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Crossword Puzzle Answers - 06/10/2016 - The NY Times, LA Times, Usa Today, Newsday, Universal and more

  • Crossword Puzzle Answers - Solutions for daily newspapers: The NY Times, LA Times, Usa Today, Newsday, Universal and more.

Yogi giving court testimony? 
Whitener for the laundry 
West African country named for its river 
Watergate figure 
Vitamin B3, which may be helpful in lowering cholesterol 
UN agency for workers’ issues 
Toward the rear 
Persian-based faith that teaches three unities 
Tibetan Buddist priest 
They may be left in math class 
The whole shebang 
Tallahassee inst 
Russian-born artist known for dreamlike images 
Quilters’ get-together 
Place to get cultured 
Out of control 
Olympic diver Louganis 
Nostalgia-eliciting song 
Norway’s Order of St 
Musical pace 
Multiply instead of divide, say 
Miniature planting 
Mah-jong pieces 
Follow sneakily 
Love to pieces 
Look over quickly 
Longtime Pennsylvania senator Specter 
Lizzie’s Borden’s weapon, in a kids’ song 
Like a playful prankster 
Kentucky Derby retiree, maybe 
It’s never right in math 
Islamic religious decree 
Incentive for fingering a felon 
Iconic American frontiersman 
Heartthrob’s picture, briefly 
Havana homes 
Hard to understand 
Gymnastics landing surface 
Gulf Coast driller 
Gist of a talk about colorful birds? 
Gentrified Manhattan neighborhood 
Gala dance for Pinocchio’s companion 
French Dadaist Jean 
Food additive, often 
Follow sneakily 
Fancy fur 
Eschew the bus or subway, perhaps 
Entrepreneur/philanthropist broad 
Dwight’s campaign opponent 
Dust Bowl migrant celebrated by Woody Guthrie 
Couples’ craft 
Close pal, in textspeak 
Chanel of fashion 
Cause of many a blowup, for short 
Campaigns against drugs and poverty 
Beer fermenter 
Basic musical interval 
Attending college, e.g. 
Antlered Rockies roamer 
Affectionate circus performer? 
The Sound of Music” locale 
“Ocean’s Thirteen” actor Pitt 
Work in St. Peter's Basilica
Winter in Wisc. setting
Wherein the world
What gardeners splash on evergreen shrubs?
Weakens over time
Visited the craps table
Twiddling one's thumbs
Truly awesome
Train for the Munich Olympics?
The Big Ten includes 14: Abbr
Supermodel Buendchen
Sporty car available in Hyper Blue Metallic
She and Maria sing 'A Boy Like That'
Service man for servicemen
Response to 'You wouldn't dare!'
Remote locations
Raspberry's cousin
Place from which to holler 'Ahoy!'?
Patience-virtue link
Participant in two Bed-Ins for Peace
Part of a Clue accusation
One bugged by bugs
New England soda fountains
Neoarchean, e.g
Mammoth trap
Makes a pass
Like some coveted apartments
Like Lasik surgery
Like an uninspired musical score?
Job for new presidents?
It may be on a roll
Hold to the fire
Willie Mays descriptor 
Gain in return
Fluid dynamics topic
Elements for steelmen: Abbr
Discontinued Saturn models
Demonstrate parsimony
Diner menu section
Diminishes over time
Windshield decorations 
Deadbeat's comeuppance
Chart showing a parrot's cracker consumption?
White house occupant? 
Biblical neighbor of Moab
Washington in 'Philadelphia' 
Avoid addressing
They're found within kingdoms 
Applying, as a coat of varnish
The Gamecocks of the N.C.A.A 
Affectedly highbrow
Tears into 
'Dead Souls' author
Talk smack about 
'Be-Bop-___' (1956 hit)
Take it easy 
relief sculpture
Went boating, perhaps
Some media coverage 
With 58 Across, optimist's credo
Sole orders 
With 43 Across, exhibits optimism
Will fully nourish
Slummy building 
Wicked ways
Silver and others 
Verbal contest
Utmost degree
Motto of a huge 'Star Wars' and 'Star Trek' fan? 
Meticulous to a fault 
Spicy sandwich
Letter embellishment 
Neither large nor small ... or a phonetic hint to 17-, 30-, 45- and 57-Across 
Texter's preface
Old Testament book that asks 'Does a lion roar in the thicket when it has no prey?' 
Not so current 
Not worth considering 
OPEC dignitaries 
PBS backer
Pep in one's step 
Southwestern shrine
Rhythmic Cuban dance: Var 
River that's home to the black spot piranha 
Snow melter
Small portions
Researches in depth
Regretful sound
Quotation citation
One hailed by city dwellers 
Part of BA
On-tap offerings
Old-style ''soon''
Of sound waves
Name on the cover of ''Roots''
Moves of agreement
Michelangelo sculpture
Leafless, as some fall lawns
Like Wabash College 
Keep under wraps
Letter sign-off 
Former baseball commissioner
Follower of walk- or write-
Farmer's team
Japanese writing system 
Eventually become
Invoice a whole Mideast peninsula? 
Doone of fiction
Derby, for one
December candy shape
Impressive collection 
Crusty concoction
Cranberry sources
Hero of a tale told by Scheherazade 
Give an 'Odyssey' character a trim? 
Crammed, with ''up''
Favorite whack job? 
City near New Delhi
Enriches, in a way 
Enclosed, old-style 
Ecosystem components 
Cruising along 
Added attraction
Controversial fish catcher 
Conflicted sort? 
Ballroom maneuvers 
Collaborator on several David Bowie albums 
Children's author Asquith 
Carnival ride provider 
Blind love 
Bumps on the head? 
Brought up to speed 
Be a crowd 
Barrio greeting 
Barbecuer's supply 
Back muscle, informally 
Annual New York honor 
'___ on Melancholy' 
'This can't wait!' 
'Sweet' plant of the mustard family 
'Much Ado About Nothing' villain 
Like Thor and Odin 
"The Little Mermaid" mermaid 
Boar's abode 
Ill-kept, as a hotel 
Pet scolder's adjective 
Scam element 
Stylish, to Austin Powers 
Psoriasis reliever 
Touches on 
Calisthenics activity 
Boone or Crockett, notably 
Part of a machinist's hammer 
Practice, as warfare 
Seat for a mall Santa's visitor 
Risk getting bleeped 
Emilio Estevez, to Martin Sheen 
Walks aimlessly 
Without delay, poetically 
"Follow closely, Fido!" 
Copper-colored cat breed 
Hugh Laurie role for eight seasons 
Filming area 
Leggy wading bird 
Be literate, in a way
"The Wrestler" actress ___ Rachel Wood 
Healthy type of bean (var.)
Grafton's "___ for Homicide" 
Sign for the superstitious
Street artist's signature 
One not using his brain
Notable period 
Indication of a voicemail
Bus rider's "coin"
Ready and willing go-with
Spooky thing on the water
Coco Chanel creation 
Butler's belle 
Chinese restaurant quaff
Quitter's yell 
Slap the cuffs on 
Rubble maker, big-time
Desperately need a bath
In a feeble way 
Dark, spooky place
Tight-fisted type 
Fixed portion
Oater badge shape 
Jack of Sgt. Friday fame
Program-launching symbol 
"Bud" or "pal" kin
Amusement park cry 
Hothead's emotion 
Doesn't just sit 
Spooky residences
Like the Missouri River's waters 
Convoy menace of WWII 
Catch a glimpse of
Cowboy Bill of legend
Come-___ (enticements) 
Vegas competitor
Red-and-white soda container 
Kimono-clad entertainers 
Temple VIP
Date with an M.D. 
KFC piece 
Start for "lock" or "iron"
"As ___ on TV" 
"I don't like your performance!"
Review on Yelp, say 
"When all ___ fails . . ." 
Noted fur trader John Jacob
Fraternity membership 
Add supplementary material to
Sounded like a carillon 
Second word of "The Raven" 
Kind of pig
Slider's target 
Number on an almanac cover 
Obeying a curfew
Perlman of "Cheers" 
Not just dinged
Maker of the Sierra and the Yukon 
Klondike strike 
Currier's parter in lithography 
Emulating a newborn 
Make it a new game 
What one definitely isn't 
Boss of a first lieut. 
French door part 
Common houseplant 
Shadow, in a whodunit 
What a seller seeks 
Arctic floating chunk 
Before, long before now 
"Meet Me ___ Louis" (1944 film) 
Not just this one or that one 
Place that exists to pamper 
"___ will be done" 
It could cause a death on the Nile 
Activity performed on a dude ranch 
Producer of magazines or credit cards 
Softly hit single 
"Goldberg Variations" composer 
Imitated at a zoo? 
Read between the lines 
File menu option 
Kind of cracker 
Pour pan drippings over 
Sign of spring 
Jacket variety popularized by the Beatles 
Western grouse 
Mrs., in Mexico 
Graze, say 
Serengeti charger 
Declining stage 
"Zebra," on the gridiron 
Tiny toymaker 
Some jazz improvisation 
Concerning, on a memo 
Makes a duck face, maybe 
Black gold
It may be delayed by rain: Abbr.
Reader of tea leaves
Show that shows too much?
Top-tier invitees
Admit to the Enterprise in a way
Radar O’Reilly’s pop brand
Servant for the inn crowd
Guy Friday for one
Hen for one 
Having glass sections 
“The Splendid Splinter” Williams 
Like the visiting team
Langley org. 
Muppet’s explanation of the four all-caps clues 
Title for Anthony Hopkins 
Card game using the entire deck 
Crook’s haul
Mont. neighbor 
First stage
Goof reaction 
Two of three sides of a typical pie slice
Saint __: Caribbean island 
Hair salon technique
Reduced to pure metal 
Offer a contrary opinion 
Apartment bldg. info 
Japanese tech company
City on the Rhône 
Like lions but not tigers
Nicki Minaj genre 
Terminal conveyance 
Annual rpt. column
When workers may be dressed down?: Abbr. 
California observatory site
Bovine icon 
Crème brûlée topping 
Little pill 
Dad of Haley Alex and Luke on “Modern Family”
Defensive comeback 
Off-the-wall answer?
Short shots?
Suffix with social 
Aria usually 
TSA requests 
Recyclable item 
Apple app mostly replaced by Messages 
Sellout letters 
“I don’t need __”: regular patron’s comment

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