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Crossword Puzzle Answers - 10/10/2016 - The NY Times, LA Times, Usa Today, Newsday, Universal and more

  • Crossword Puzzle Answers - Solutions for daily newspapers: The NY Times, LA Times, Usa Today, Newsday, Universal and more.

Off one’s rocker 
Safari jeep rammer, perhaps 
1960s-’70s protest topic
Pre-meal arrangement 
Vessels at catered affairs 
Bugling grazer 
Sow’s greeting 
Flat-bottomed cargo hauler 
Tongue-in-cheek tribute 
Snaky paths 
Their job is ball bearing 
Successfully persuades 
Raptor over the coast 
Texter’s "r" 
One taking it easy 
Crowdsourcing site, or what 17-, 24-, and 48-Across all have 
To the rear, at sea 
City on the Rio Grande 
All worked up 
Continental cash 
The hard stuff 
Word after group or bear 
Parts of the digestive system 
Mud bath milieu 
"___ it the truth!" 
Micronesian island 
Cassette, videotape or CD-R, e.g. 
Related maternally 
Thing on a list 
Expected any second 
Lingerie item 
Nescafe rival 
Word with "case" or "well" 
Far from passionate 
Bon ___ (cleanser brand) 
Type of wrench 
Certain bridge players 
Fractional amount 
Fussy director’s order 
Tuxedo accessories 
O. Henry’s "The Gift of the ___" 
Eurasia’s ___ Mountains 
Hawaiian tuber 
and crafts 
Absorbs (with "up") 
Name of a noted canal or lake 
Cook on a turntable, in slang 
Lymph bump 
African wading bird 
Gemstone mounting 
Lagoon surrounder 
Reveal that one’s in pain 
List of candidates 
Beaufort scale category 
Some sci-fi weaponry 
Slender swords 
Stare with amazement 
Ventriloquist Wences 
It may come over a PA 
Most in need of a nice bath 
ncentive offered in some ads 
Fingerprint alternative, to a detective 
Employ again 
Theater award since 1956 
Bullets and such, briefly 
Do some darning, say 
Felt bad about 
Columbus Day mo. 
Blockbusting producer? 
Angler’s hope 
Stage item that’s raised and lowered 
Donald, to Huey or Louie 
"Anna and the King" country 
Be among the cast of 
Order between "ready" and "fire" 
Insertion symbol 
Snapping creature 
Use up needlessly 
"___ bitten, twice shy" 
Little friend of Poohend 
In ___ of (replacing) 
CBS forensic franchise 
It may say "I’m sorry" 
Pretentiously cultured 
Abalone shell lining 
"Well, ___-di-dah!" 
ESPN factoid 
Chuck E. Cheese’s coin 
From days of yore 
"Inside Out" emotion voiced by Lewis Black 
Place for testing missiles 
Michelle’s predecessor 
"It’s been ___ pleasure" 
Disbeliever’s outburst 
Mojito flavoring 
Fraction of a newton 
Sausage and ___ McMuffin 
Beyond grand 
Three of the Brady Bunch 
Beer hall vessel 
Lion’s calls 
Body surfer’s ride 
His work had many meanings 
"Lady" at a casino 
Go by, as time 
Subdue with a stun gun 
Money for the poor 
Sizable, as a sum 
Kuwaiti potentate 
Area under a necklace clasp 
"Stop the scene!" 
Smell skunky 
On any occasion 
Ride-requesting app 
Sweepstakes submission 
House Beautiful topic 
Ultraviolet ray blocker 
Stretchy, like a bungee cord 
Yale Daily News staffer 
DVD player brand 
Chipped in 
Followers of standing ovations, often 
Buck for a bellhop, say 
Stick under one’s seat 
Meadowland measure 
Org. for marksmen 
Shade of color 
Fem. campus group 
At no cost 
Not working today 
Neck areas brushed by barbers 
Abs strengtheners 
Queasy feeling 
Snuck out to get hitched 
Coke competitor 
NFL gains 
Through in itineraries 
UFO pilots presumably 
Wine barrel wood 
Remove everything from as a fridge 
Siena sweetheart 
Belted Forum garment 
Mar.-to-Nov. hrs. 
Spanish groceries 
Fun and __ 
Adam’s second son 
Blue in Baja 
Noah’s project 
Metropolis served by JFK and LGA 
Socks pattern 
Fab Four member 
Salt brand with an umbrella girl 
“In Treatment” star Gabriel __ 
MLB scoreboard letters 
Sixth sense for short 
BMOC for one 
Pet adoption org. 
Bar pint contents 
Pirate’s cry 
Fuel efficiency no. 
Oral health org. 
Band on the road 
Sara of baking 
Down payment … and what 17- 25- 38- and 53-Across have in common (besides being food) 
Covert __: secret missions 
Saltwater candy 
Car body style 
Baked-in-their-shells seafood dish 
Savings vehicles for later yrs. 
Eye care brand 
Revealing as a bikini 
Much-photographed evening event 
Preppy shirt brand 
Traditional filled fare of Europe and West Asia 
Stylish clothes-wise 
Slugger __ Harper of the Nats 
Dusting cloth 
Pizza topping veggie 
“__ the ramparts … “ 
Like the sound of tall grass in the breeze 
CFO’s degree 
Briefly e.g. 
“Stay out of my affairs” briefly 
Zagrb’s land, to the IOC 
White, in Waikiki 
When Nancy sizzles 
Was completely indifferent 
The Lizard constellation 
Sports arenas 
Not on time for 
The best seats, to some 
Stress, in a way 
Song from Dylan’s “Desire 
Small knot 
Siren, say 
Shelley’s elegy to Keats 
See eye to eye 
River through Normandy 
Render openmouthed 
Ready, as leftovers 
Predictable sort 
Peace Corps kin 
Oscar-winning role for a Hoffman 
One of the Brady bunch 
Old Spice competitor 
Old meeting place 
Noted Mexican revolutionary 
Meadow mama 
Matt Damon’s locale in a 2015 film 
Marked down, maybe 
Like some glasses 
Jane, to Bridget 
It may enhance one’s performance 
It may be no one’s vault but your own 
Indigo Girls, say 
House opening 
Holding one’s down 
Handle finals details of 
First name in mysteries 
Feel unsure of 
Ending for insist or persist 
Devoted fans 
Community college offering 
Casino action 
Bygone TV series about plane crash survivors 
Brothers at the O.K. Coraal 
Big wheels in Russia 
Big name in apple products 
Attached, in a hotel lingo 
The Mambo Kings” costar 
I’m finished 
Do-do” link 
lily (Utah state flower) 
Yin/yang concept 
Word like ”brunch” 
Wimbledon airer 
William I, for one 
Very short time, for short 
Vaselike pitchers 
USAF officer 
Unique people 
UK flyers 
Two-Grammy president 
TVA product 
Traveler tracked by NORAD 
Toucan claim to fame 
Think of as ideal 
Tequila source 
Taxation ID 
Sushi tuna 
Surfer’s concern 
Spot for a napkin 
Sow and hoe for dough 
Sounding congested 
Ska fan, perhaps 
Singer Guthrie 
Singer Del Rey 
Signs a lease 
Ship of 1492 
Scuba accessory 
Semiconductor giant 
Sainte Jeanne 
Royal order 
Ricky Nelson tune, and alternative puzzle title 
Reverse, as an order 
Rendered ”this way” 
Province in Iraq 
Protein part 
President after JAG 
Prefix for culture 
Prefix for content 
Parent, to some kids 
Paint variety 
Org. regulating ads 
Opening words 
On the level 
Omar’s WWII colleague 
Of birds 
NY tech school 
Night-shift hr 
NBA retiree Ming 
National hero of Spain 
Must, so to speak 
More than enough 
More concise 
Mobile, for instance 
Missile with feathers 
Lost sheep 
Minor memento 
Lecturer’s accessory 
Lake holding Saginaw Bay 
Jazz singer Cleo 
It’s spotted in South America 
Informal turndown 
In the past 
Homey place for photos 
Home-loan facilitator 
Hairy bovine 
Golfer Els 
Get up 
Footrest in a bar 
Finnish technology company 
Films, for short 
Fighting flotilla 
Fey or Turner 
FBI investigator 
Exxon ex-name 
Exam for would-be drs 
Duchess of Cambridge, familiarly 
Diner request 
Diner freebie 
Derby winner’s bouquet 
Crude shelter 
Crow’s-nest support 
Certain meter reading 
Car radiator connection 
California car company 
Bookie’s calculation 
Begin again 
Artificial sweetener 
Apollo 11 name 
Any of the Decalogue 
Aniston, in gossip columns 
African snakes 
A year in Provence 
”You, __ people!” 
The Lord of the Rings,” e.g 
The Eighties” airer 
See other side”: Abbr 
”I cannot tell __” 
Garfield” waitress 
Chicago” Oscar winner 

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