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Crossword Puzzle Answers - 16/10/2016 - The NY Times, LA Times, Usa Today, Newsday, Universal and more

  • Crossword Puzzle Answers - Solutions for daily newspapers: The NY Times, LA Times, Usa Today, Newsday, Universal and more.

Pet food brand 
"Mr." of "Star Trek" 
Ridge with a gentle slope on one side and a steep slope on the other 
Something to shoot off 
Nutrition amts. 
Try to win 
Diamond's Lou 
"God Bless America" composer 
Model for an artist, maybe 
Orchestra section 
Retirement community restriction 
Place to buy handmade goods online 
Bleak assessment of a situation 
49-Down, with each letter shifted one place later in the alphabet (coincidence?) 
Temperature unit 
___ Taylor (apparel store) 
What Artemis is the goddess of 
Ecological role 
Term of address with a tilde 
Partner in crime 
Give a heads-up 
Turn inside out 
Was humiliated 
Part of D.A.: Abbr. 
Neighbor of Den 
Nov. honorees 
Torque symbol 
"The Price Is Right" airer 
Covert "Hey!" 
"Da ___ G Show" 
Like "alumna": Abbr. 
1/, 2/, 3/, etc. 
Blouse, e.g. 
Thrice, in prescriptions 
Place to rub elbows? 
"... ___ he drove out of sight" 
Unit of force 
Rehnquist's successor as chief justice 
Strict disciplinarian 
Like much of Chile 
Color used by teams from both San Jose and Jacksonville? 
Dependent (on) 
Make or break, e.g. 
Orwellian hoi polloi 
Words before a chivalrous act 
Mulligans, e.g. 
N.Y.C. org. that operates 24/7 
Privileged time period? 
Kind of challenge 
Ones making lots of bucks? 
Makeup of many a tribal council 
Unleavened cornbread 
Dating site? 
Malicious fictional computer 
Skater boys? 
First in command 
The "palm" and "olive" of Palmolive 
Reaction to a puppy video, say 
Director's circle? 
Is annoying 
Count in Lemony Snicket books 
You might wish upon it 
"Stay" singer Lisa 
Strange and unsettling 
One starting 
Eng. or hist. 
Result of a Morton's factory explosion? 
Feudal superior 
Fall times: Abbr. 
Athlete on Time's list of the 100 most influential people of the 20th century 
Country with the smallest national capital in the European Union (about 9,000 people) 
"Principia Discordia" figure 
Something not picked up at the beach 
What a pianist uses for triple-time pieces? 
12 9 11 5 20 8 9 19 3 12 21 5 
Gun supporters 
Be inclined (to) 
Would you like me to? 
U.F.O. pilots 
Amer. money 
Like the coda of "Hey Jude," seemingly 
Jog the memory of 
Got room service, say 
Revision that satisfies both author and publisher? 
Country whose capital is known to natives as Baile Átha Cliath 
Related in a different way 
Polynesian inn locale, maybe 
Novelist Pierre 
Reaction to a foot rub 
Title for Palpatine or Amidala in "Star Wars": Abbr 
Shampooing, e.g. 
Money in 74-Down 
Goodyear's carefully guarded secrets? 
Get in the loop? 
Mine craft? 
Comics exclamation 
Hemsworth of "The Hunger Games" 
Giving chicken soup or a foot rub, informally 
Full of sound and fury 
Gone flat? 
Rhyme for "door" and "more" in the first verse of "The Raven" 
Follower of John 
Setting of Camus’ "The Plague" 
Scratching post users 
Stimpy’s chum 
Tax form IDs 
Snack chip 
Something to soak in 
Securing strings 
Stray caretakers 
See 51-Down 
T-storms may delay them 
Senate minority leader 
Shoes may be left on them 
Soda can feature 
Russian city northeast of Kiev 
Resort NE of Los Alamos 
Relinquish amateur status 
Put behind bars 
Reacted to a late night out 
Throat tissue 
Stick in a parlor 
Puddy tat’s quarry 
Pizza parlor lure 
Patriot Silas 
Ozarks, e.g.: Abbr. 
Org. associated with long lines 
Only president who was also chief justice 
One way to fly 
On the bad side (of) 
Typical fast-food offering 
Middle March 
Norse war god 
Uncle in a McCartney hit 
Nocturnal mammals 
Natasha’s no 
Using currency 
Movie mogul Marcus 
What there oughta be 
Metaphor for the good life 
With 79-Across, 2003 N.L. Cy Young Award winner 
McGarrett’s force, familiarly 
Lois’ "Superboy" counterpart 
Literary motto words 
Like some dress patterns 
Legally prohibits 
Leading position 
Lane co-worker 
Land that anagrams 39-Down 
Lake that anagrams 43-Down 
It may be herbal 
In full view 
Immoral profit 
Hot tub feature 
Honey brand 
Hits involving trots 
War horse 
"Cut bait" alternative 
Utilized a doorbell 
Three light chasers 
Be remorseful 
Does an IRS job 
Titled peer of the realm 
Less acute 
Hill workers 
Swiss border lake 
Part of a sacrifice, sometimes 
Jeweler’s collection 
Three light chasers 
Hanging on by a thread 
Golfer’s thrill 
Beatty of TV and film 
Collection of miscellaneous pieces 
Type of salad or tragedy 
Give some slack, with "on" 
Makes operable again 
Fence pieces 
Abominable Himalayan 
Fair-haired sci-fi race 
Explorer of new territory 
Expected result 
Discomfiting displays 
Dianetics creator Hubbard 
Derogatory statement 
Deceitful lure 
Dash instrument 
Settled on a sofa 
Criminal element, with "the" 
Two light chasers 
Connecticut town on Long Island Sound 
Parting notice, briefly 
Business issue 
Compensate for prior laziness, perhaps 
___ chi (martial art) 
Witchy crones 
City south of Salem 
Punster’s skill 
Case in Eng. class 
___ chi (martial art) 
Cheater’s sound at test time 
Lying under covers 
Opening for an anchor cable 
Broken down, say 
Broke a Commandment 
___ out a living (just got by) 
Due east on a grandfather clock 
Blanc with many voices 
Bondman of old 
Bird on Canada’s dollar coin 
Thai bills 
Bindle carrier 
Bible transl., e.g. 
Bergman and Borg 
Bedside toggle switch 
Cashew, e.g. 
Baggage porter 
Make unwanted comments (var.) 
Fraction of a newton 
Auburn rival, familiarly 
And others, for short 
Algonquin kin 
Whom all contenders are chasing 
AFC South, e.g. 
1955 labor merger gp. 
In the manner of 
Coastal cities 
Shrek, e.g. 
Signaled an actor 
Act of political backscratching 
Eyelid affliction 
Encircles or fortifies 
Crosswise, on a ship 
Classic literary detective 
Be in session 
It’s wrapped in India 
River to the Mississippi 
Alcohol type 
Abbr. on Cold War maps 
Succumb to gravity 
2016 Olympics golf gold medalist Justin __ 
James Cagney film classic 
"The Shining" word with two mirror-image letters 
Length x width, for a rectangle 
"That’s more than enough!" 
Makes hesitant sounds 
"Terrible" tsar 
"Point Break" FBI agent Johnny 
"It’s __ good sign" 
"Exodus" novelist 
"Duh!" evoker 

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