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Crossword Puzzle Answers - 07/10/2016 - The NY Times, LA Times, Usa Today, Newsday, Universal and more

  • Crossword Puzzle Answers - Solutions for daily newspapers: The NY Times, LA Times, Usa Today, Newsday, Universal and more.

It’s certain along with taxes, it’s said 
"Stupid me!" 
Bar, at the bar 
Mountain climber’s accessory 
Uncanny trio? 
Famous walkway: … road 
Seven on a sundial 
Small shovel 
Spheres of influence 
Like some horrid weather 
Beach changing places 
Female fowl that’s less showy than the male 
Kid’s charity associated with Halloween 
What’s due in Venice? 
Skirts that leave little to the imagination 
Kind of Boy Scout badge 
Chopper blade 
Bundle-of-joy deliverer of legend 
Jet fighter heroes 
Brief scouting mission? 
Piano that’s not so grand 
A long way from festive 
Tool in a bucket 
Eye drops brand 
Is a middleman 
Give the go-ahead 
More suggestive 
Mars’ two 
It’s spotted in casinos 
Film: "Road …" 
City on the Red River 
A Marx brother 
Crude dwelling place 
Heirloom location, often 
Australian road sign abbr. 
"Let’s call ___ day" 
Inc., in the U.K. 
Duck’s home 
Cultivation place 
Went spelunking 
Type of acid 
Having distaste 
point (example) 
Old type of photo 
Lumber mill noisemaker 
Exodus mountain 
Having less training 
"Here ___ trouble!" 
Recurring theme 
Like a rambling sentence 
Trash: road … 
"The final frontier" 
"i" finisher 
Indian state 
courtin’ (dated, country-style) 
Social equals 
Projecting window type 
Position to take: … road 
Response to a stimulus 
Tailgater’s container 
"Wheel of Fortune" gimme? 
Dead reckoner? 
Deliverers of cold blocks, once 
Money left on a table, often 
Despite the fact that, briefly 
Brooding birds 
Use a Nook or Kindle 
Shears sound 
Pace for a pony 
Dastardly doings 
Red wine choice 
Madonna-and-Christ sculpture 
Cinco de Mayo party
2001 Will Smith biopic 
Hodges who managed the 1969 Miracle Mets 
Surgical blockage reliever 
Polaris' constellation 
Hoped-for proposal reply 
Some horseshoes scores 
"The San Francisco Treat" 
Roadside rescue 
Mattress covering 
Like a candidate for lap band surgery 
Van Winkle of legend 
Doo-wop group ___ Na Na 
Is contingent 
Sculler's tool 
Call for a tennis do-over 
El Al hub 
Getting grayer 
Cuprite, to copper 
Toward the center 
Subdued, like a trumpet 
Tiny republic of Europe 
Prenatal test, informally 
Russian river through Orsk 
Plumb tuckered out 
Syllables after "tra" or "ooh" 
"Utopia" author Thomas 
Vardalos or Peeplesend 
Part of a roadie's load 
Drop out, in poker 
Last frame in bowling 
Antipasto morsel 
"___ soup yet?" 
Chris Kyle, notably 
Fix, as an election 
Refer to briefly 
Weedy abandoned lot, e.g. 
Brave deeds 
Eats noisily, as soup 
Forest Service icon Woodsy 
Sound from Simba 
Gossip column pair 
Mrs. Nixon 
Chariot race site 
Lob's trajectory 
Raise the auction offer, say 
In the know about 
Larson of "Room" 
Bigger than med. 
Golden Fleece craft 
Port of Denmark 
Steering system parts 
In the area 
Fleet-footed Australian 
Emeril catchword 
End of Jack Horner's boast 
Accompanied on a ticket 
Navel and temple 
Cardinals great Stan 
Zachary Taylor, e.g. 
With 48-Down, judging with others 
Whoops it up 
Tour stop 
Tattoo parlor supplies 
Starts the day 
Strauss' "__ Rosenkavalier" 
Query in Matthew 
Sign of spring 
Sauce served with mu shu pork 
Sequential exercise 
Sch. near the Appomattox River 
Roman 601 
Pullover beneficiaries 
Prominent feature of "Twilight" films? 
Mural of a wild canine? 
Party planner's compilation 
Not hurry home from 
Not at all calm 
Not a good way to be caugh 
Name on the the 1983 album "More Music for Films" 
Moody Blues hit with an exclamation point in its title 
Minn. Neighbor 
Long-distance calling org.? 
Linguistic ending 
Like stormy seas 
Like many lots 
Like hunks 
Like bad butter 
Last of a $140 stack? 
Gp. with many arms 
Judge's decrees 
Item on a certain thief's rap sheet? 
It might be resolved through mediation 
Graceful wader 
Former attorney general Holder 
Flew like a birdie 
Economical bikes 
Dusseldorf deity 
Dinner for a lottery winner? 
City NE of Odessa 
Cans on a Lowe's shelf 
Candy bar with a Nordic name 
Call it off 
Bookkeeper's concerns: Abbr. 
Big Island entertainment 
Avant-garde quality 
Aromatic cocktail 
American Pharoah accoutrement 
Affected denial 
Ached (for) 
"When I was __ ..": "H.M.S. Pinafore" lyric 
"The Little Prince" author Saint-Exupery 
"I'll kneel down / And __ thee forgiveness": King Lear 
"C U When U Get There" rapper

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