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Crossword Puzzle Answers - 08/10/2016 - The NY Times, LA Times, Usa Today, Newsday, Universal and more

  • Crossword Puzzle Answers - Solutions for daily newspapers: The NY Times, LA Times, Usa Today, Newsday, Universal and more.

Wide of the mark
Virtuoso’s practice piece
Tweak some text
Tot’s restraint
Tonto in “Harry and Tonto”
These help identify boxers
Tattoo removal aids
Sticker on a windshield
Table salt, in chemistry class
Stomachache remedy
Spare tire spot
Some UFC wins
Skateboarder Hawk nicknamed “The Birdman”
Shout on a roller coaster
Rags-to-riches author Horatio
Performance guarantees, in construction
Part of the Ionian Island
Parent’s admonition
Olympics sport that Ronda Rousey competed in
McFlurry flavor
Many a college freshman
Machu Picchu builders
Like a hockey game heading into a shoot-out
Literary character who dies in a wrestling room
Lie in the weeds
LEGOs, e.g.
Josh of “Hail, Caesar!”
Hit dead center
Give temporary
Emperor during the Great Fire of Rome
Elisabeth of “CSI”
Distinguishing feature of a giraffe
Dessert that had ads painted by Norman Rockwell and Maxfield Parrish
Darth Vader’s son
Crimson or red follower
Commandment complement
Campbell of “The Rocky Horror Picture Show”
Accident reminder
1996 George Clooney movie
1992 Robin Williams film
“Rollerball” star James
“Pride and Prejudice” writer Austen
“Inside the NBA” host Johnson
“__ Moon Rising” (1969 song by Creedence Clearwater Revival”
Winged workers 
Whom ''Rolling Stone'' called the ''live'' in ''SNL'' 
Where feed ferments 
What many Nepalis get into 
Well-remembered ''soliloque'' starter 
Undesirable iron product 
Their last windows are opened on Christmas Eve 
Target in some carnival games 
Summit series 
Stuff in smokeless gunpowders 
Sports star who wrote the 2014 novel ''The Academy: Love Match'' 
Source of paper profits 
Source of Machine Age imagery 
Small grouse 
Scrap now, maybe 
Rundown preceder 
Really go (for) 
Rattling result 
Places worth seeing 
Party with the Host 
Out of play 
Option for the rash 
One may be near a washer 
Of planetary tilts 
Obsolescent opener 
No-good denouement 
No small part 
Master of 39 Down 
Keep from cases 
I may stand for it 
How some like their salmon 
Head of the services, for short 
How much of the Missouri R. flows 
How humanity exists, per Kant 
How a ''. . . Silence'' title starts 
Home of the Reagan Medical Center 
Grand old word? 
Good counterpart 
Generate, with ''up'' 
Geisha's green light 
Gears are locked in it 
Football guard 
Exercises a Yahtzee option 
Essence of a federal profile database 
Enjoyed, as a kaleidoscope 
Ending like -like 
Downturn exploiter 
Diversional, for short 
Didn't save face 
David Cameron, circa 1982 
Cut in two, possibly 
Contents and more 
Company with a $25 billion IPO 
As, for Einstein 
''Greatest Story Ever D'ohed'' character 
Another way to say ''mi'' 
Ancient ''keeper of sheep'' 
Alter in a shop, in a way 
Accounting calculation 
Post-op area for intensive cases 
Wild come-ons 
Where trapeze artists meet 
Venetian beauty of literature 
Used a pickup line 
Up to the task 
Top seller, perhaps 
To some extent 
They usually take bows 
They usually run out of clothes at the end of the day 
The whole shebang 
Team originally named the Chaparrals 
Supergirl's first name 
Sulu's position 
Stockholder's place 
Roads with nos 
Spoonbill's cousin 
Small fortune 
Slice and dice, perhaps 
Skiing category 
Seldon of Asimov's 'Foundation' series 
Scott in an 1856 case 
Sass, in slang 
RPI study 
Rock's Vedder 
Robert Morse stage play 
Rio dance 
Result of a terrible pickup line, perhaps 
Receive word 
Prop for the Riddler or the Kingpin 
Programmer's times sign 
Pricey hotel choice 
Key of Mozart's 'Odense' symphony 
Like Cinderella's stepsisters 
May sports event, for short 
MDs who are used to adrenaline rushes 
Member of an insect family with triangular heads 
Praline ingredients 
Pacific island nation 
Orientation handout 
Newsroom measure 
Money for Monet, e.g 
Miyazaki's genre 
Many a Little League rooter 
Like some showers 
Japanese luxury brand 
Japanese bread 
It might be tapped out 
Hold up 
Hoary jokes/stiolpxe selaS 
Hitchcock classic/tik a ni metI 
Himalayan sound 
Friend of Seinfeld, Costanza and Kramer 
Gorgeous guys 
Hemsworth of 'The Hunger Games' 
Guitar pioneer Paul 
Glittery accessories 
Frank Zappa's 'Shut Up 'n Play ___ Guitar' 
Fertilization targets 
Features with Bugs Bunny/pihsrow fo tcejbO 
Feature of North Korea's flag 
Favorable to mold 
Fashion title since 1945 
Faith celebrating both Jesus and Muhammad 
xplorer of Brazil/uoy eracs thgim enoemos nosaeR 
Everest, par exemple 
Embarrassing display 
Econ 101 subj 
Dreaded words on top of a returned test 
Dot over an i or j 
Disgusted squeal 
Department store department 
Deli selection/serots ecneinevnoC 
Dark half of a literary duo 
Contents of a kid's box 
Comic known as 'the Entertainer' 
Color TV introducer 
Carrier of genetic instructions 
Caramel-colored drink 
Busy time for many a CPA 
Brand with a Kanye-designed Yeezy Boost line 
Brad of 'The Big Short' 
Boudoir wear/erawtfos hguorhtkaerB 
Bodily blood filter 
Bests on the stage 
Bermuda-rigged boats 
Auction offering 
Amazon Prime detective series 
Addressee of a padre's prayers 
A long time 
'___ Homo' (Caravaggio painting) 
'Why, I oughta...' utterer 
'Well, duh' 
'Wait Wait... Don't Tell Me!' broadcaster 
'That's the last word!'/gniteerg hsinapS 
'That hits the spot!' 
'Roots' Emmy winner 
'I couldn't agree more!' 
'Elementary' network 
'Down in ___ Dirty' (Ludacris song) 
Young women’s grp 
Uphill climb, say 
Type of mobile phone plan 
Try to find oneself? 
Toni Morrison novel 
That thought already occurred to me 
Telemarketing tactic 
Take to living together, with “up” 
Subatomic particles with zero spi 
Structures with excellent insulation 
State fair attractions 
Something odd in roulette? 
Rhetorical creation 
Puzzle designer Rubik 
Pump option, for short 
Pricing model for many apps 
Plot feature in “Hansel and Gretel” 
Places for runners 
Period of a revolution? 
Onetime Fandango competitor 
One with a long stretch to go? 
One might turn on it 
Old brand in the shaving aisle 
Newspaper name that becomes a beverage if you insert an “a” after its fifth letter 
Modern flight amenity 
Menu bar heading 
Matrix specifications 
Marinara sauce ingredients 
Main ingredient of rémoulade 
Let fate decide, say 
Les Miserables extra 
Leaders in robes 
Kind of cabbage 
It’s all the same 
Italian city where Pliny the Elder and Younger were born 
Infatuated, old-style 
I agree, in slang 
Had a list 
Game’s turning point? 
Fisher for compliments on one’s dress? 
First word in many temple names 
Brand of sponge 
First Palme d’Or-winning film directed by a woman (1993) 
Einstein-___ bridge (wormhole) 
Drone’s place 
David Fincher thriller of 2014 
Cusk-___ (deepest living fish, at 27,000+ feet) 
Cousin of a skate 
Composer of many limericks, for short 
Breaking a comb, in Japan, e.g. 
Bid on a hand unsuited for suit play, maybe 
Austrian philosopher Rudolf 
A ___ la Liberte (1931 Rene Clair film) 
Brewer’s kiln 
Bee Gees’ surname 
Sherlock’s assignment 
Phrase on U.S. money 
"… three men in —" 
Tibetan bovine 
Calif. clock setting 
Senior moment? 
God, in Grenoble 
Carl Sagan series 
Papal emissary 
Sat for the paparazzi 
Butler or valet 
Cleopatra’s undoing 
Serf’s employer 
Ready to serve 
Myrna of "The Thin Man" 
"Bearded" bloom 
Memory units 
Neatly arranged 
Try, as a case 
Bouncy gait 
Sucked in 
Crime boss 
Insistent impulse 
Russian country house 
Three magic things 
Org. involved with many touchdowns 
Old college ___ 
Remove, as a rind 
Metal fastener 
Blackjack dealer’s device 
Yarn lump 
Infamous fiddler 
Spill preventer 
Thing tugged by a tyke 
Old caulking material 
"Yup" opposite 
Trite summertime question 
Used record store stock 
They’re under the table 
"That’s more like it!" 
Derogatory, in a sly way 
Planning center? 
After-school grp. 
Two magic things 
World Cup cheer 
Dodge successfully 
Johnny Cash’s "___ Named Sue" 
Bad news from carmakers 
Completely fill 
Deep cavity 
Superdome team 
Sandra of "Gidget" 
"… and make it fast!" 
Word before a maiden name 
Three magic things 
Parts of history 
Masthead list 
Group of nine 
Jungle primates 
"Go team!" 
Advil target 
impasse (stymied) 
Hill of country music 
Nanki-___ ("The Mikado" role)end 
New Ager who sometimes sings in Gaelic 
Beatle Ringo 
Wetlands reptile, for short 
Bout of barhopping 
Carve in stone 
Key ___, Florida 
However, in poetry 
Halloween projectiles 
Fill with affection 
Marionette kin 
Short on rainfall 
Khrushchev’s country 
Jazz players, slangily 
Chaney Jr. or Sr. of old horror films 
Armory supply, briefly 
Bluff concealer 
Claimant’s cry 
Like pianos and car engines 
"Angeles" header 
Prefix meaning "male" 
Dhabi (Persian Gulf sheikdom) 
Like a wolfman 
Ship of the desert 
Bard of ___ (Shakespeare’s title) 
"Defence of Fort M’Henry" poet 
Word before moth or cab 
Call at home? 
Road shoulder 
Weds at Gretna Green, say 
Fox-hunter’s cry 
Round sealing gasket 
Mounts, as a gem 
Sauce with fettuccine 
Emulates a quizmaster 
Pitcher by a wash basin 
Any weekly TV show 
Nose-in-the-air sort 
"… ___ he drove out of sight" 
One of a die’s dozen 
Insect’s sense organ 
Breaks away 
"For ___ a jolly …" 
Beer league players 
Long-snouted formicary consumers 
Meltdown sites 
"Do not take ___ empty stomach" 
Boarded up 
Made a jack-o’-lantern, say 
Previous to, to poets 
"Leave as is" mark 
Johnny B. of song 
Old anesthetic 
Clothing material 
Clothing opening 
Paella cooker 
Casino tool 
Withdrew gradually 
Harness racer 
Many Aberdeen residents 
Tailor’s service 
Pot-using sportsman 
Govt. issue 
Dancer posthumously awarded the Presidential Medal of Freedom in 2014 
Jefferson and others 
Stand with a leaf 
Black arts practitioner 
Reason for a misunderstanding 
Downtown challenge 
Weather protection 
Flash maybe 
Command following “Oops!” 
Not woody to a botanist 
Union foe in the 19th cen. 
Careful handling 
Landlocked African country 
Formal choice 
Casual food 
Filmmaker’s __ light 
Words seen before a dollar sign 
Possible response to “I raise” 
Alternative histories 
A museum in Pesaro Italy marks his birthplace 
Inc. magazine subject 
Cleared the room perhaps 
More twisted 
Typical ham feature 
Where le nez is 
Classroom no-no 
One of ten in the Kentucky Derby 
Tirana is its cap. 
Inspiration for a red shade 
It’s about 40.5 for Pittsburgh Pa. 
Protect against harm in a way 
Beyond silly 
Unannounced as a quiz 
Ivory e.g. 
Exit discreetly 
One putting two and two together 
Black-and-white vegetarian 
Business investment? 
Decorative border

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