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Crossword Puzzle Answers - 24/10/2016 - The NY Times, LA Times, Usa Today, Newsday, Universal and more

  • Crossword Puzzle Answers - Solutions for daily newspapers: The NY Times, LA Times, Usa Today, Newsday, Universal and more.

tai (rum cocktail) 
account (never) 
XXVIII doubled 
Word paired with ‘neither’ 
Trio after Q 
Tricky delivery 
Those holding power 
Thaw in preparation for cooking 
Tends (toward) 
Street ___ (urban acceptance) 
Sparrow’s snack 
Shared with, as an audience 
Set of parts with assembly instructions 
Second Amendment rights org 
Satiric comic Mort 
Rare delivery 
Puts out 
Puts in a zoo, perhaps 
Provide commentary 
Printer’s need 
Prayer response 
Wrote in a rush 
Mandy of ‘This Is Us’ 
Paperless journal 
Wiggly dessert 
Office delivery 
Uses a scope 
Unselfish sorts 
Latecomer at a full house 
Turn topsy-turvy 
Musician/producer Brian 
Michelangelo’s ‘David’ and Rodin’s ‘The Thinker’ 
Theater award since 1956 
Teen fave 
Make a lot 
Take forcibly 
Swirl in a stream 
Like parquet floors 
Suggest strongly 
Light soups 
Lawrence Peter Berra, familiarly 
Suffix with familiar or final 
Subatomic particles 
Steep-walled formation 
Grandmother of Enos and Enoch 
Seek a well site 
Repeats precisely 
Rich German cake 
Friendly TV extraterrestrial 
Souvenir tops 
Freud topic 
Slot for mail 
Flow from Kilauea 
Shear sound 
Settled in a coop 
Fish story 
Fish stories 
Figure behind a catcher 
‘You can’t make me!’ 
Emotional delivery 
Overhaul, as a ship 
Remove from the schedule 
Moved like a dragonfly 
Pumpernickle purchase 
Crafty Aesopian character 
Proved false 
Clouds from cans 
Part of a full house 
C.S. Lewis realm 
One-on-one hockey play 
Book collecting several novels 
Nation of Hispaniola 
Mr. Bubble bubbles 
Allowed to completely slip one’s mind 
Most common Scrabble tile value 
More rainy 
Mel known as “The Velvet Fog” 
Matchup of beefy grapplers 
‘The Luck of Roaring Camp’ writer Bret 
Malt-based beverages 
Make amends 
MacFarlane of “Family Guy” 
‘Seems good enough’ 
Like lasagna noodles 
‘Exodus’ author Leon 
What the star of the show takes 
Free as ___ 
Lets have the last word 
Boxer "Marvelous" Marvin 
Like a downsized company 
One of the five taste sensations 
Bad lighting? 
Its capital is Hobart 
"Boola Boola" singer 
Abbr. in a help wanted ad 
Stopped the flow of 
Decorated Murphy 
Spin around 
Passenger problem for a pilot 
Actor Keach 
Headwear for British bishops 
"À votre ___!" 
Information on a pet tag 
Iphone graphic 
Summer time 
Leave clueless 
Member of a baseball All-Star team for short 
Kindergarden recital 
One with a beat 
Florida’s Miami-___ County 
Kept an appointment with 
Jamboree shelter 
Purchase for a victorious god? 
Normand of the silents 
Iphone graphic 
Speed test 
Home to caribou and musk oxen 
ABC News exec Roone 
Heaviest fencing weapon 
Loiterer in a food court perhaps 
Christian name? 
Grand __ Opry 
Gets value from 
Purchase for a mythological messenger? 
Gain popularity on facebook 
Fashionable, like Austin Powers 
Undertake with "out" 
Purchase for a mythological king? 
Fact checker’s find 
Larsson who created Lisbeth Salander 
Does as directed 
The "I" in IV 
Descent to Davy Jones’ locker 
Dairy Queen order 
Henri de Toulouse-___ 
Crosswalk site 
Headache helper 
Purchase for a mythological warrior? 
Computer seen in cybercafes 
Advice for some losers? 
City in West Yorkshire 
Buried historic cache 
Arctic Circle dweller 
Bud’s comedy cohort 
Big gulp 
Become invalid 
Bargain basement containers 
At any point 
Anti-leather org. 
Act portion 
Accomodate a paparazzo 
“Well done!” 
“OMG!” of yore 
“Independence Day” invader 
“Help wanted” listings 
Trim the lawn 
__ Moines, IA 
__ Canaveral, FL 
Wild animal's home 
Walked back and forth 
Waitperson's rewards 
Uses scissors 
Throat-clearing sound 
Teapot topper 
Tasting like an omelet 
Southwestern building material 
Solo sung in a 58 Across 
Small mistakes 
Small bays 
Signs of the future 
Sharp flavor 
Serious crime 
Rough guess 
Rival of Crest toothpaste 
Ready, willing and __ 
Poem of praise 
Place of safety 
Pets that purr 
Paddled boat 
Orange's exterior 
Musical tempo 
Motor-club letters 
Marine reef material 
Male movie star 
Male gofer 
Lightest in color 
Just out of the oven 
Film's female daredevil 
Film awards 
Female on a magazine 
Defeated in a pool race 
Cried like a kitten 
Cotton __ (carnival snack) 
Corner of a square 
Char, as a steak 
Brings to a close 
Blot with a paper towel 
Bit of a constellation 
Bicycle wheels 
Auto service job, for short 
Attach, as a seatbelt 
Arrests, slangily 
Alternatives to suspenders 
After-dinner morsel

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