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Crossword Puzzle Answers - 05/10/2016 - The NY Times, LA Times, Usa Today, Newsday, Universal and more

  • Crossword Puzzle Answers - Solutions for daily newspapers: The NY Times, LA Times, Usa Today, Newsday, Universal and more.

Zane and Lady Jane
Wimbledon seating for William and Kate
Tolkien creature
Sushi condiment
Steinway product
Show to a seat, slangily
Pumpernickel holder
Place for sports reporters
Kid's meal carrier
Herbal medicine
Des Moines natives
Crony, out West
Toad features
Some golf clubs
Rein for rover
One-million link
Learn completely
Heavens supporter
Getting better
Available for ordering
Airport structure
Windshield attachment, perhaps
Verizon offering
Union members
To-do lists
Tijuana time-outs
Talk like Daffy
Superboy’s girlfriend
Singers Bonnie and Anita?
Singer Seeger
Showed disgust for, figuratively
Sgts. And such
Salami selection
SADD ad, perhaps
Refuse to listen
Prefix that means “trillionth”
Place for free spirits?
Patsy’s pal on “Absolutely Fabulous”
Part of a train containing letters
Norwegian king of 1000 A.D.
Narrow sailing rte.
Musical presentation
Music storage purchase
Moviedom’s Ritchie and Pearce?
Loch Ness negatives
Juju and mojo
It often follows you
Inventor of the stock ticker
Hollywood industry
Drops on blades
Debussy subject
Dame __ Everage
Country surrounded by South Africa
Calculus abbr.
Basketball players Larry and Sue?
Banking info
As an introduction
Art appreciation
Apply rosin to, as a baseball
Animal catcher
African language
Actors Harlow and Arthur?
“Brokeback Mountain” director Lee
“..__ a puddy tat!”
The lower sash rests on it 
Without a partner 
Steelers cornerback Burns 
Some govt. securities 
Word with mail or speech 
Vent cover 
Vance Air Force Base location 
University of Oregon setting 
To distant lands 
Starts on baby food, say 
Staple of Cajun cuisine 
Southwestern height 
Sour blue-black fruit 
Proclamation of innocence 
Site of il Colosseo 
Scott of 'Hawaii Five-0' 
Rare in-flight amenity these days 
Puzzling aim 
Privileged people 
Poem section 
Warner __ (film studio)
Piscivorous mammal 
True statement
Pen holders? 
Thick heads of hair
Tattoos, for instance
One might have an adjustable neck 
Swine with tusks
Odds evener 
Nonrestrictive clause intro 
Storage building
Like some grapes and watermelons 
Sprinter's event
Like a wild-goose chase 
Speed event on natural terrain
Letter before Foxtrot 
Last word of a seasonal song 
Knock about 
Simple earrings
Jerry's pursuer 
Sandpaper coating
Greg, Peter and Bobby, to Carol Brady 
Roofing material
Favorite retreat 
Potato bag
'Girls' carrier 
Book containing many legends 
Picnic competition
Kate of 'The Martian' 
Oxygen, for one
It may be taken into account 
It may be followed by a marching band performance 
Number-picking game
Nonsocial person
Nautical distance measure
Moving sluggishly
Moved twistily
Mock fanfare
Lip cosmetic
Like Humpty Dumpty
Letter rearrangement
Iowa State University setting 
In ___ (really stuck) 
Hits head-on
Host of a CNBC show about motor vehicles 
Grand home
Extremely low turnout 
Great care 
Fine dinnerware
Gasp, e.g 
Finds new tenants for
First monarch to rule over Great Britain 
Eye specialist
Dispense, with ''out''
Department with ties and tuxes
Coffee alternative
Evil fighter 
Brown shade
Defendant's story 
Dealer's quantities 
Butch Cassidy was one 
Arc de Triomphe city
1967 Otis Redding song 
Betrays astonishment 
''I surrender!''
2015 DNCE song 
1987 Willie Nelson song 
1960 Nat King Cole song 
1950s pitcher Maglie 
'Your point being?' 
'What terrible news!' 
'South Park' kid 
'Hundred,' outside of the army 
Villainous 'Get Smart' group 
Religion with pentagrams 
Word processing command 
Where to use a browser 
Verdi work that was the first opera to be recorded in its entirety 
Turf ___ (football ailment) 
Sound eliciting a 'Who's there?' 
Securer of locks 
Rustic denial 
Rombauer of cookery 
Roman goddess of the hunt 
Pacific Ocean phenomenon 
R.S.V.P. part 
Pago Pago's locale 
Oldest entertainment awards ceremony 
Not neutral 
Norway's patron saint 
New York rail and bus inits 
Mississippi's state tree 
Graphics-capturing device 
Mennen product 
Makes a lasting impression? 
Like barely spicy chili 
Lead-in to cop or car 
Lead-in to cab 
Islam's largest branch 
How police may investigate 
Health adviser on talk TV 
Former U.N. secretary general ___ Annan 
Formal footwear 
Distance ÷ time: Abbr 
Flambé, say 
Cool ___ cucumber 
Co. board member 
Classic root beer brand ... or a hint to the answers to this puzzle's starred clues 
Broadway's Burrows 
Canonized fifth-century pope 
Bread choice 
Bite playfully 
Austrian city where Kepler taught 
Aquafina competitor 
Anxiety-treating medication 
Animator's creation 
Altima or Accord alternative 
A GPS coordinate: Abbr 
37-Down caller 
26-Across, to Maxwell Smart 
Tucson collegians 
Salem witch trials accuser 
Road to ancient Rome 
Radio medium 
Mac-vs.-PC during the early 2000s, e.g 
Holy Communion drink 
Give a worn appearance to, as jeans 
'Kung Fu' actor Philip 
"Call of the Wild" vehicle 
Made a right turn on horseback 
Neglected to 
The munchies, for one 
Morsel for Miss Muffet 
Go on the warpath, verbally 
Card-game expert Edmond 
Three things started by half 
Jetted bath, e.g. 
Pork purchase 
It's slung in campaigns 
Verb for Shakespeare 
Isles, to a Brit 
Republicans, briefly 
Tootsie Pop portions 
Three things started by half 
South American country 
Investment for the golden years 
Before, in romantic poetry 
"Ciao, Brutus" 
Small prop in the grass 
Three things started by half 
Day of old Hollywood 
Wide-mouthed pitcher 
Object of devotion 
Hang in folds 
Move through a kiddie pool 
Diaper cream ingredient 
Raised, as a bet 
It usually has busy hands 
Place known for development 
Bullets, in Vegas 
Suffix with "soft" or "hard," in tech 
Pharmacist's item 
Spelling of "Beverly Hills, 90210" 
Wearing footwear 
Created a sum 
In and of itself 
DuPont fabric 
Tangled into a thick mass, as hair 
Deprive of power 
Perfectly vertical 
Too dry for farming 
"The ___ thickens" 
Beat on a tennis court, e.g. 
Party just for guys 
Dr. Zaius and kin 
Work an ax on stage 
Mine discoveries 
Choppers that can't fly 
Puts away groceries? 
You are here 
Cubicle feature 
"Lawrence of Arabia" is one 
Investigate thoroughly 
Milk providers 
Gilpin of "Frasier" 
As previously mentioned, in footnotes 
Anchor rope's hole 
One way to avoid an accident 
Word with "conveyor" or "corn" 
The animal, not the dessert 
Blast from the past 
Middle of a three-part body measurement 
All wired up 
Took one's leave 
Took off on 
Neglect, as duties 
Diva's highlight 
Kennedy matriarch 
Words of compassion 
Fare increase 
Down in the dumps 
Pitted salad morsel 
"Veep" channel 
Bowling alley buttons 
Poor, as excuses go 
Well contents of old 
Athletic competition for the disabled 
Photograph spoiler, perhaps 
Run ___ (go berserk) 
Red or Dead 
Hindu sage 
Italian wine area 
Mr. Potato Head piece
Stretch across 
Moistened in the oven 
And more (Abbr.) 
Rides the bench 
"That's one small step . . ." event 
Slam ___ (basketball move) 
Grey who wrote of the Old West 
Brings up, as young 
River to the Caspian Sea 
"Ars Amatoria" poet 
Jim who sang "I Got a Name" 
Zoning unit, maybe 
Off-white shade 
out (barely make)end 
Like Willie Nelson's voice 
Sometimes-padded undergarment 
Boots an easy one 
Full of oneself 
Clarinetist Artie 
Run in the wash 
Sign up to serve 
2016 Olympics locale 
Work of art that imitates the style of another 
Eggs ___ Suisse 
Home with a dome 
Insult, slangily 
To-do list items 
British racing site 
Grant of Christian music 
India ___ ale 
Place for a T-bone 
"Quaking" tree 
Low men at the opera 
Levi's material 
Ford model of the 1960s-'80s 
"Benevolent" lodge member 
Summoned, as a butler 
Pressure-packed period 
Taxpayer's dread 
Barbara who played Jeannie 
Foch of "Spartacus" 
Simple Lionel layout 
Nielsen of "Mr. Magoo" 
Laundromat buy 
Puzzle with a quotation 
Line of work 
ATM maker 
Wheels for a star 
Went (on) monotonously 
Volcanic fallout 
Vacuum effect 
Threw a fit 
Vacation abode 
Team up .. or, literally, what the last words of the answers to starred clues can do 
Stir-fry pan 
Shabbat celebrant 
Rapa __: Easter Island 
Put on a pedestal 
Printed scorecard numbers 
Popular mall jewelry store 
Pet adoption org. 
One of seven in “Jabberwocky” 
Neighbor of Venezuela 
N.Y. airport since 1963 
Mosque-goer’s deity 
Miner’s matter 
Make things right 
Lustful look 
Longest reigning Brit. Monarch 
Lo __: noodle dish 
Like some classroom aids 
Like Cain, of Abel 
Ligament kin 
Leading characters in “Mork & Mindy” 
Kind of tax 
It often comes to those who wait 
Inexact fig. 
Green land? 
Gp. with mail trucks 
Giggly Muppet 
Forced absence 
Exxon, once 
Discriminatory, as in hiring 
Deg. for a suit 
Course where tangents are relevant 
Couldn’t sit still, say 
Chinese Zodiac animal 
Cellphone self-pic of a group, slangily 
Capital of Belarus 
Bridge table quorum 
Angst-filled rock genre 
Academic leader in NBC’s “Community” 
Yousafzai, sharer of the 2014 Nobel Peace Prize 
Project with may obstacles 
High-speed skiing event, familiarly 
E! talk show focused on celebrity outfits 
*1997 movie partly set on a plane called the Jailbird 
“Baby __”: 2008 Fey/Poehler comedy 
“The World Factbook” org. 
“Master of None” star __ Ansari 
“Law & Order: __” 
“Law & Order” gp.

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