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Crossword Puzzle Answers - 07/10/2016 - The NY Times, LA Times, Usa Today, Newsday, Universal and more

  • Crossword Puzzle Answers - Solutions for daily newspapers: The NY Times, LA Times, Usa Today, Newsday, Universal and more.

Web address ending 
Vegas numbers 
TV comedy about hacks 
Telegram from a fan? 
Suffix with gang 
Soprano Te Kanawa 
Soda shop order 
Sharer’s word 
Set free, in a way 
Saxophone type featured on James Brown’s “I Got You (I Feel Good) 
Sault __ Marie 
Sampras or Rose 
S&L offerings 
Rotten to the core 
River stoppers 
River of Florence 
Revolutionary leader 
Regular clubs fro comedian Martin to play? 
Ration out MORDO 
Patty Hearst’s nim de guerre 
Over again 
Not quite closed 
No. 2 person in some states 
New Orleans team 
Mushroom __ soup 
Mooring rope 
Mexican Mrs. 
Madison Avenue’s locale in Manhattan 
Luau dish 
Logical conclusion letters 
Little foxes 
Link with 
Like Shelley’s “Frankenstein” 
Koran creator 
Have the throne 
Group of judges at a hip-hop dance contest? 
Ground to destruction, as a dog toy 
Fitting name for a loyal pooch 
Exclaim breathlessly 
Departure board listing 
Clamp shape 
Charlottesville sch. 
Change of dog owners? 
Buckeye State 
B flat, for example 
Actress Parker of “Best in Show” 
Actor __ Paul who is the voice of Todd Chavez on “BoJack Horseman” 
2006 Pixar movie featuring the characters Lightning McQueen and Mack 
2001 French film with Audrey Tautou 
“That’s all __ wrote” 
“Now We Are __” (Milne title) 
“Frozen” snowman voiced by Josh Gad 
“__ porridge hot ..” 
Write on glass, perhaps 
Would-be thief 
Trying to get on 
Sushi selections 
Start to tire 
Split evenly 
Speck on a globe 
Sort of shortening 
Roundup gatherings 
Roundup accessory 
Robin's refreshment 
River through Kiev 
Ride app 
Rice witch novel 
Pulls off 
Protected one's king 
Profile, for short 
Prefix for name 
Place for junk, perhaps 
Olympics heroine eight years after Nadia 
Old-style ''dudes'' 
Old money in Munich 
Narrow shoal 
Leveled off 
Land south of Helsinki 
It means ''earth-friendly'' 
Iconic western hero 
Have status 
Gallery offering 
Fit well together 
Finish first by a mile 
Edmonton's loc 
Dungeons & Dragons, for short 
Draw out 
Defeat forcefully 
Coolant company 
Confidential talk 
Competitively red-hot 
Columbus, by birth 
Cavalry collection 
Big name in lithography 
Belt or seat 
Bear up in the air 
Ball of wax 
Bagpipe, e.g 
Asp, for instance 
Adapter designation 
Ancient Arabian kingdom 
Adapter designation 
ABA members 
About five pounds of letter-size 
'70s tennis star 
'60s singing star 
''The Caruso of Rock'' 
''Da Vinci Code'' director, as a kid 
Yoda, e.g 
Wrapper that's hard to remove? 
Some Siouans 
Some savers' assets 
Show impatience with 
Sch. whose first building was Dallas Hall 
Rhoda's TV mom 
Literary hero whose name is Turkish for 'lion' 
Rank below marquis 
Quadrant separator 
Primary funding sources, briefly 
Place to test the water 
Photosynthesis opening 
Pay termination? 
Parts of a flight 
Org. whose symbol is an eagle atop a key 
Old dummy 
Manicure destroyer 
Nielsens measure 
Mesozoic Era period 
Matches, at a table 
Marathon champ Pippig 
Malady with many 'remedies' 
Main hub for Virgin America, for short 
Legal precedents 
Last of a series of nicknames 
Lab report? 
It's tailored to guys 
It's not a welcome sign 
Interest of a mycologist 
Interest for a cryptozoologist 
How garden vegetables may be planted 
Hot Wheels garages? 
Home of Queen Margrethe II 
Harry Potter's father 
Group getting its kicks? 
Get support from 
Get by 
Frito-Lay chip 
Flock gathering place 
First name in architecture 
Fancy glasses 
Facebook, for one 
Facebook, for one 
Facebook and others 
Expert savers 
Enigma machine decoder Turing 
Emerald ___ borer 
El Capitan platform 
Drinks with domed lids 
Developing company? 
Constitution Hall grp 
Connection concerns, for short 
Communication problem? 
Billy Crystal's role in 'The Princess Bride' 
Bayh of Indiana politics 
Alchemist's concoction 
2012 Republican National Convention host 
'Wait, I know that!' 
'Toy Story' dino 
'Let's do it!' 
'I could use some help here ...' 
'Caravan of Courage: An ___ Adventure' (1984 'Star Wars' spinoff) 

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