinds, as teeth
Give birth in a barn, perhaps
Franklin’s wife
Fit for the job
Fish that attach to sharks
Exposes corruption
Dressing flavor
Doesn’t take either extreme
Do some excavating
Close tightly again
Chess stratagem
Checks in at work
Captivated by
Blades of song and film
Big game venuses
Bestial bellow
Absolutely necessary
“Girlfriend” singer Lavigne
“Don’t sweat it!”
“Dick Tracy” character Truehart
“__ a Rebel” (Crystal hit)
Voyaging on an ocean 
University in Texas 
Truly love 
They are see-through 
Subscriber's option 
Steering device, on water 
Some juicy vats 
Some instrument pluckers 
Sharp replies 
Russian assembly 
Reading lights 
Prepare to be tested 
Pointless, as an effort 
Plague item of biblical proportions 
Nosy thing to do? 
Nostradamus, purportedly 
Malone on "Cheers" 
Jumbo coffeepot 
Jacket worn on a blustery day 
Glass shooter 
Far from a Mensa candidate 
Decisive refusal 
Crosswise, on deck 
Country in northeastern Africa 
Coral strip 
Common tree 
Chunk of lawn 
Caulks again, e.g 
Below-the-belt comment 
Becoming morning 
Be educated 
Avoid artfully 
Auctioneer's hammer 
Any "I Love Lucy," now 
Animal house 
Andrea Bocelli, for one 
Airport schedule abbr 
Achieve total victory 
100-meter event 
"___ moment, please" 
"___ be a fool not to!" 
"This means ___!" 
"Mode" preceder 
Wildlife sound 
What a groundbreaking case may do 
Video gamer’s goal 
Vacationer’s lodging perhaps 
Uncool sort 
Storm warning 
Thumb-in-the-air call 
Something to hum or whistle 
Sign for an April 1 birth 
Self-serving act 
SeaWorld orca, for now 
Sale tag caution 
Rules, for short 
Priest at a mission 
Present with a plague, say 
Prepare to advance on a flyout 
Partner of singing cowboy Rogers 
Part of HRH 
Pan Am competitor of old 
Online CD source 
One per customer, say 
More biting, as winter air 
Mine like a forty-niner 
Maze solver’s discovery 
Magician’s fanfare word 
Katniss Evedeen’s weapon 
Holiday fireplace item 
Spitting bullets 
High schooler, most likely 
___ voce (with one voice) 
Harvests horse food 
Go or Go Fish 
What insults to Dixie may stick in? 
Get licked 
What food disappears into at Madrid eateries? 
From 1/1 to now 
Waterloo setting 
Fireplace fleck 
Virginie-Occidentale, par exemple 
Unused to showering? 
Corrida cry 
Unique digit in a googol 
Treat for Fido 
Temple athletes 
Darken a room, maybe 
Take care of loose ends 
Stumble upon 
Crafts’ mate 
Spot for a flamingo 
Crab or frog morsels 
Revolutionary Argentine 
Sound from Fido 
Comes down cold and hard 
Smoothie superfruit 
Sketchy offer 
Classic comics prince, for short 
Scientific sch 
Burr’s TV attorney 
RN’s emergency summons 
Bowie collaborator Brian 
Reddi-___ (dessert topping) 
Reason for spiffing up 
Become tiresome 
Publishing house employee 
Principle underlying the universe 
Papers and the like 
Needs for some Olympics slaloms 
Namely, to Nero 
Merry tune 
Lucas of the Mets 
Loudly lament 
Abalone-eating mammals 
Like much of Kansas 
Larynx protector 
“Tsk, tsk!” 
Key on a map 
Spicy pizza topping 
Sour cream and __ dip 
Salon colorist 
Host with four Daytime Emmys 
Reddish hair tint 
Kenya’s main port 
Instruments with sympathetic strings 
Play the leading role 
Piece of lettuce 
In need of breaking 
Ice fishing need 
Paper fastener 
Fictional wizard Potter 
Hulking henchman 
Overexcited, informally 
Hood in a monastery 
Optimistic emotion 
Hessian camera brand 
Headstrong trait 
Nonprofessional person 
Hartford mascot 
Nickname for an NCO 
German subsidiary of General Motors 
Full of the latest 
Japanese fish dish 
Forestall leaks, in a way 
Focus on the road, say 
Early counters 
Draws a bead on 
Doze disrupter 
Gas station machine 
Dash intro 
Fungal pizza topping 
Coyote pack’s prey 
Detroit-based org 
Folk wisdom 
Fishy pizza topping 
Corporate attorney’s areas of expertise? 
Concert souvenirs 
Commerce gp. that admitted China in 2001 
Champlain, to Champlain 
Beefy pizza topping 
''Tall'' story 
Challenge for the numerate 
Border on 
Chair or sofa 
Bring back on staff 
Book review 
Advance team’s job 
Cavities, chipped teeth, etc.? 
Brought about 
Bronchodilators treat it 
At any time 
Ancient calculating tool 
Become acclimated 
Acting role 
‘Nutshell’ author McEwan 
‘Live long and prosper’ speaker 
‘Family Guy’ daughter 
''None for me, thanks'' 
‘Fall back’ gain 
‘Behold my creation!’ 
Words after “like it” and “ready” 
Women’s suffrage leader Carrie Chapman ___ 
With 2-Down, star of 2003’s “Hulk” 
What a ___! (“Too bad!”) 
Weight-loss program 
Website that investigates urban legends 
Unit of force 
To whom God said “For dust you are and to dust you will return” 
Things to hang coats on 
The “A” of B.A. 
Talk back to 
Street vendors selling Mexican food 
Soul singer Redding 
Skim or 2% 
Singer Musgraves who won a 2013 Grammy for Best Country Album 
Signs, as a contract 
Show hosts, in brief 
Senator Cruz 
See 59-Across 
Rebound on a pool table 
Punch in the mouth, slangily 
Promotes, with “up” 
President who ended “don’t ask, don’t tell” 
Prefix with athlete 
Place of service for John McCain, briefly 
Photocopier powder 
Overboard, to a sailor 
Once around the track 
Oh, before I forget …, in a text 
Of the flock 
No-longer-fashionable fur 
Nintendo character who hatches from an egg 
Neither good nor bad 
Maryland athlete, for short 
Made in ___ 
Let me take care of that 
Grand work 
Kathmandu’s land 
Jets quarterback Smith 
Jazz vocalist Carmen ___ 
Jagged cliff 
Is a romancer, old-style 
International court site, with “The” 
Heavyweight champ Riddick 
Headstrong animals 
GPS calculation: Abbr. 
Getting into a gray area? 
Fortuneteller’s deck 
Former “S.N.L.” comic Cheri, whose last name rhymes with her first 
Famous snack maker 
Eyes: Lat. 
Do 10 crosswords in a row, say, with “out” 
Data storage devices 
Dance move added to the O.E.D. in 2015 
Common ingredient in lotions 
Chicken of the Sea product 
Bright sort 
Bridle rein, e.g. 
Bit of smoke 
Backpack containers where you can find the ends of 17-, 23-, 38- and 47-Across 
Aftereffect from working out 
Actress Skye of “Say Anything …” 
48. ___ Antoinette 
___ team (police unit) 
___ scale (measure of hardness) 
___ ends here! (fighting words) 
___ acid (protein builder) 
Attorney’s field 
Like every other number 
Adorned with Angel Soft say 
Putting target 
__ alone: have no help 
“Joy of Cooking” writer Rombauer 
“Stronger than dirt!” cleanser 
Covered as in a man-to-man defense 
Shaving mishaps 
“You’re talking too loud” 
Harshly bright 
One strolling 
Phone button letters next to a 4 
Classic doo-wop horn 
Morning break hour 
Moving around 
Minnesota college named for Norway’s patron 
Millionaire’s boat 
Made fluffy as pillows 
Stroll in the shallows 
Went out with 
Computer program suffix 
Suddenly occurs to with “on” 
Southern inflection 
Set to simmer as a burner 
Follow the ethical path 
Reggae kin 
Is really boiling 
More like a button? 
“… __ saw Elba” 
Gonzalez boy in 2000 headlines 
Decide in advance 
Accessories for the highchair set 
Avril Lavigne’s “Sk8er __” 
Socializing with the queen maybe 
Jerry Garcia’s band familiarly 
Many a GI 
“Bro I thought you were gonna help” 
Antianxiety drug 
CBS forensic drama 
“Farewell chérie” 
Wagnerian work 
Home for Pogo 
Artist’s prop 
Silences as a TV 
Affirmative answer 

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