Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Crossword Puzzle Answers - 20/10/2016 - The NY Times, LA Times, Usa Today, Newsday, Universal and more

  • Crossword Puzzle Answers - Solutions for daily newspapers: The NY Times, LA Times, Usa Today, Newsday, Universal and more.

Flightless bird 
San Francisco’s — Hill 
Bad hairpiece 
Reaction to fireworks 
Country singer Wilson 
Star-struck fan 
Popular search engine 
Right on the map 
A water sign 
Villain’s cohort 
Old U.S. gas brand 
Babe of baseball 
Flippered performers 
Inappropriately inquisitive 
Wee salamander 
Chest drawer? 
Spaces between teeth 
Bald, as tires 
Deteriorate, as rock or shoreline 
Lavatory fixture 
One of a pair in “Waiting for Godot” 
Overstuffed quip (part 3) 
Where rds. Meet 
Use to one’s advantage 
Baby’s first word, sometimes 
Beer bash barrel 
Overstuffed quip (part 2) 
Human resources person, often 
The Seine’s __ Saint-Germain 
Clairvoyant’s claim, briefly 
Start of “A Visit From St. Nicholas 
"Sooey!" comeback 
Spice Girl Halliwell 
King, to his subject 
Do a checkout chore 
Source of the Romance languages 
Barber’s quick cut 
Sound after a punch 
Composer of "Bolero" 
Sitcom that starred a singer 
Relative of "Skoal!" 
Shows disapproval, in a way 
Overstuffed quip (part 1) 
Believer in only one god 
Shoe fastener 
Scene of biblical destruction 
Affleck’s Oscar-winner 
"___ your pardon?" 
Pose anew, as a question 
Cross the threshold 
Personal guide 
Expansive Asian desert 
Plains roaming grazers 
Spherical hairdo 
Obama’s birthplace 
Once-___ (quick appraisals) 
Next Dodger after Fernando to win the Cy Young Award 
Australian hopper, informally
Member of the reigning NBA champs 
Simple change for a 20 
"American ___" (TV program) 
Make subservient 
"The Sopranos" actress de Matteo 
Jaguars, for instance 
Baptism basins 
Animal’s gullet 
Energetic spirit 
A few bricks shy of a load 
Iris ring 
Grand ___ (wine label words) 
Some shouts of joy 
Historic Manhattan jazz club 
Disarranging or disheveling 
Conquers with superior force 
Put in order of significance 
Send, as merchandise 
Graf rival 
Much-kicked body part 
Gentleman, at times? 
Breezing through, as a test 
Garlicky spread 
Dry to the bone, as earth 
Game with wild cards 
Readied beforehand 
Frat address 
Evening party 
Fed. Employees 
"So that’s it!" 
Tennis court divider 
The avant-garde’s Yoko 
Act as lookout e.g. 
Comedian who said, “I have a lot of beliefs, and live by none of ’em” 
Cloud above a peak 
18-wheeler e.g. 
Tequila’s origin 
Birthstone for some Scorpios 
Big talker 
Wolf with a gray coat 
Big name in the bags aisle 
Effect of time 
In a furtive manner 
Bavarian count opener 
Campus military org. 
Basic resting place 
Brother of Jacob in Genesis 
“In ___ veritas” 
Ancient Icelandic text 
Actor Russell 
(In) brief 
“To see __ is a picturee”: Dickinson 
“Joke’s on you!” 
“How to Get Away With Mother” airer 
“A Queens Story” rapper 

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