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Crossword Puzzle Answers - 09/10/2016 - The NY Times, LA Times, Usa Today, Newsday, Universal and more

  • Crossword Puzzle Answers - Solutions for daily newspapers: The NY Times, LA Times, Usa Today, Newsday, Universal and more.

Football Hall-of-Famer Tarkenton 
Forum greeting
Online shoppers' destination
Cold War side 
Coasters, e.g.
Old Turkish commander 
San Diego State athlete 
Many tenured profs 
Quick signature: Abbr. 
Some test results, for short 
Bit of attire for Roy Rogers 
"Poor Richard's Almanack" offering 
Menace in "Twenty Thousand Leagues Under the Sea" 
Added details 
Divisions of office bldgs. 
Large sea snails 
"This I Promise You" band, 2000 
Son of Sir Lancelot 
Other than that 
Pays a short visit 
Mediterranean land: Abbr.
Photographer's impossible task? 
Cold War land: Abbr. 
Send, as payment 
Daughter of Tantalus 
Best: Lat 
Country music's Colter 
Parthenon feature 
Be in harmony 
Writer who specializes in sentimental stories 
Redbox offerings 
Declaration at Ringo's birth 
'Tis the season 
Own, so to speak 
Chef Boyardee offering 
Magazine founder Eric 
Member of the genus Vipera 
Program file suffix 
River spanned by the Pont Neuf 
Prefix with -therm 
Army E-6s: Abbr 
Part of a boot 
Actress Amanda of "She's the Man" 
D.O.J. figures 
"That's it for me" 
Astrobiologists' org. 
Katniss's love in "The Hunger Games" 
Post-Neolithic period 
Humpty Dumpty-shaped 
Gets back (to), in a way 
Child in Chile 
It might start "Attn." 
Nickname for DiMaggio 
Burdened (with) 
Spade holder 
"___ and the Pussycats" 
Company near the start of the telephone book listings 
French bachelor? 
Camera setting 
Monthly check-issuing org. 
Search for a really funny person 
Winning gesture 
Timecard measure: Abbr. 
"___ to Psyche" 
Biblical kingdom 
Part of an ignition system 
Smaller picture
British terminals? 
Cry after an owie, maybe 
Politico Paul 
Who says "O, what a noble mind is here o'erthrown!," in Shakespeare 
Mountain nymph 
Lead-in to -drome 
Frank who was called the "Electric Don Quixote" 
Pacific farewells 
Put-away shot 
Barista's big reveal? 
Specious reasoning 
"___ out!" (ump's cry) 
See what one is saying? 
"Always be a poet, even in ___": Baudelaire 
University in Garden City, Long Island 
Beats handily 
Longtime "60 Minutes" reporter 
Crusader's foe 
Stuck through 
One working for Supercuts? 
W.W. II org. 
Cry at a card table 
Well, blimey! 
Spanish nobleman 
"Look!," to Livy 
Emergency state 
Law office staffers, informally
Masked hero 
University in Beaumont, Tex. 
Brand in the freezer aisle 
Loud sound in a storm 
Fall lead-in? 
Kind of house or glasses 
Bread from a tandoor 
Prophetic deck 
Miscellaneous mix 
"… for what ___ worth" 
Big name in hogs 
Many have gray underneath 
Land for development 
Dusty chasers 
Harvest wool 
With 110-Down, Eastern discipline
Passed crookedly, as a check 
Vitalian, for one
Santa ___ (California track) 
Nose (around)
"To ___ is human …" 
Secure, on a farm
Close to identical 
Salon appliance
Shower alternatives 
Data-uploading letters
Questel who voiced Betty Boop
Examine a patient again 
Dish requiring special utensils
Some abdominal exercises 
Medusa’s hair, after Athena got done with it
Insanity, in a courtroom 
Facebook feature
Plants a butt 
Cain’s brother 
Posting at JFK 
Sluglike "Star Wars" alien
Split Asian peninsula (Abbr.) 
Spy agcy. 
Champagne word
Back on the ocean
End of a film shooting 
"The Iron Chancellor" Bismarck 
Hymnal that’s often richly illustrated
Black, in verse 
Hawaiian coffee district
Jrs.’ elders 
Home of the Minotaur’s labyrinth 
U.S. Army E-6
Judge to be probable 
Ones not at home on the range
Long-sleeved garment 
Swear to be true
Start for "dynamic" 
Trees no more 
Word with "road" or "hearing" 
Town in "Hamlet" 
Turn gray, maybe
Thing to get pinned on 
Rap sheet routines: Abbr.
"Mono" attachment 
Type of tantrum 
Big name in sporting goods
Word from Tonto
Arson’s easy target 
It preys overhead 
Wall recess
and kin (friends and relatives) 
Rock and Roll Hall of Fame inductee the same year as Clapton and Taylor
Fish appendages 
June 14 U.S. celebration 
Easter decorating supply
Magician’s prop 
Taproom quencher
Mr. Lincoln, briefly 
Reveal in a poem?
"Symphony in Black" artist
Band heads
Deliberately annoy 
Lack of vigor 
Fan of Pat and Vanna, familiarly
"___ and the Real Girl" (2007 film) 
Wagering places: Abbr.
Not quite a ringer
Mount named for a friend of George Vancouver
The day before 
Automaton, briefly 
Was an aggressive baserunner 
"Enchanted" girl in a 2004 film 
South Carolina’s state tree 
"The Phantom Menace" boy, briefly 
Desktop debut of 1981 
Dreads sporter, perhaps 
Grab, with "onto" 
Surface measure 
Made public 
Byron’s "__ Walks in Beauty" 
"The Simpsons" bus driver 
Warrior with a lightsaber 
They may be tipped 
Bad news in the metals market? 
Many a senior 
Scolds severely 
Friendly front? 
OB-___ (baby doc) 
Italian coastal city 
Most skeptical 
Not quite boiling, in the kitchen 
Adds value to 
Least seasoned 
Business magnate 
Baltimore’s __ Harbor 
Alphabet ender, in Britain 
Newspaper ad, commonly 
Nasty bit of correspondence? 
1949 Crosby film set in Ireland 
Three-time Clooney role Danny 
M, on many forms 
Roughly speaking 
Sandra Denton, in a hip-hop trio 
Like Whitman’s Sampler chocolates 
Cat’s-eye or aggie 
F1 neighbor on PCs 
U. of Maryland player 
London john 
Richie’s dad, to the Fonz 
2001 boxing biopic 
Where animals cast aspersions on one another? 
Energy output 
Trypanosome transmitter 
Lamarr of "Samson and Delilah" 
Axis member 
Wedding acquisition, perhaps? 
First name in dance 
Renaissance Faire weapon 
Middle of Christmas? 
Toast topper 
What X may mean 
Kugel ingredient 
U.K. country 
Tammany Hall Tiger artist 
Resume padder, e.g. 
Bernadette et al.: Abbr. 
Al-___ (support group) 
Pity-evoking quality 
Paris-area hub 
Foppish neckwear 
Convention stick-ons 
Abysmal grade 
Illusions in an act 
Garden statuette 
Tabasco, por ejemplo 
___ Sea (Corfu’s locale) 
Still-life subject 
Twistedly funny 
Fruity pastry shop purchase 
Beastly sort 
Voice an objection 
Gladden to the max 
Abbr. for old dates 
Bite-sized pies 
NFL lineman-turned-actor Alex 
Burned in a thurible 
Powder first marketed as Hudson’s Soap 
". . . ___ and not heard" 
Writ word 
"Paper or plastic?" item 
Some cheese coverings 
Breakfast order 
"High waving heather __ stormy blasts bending": Emily Brontë 
One facing deportation, maybe 
Voice below soprano, for short 
Swimwear option 
Bit by bit 
Blast furnace input 
Shared spirit 
Suffered a setback 
Out-of-focus image 
Chamber music reed 
1942 Rita Hayworth musical 

Quite a sight 

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