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Crossword Puzzle Answers - 31/10/2016 - The NY Times, LA Times, Usa Today, Newsday, Universal and more

  • Crossword Puzzle Answers - Solutions for daily newspapers: The NY Times, LA Times, Usa Today, Newsday, Universal and more.

Sierra ___ (African country) 
Bottom-of-the-bottle stuff 
Commercial lead-in to Pen 
Item of apparel often worn backward 
Jekyll's alter ego 
Brother of Cain 
Word that fills both blanks in "This ___ is your ___" 
Jekyll's alter ego 
Barley beard 
"30 Rock" or "3rd Rock From the Sun" 
"The Time Machine" race 
Head: Ger 
New York City mayor de Blasio 
June 6, 1944 
Removing surgically 
Setting for "The King and I" 
With 27-Down, foe of the Forty Thieves 
Left behind 
Mawr College 
Western plateau 
A pitching ace has a low one, in brief 
Like a Monday crossword puzzle, relatively speaking 
City between Dallas and Austin 
One cubic meter 
Cry to an attack dog 
"Old boys' network" meeting places 
Crazily fast 
Grocery section with milk and yogurt 
With 5-Down, present time 
Something thrown at a bull's-eye 
pants (baggy wear) 
Pusher's customer 
Word with finger or America 
Route displayer on a dashboard, for short 
Gas in commercial signs 
Laid down the first card 
Complain, complain, complain 
1941 film "citizen" 
1990 hit that samples the bass line from Queen/Bowie's "Under Pressure" 
Classical music halls 
1986 hit for Talking Heads 
Woman in "The King and I" 
Psychic power, informally 
Salt, chemically 
bin Laden, 2011 Navy SEALs target 
12, on a grandfather clock 
1920s standard with the lyric "Sugar's sweet, so is she" 
Like some textbooks 
"___ Lay Dying" 
List-ending abbr 
Year: Sp. 
Toy gun pellets 
1971 hit for Marvin Gaye subtitled "The Ecology" 
Empty ___ (parent whose children have all moved away) 
Big feature on a donkey 
Oak or elm 
Twin city of Raleigh 
Twin city of Raleigh 
1988 #1 hit for UB40 
Tire filler 
The "m" of e = mc^2 
Dictionary offering: Abbr. 
Scotland’s ___ Islands 
Visitors to baby Jesus 
Black, poetically 
Napped leathers 
It causes you to lose one hr. of sleep 
Like a calm spirit? 
"To ___ is human …" 
Remote access? 
Came in first 
Gather some wool 
Get involved in a different sort? 
Put forward as truth 
Those preparing for a break 
What caused Dracula to go the doctor? 
Reward for waiting? 
Wanna-___ (copycats) 
Lawyer’s objection 
Kind of station 
Frighten one’s Halloween staff? 
Little amphibian 
Many college degs. 
One of three fairy-tale bears 
Confused noise 
Drive-___ restaurant 
Expensive pub order 
"You Send Me" singer Sam 
Give a new title to 
Wind instrument 
Confidential matter 
Ocean stopping points 
Climb upward 
Confused mixtures 
New bride’s title 
Word with "neat" or "control" 
Compass heading, sometimes 
Hard to see through, as fog 
Banish from an apartment 
Lose a staring contest 
Mafia chief 
Elegantly and stylishly fashionable 
When Sept. ends? 
Cook in an oven 
Make, as money 
Way to begin 
Lebanese capital 
Consumers of products 
Weaver’s equipment 
Saddle afflictions 
Stockholm citizen 
They’ve got your parts covered 
Nonlethal weapon 
After-school bake sale org. 
Anti-apartheid party, for short 
Zsa Zsa, to Eva 
Word before “Tricked you!” 
Untamed equines 
Tooth anchor 
Tomb Raider’s __ Croft 
SeaWorld orca 
Scarlett O’Hara’s home 
Santa’s landing spot 
Rural storage cylinder 
Rajah’s mate 
Radiator problem 
Poles and Serbs 
Pinch from a chef 
Pig’s foot part 
Peruvian peaks 
Perfect for wadding 
Pained cry 
Not doing much of anything 
Nocturnal flier 
Music room system 
Model Nordegren once married to Tiger Woods 
Like sheep sans wool 
Leif’s father 
IRS examination 
Insect nest with tunnels 
Imagination output 
Halloween goodies 
Go berserk 
Get away from, as pursuers 
Fly high 
Dough in a wallet 
Clip joint? 
Catch, as a crook 
Bovine skin once used as a painting surface by Native Americans 
Border on 
Baba who outwitted thieves 
“What time __?” 
“The Little Red Hen” denial 
“Not great, not bad” 
“Cautionary” account 

Zoo barrier, sometimes
Your, in Tours
Worldwide, briefly
They're worth four points in Scrabble
They're planted in beds
Storied speakeasy raider
State tree of Massachusetts
Sorry state
Some picture cards
Some oracles
Some CBS forensics spinoffs
Solvers' shouts
Soft mineral that's often carved
Small rail
Since way back when
Rural skyline sight
Rouge alternatives, in roulette
Rescue squad VIP
Oaxaca article
NPR reporter Jaffe
Nobelist author Wiesel
Most together
Marked down
Many a jazz combo
Lieutenant Horatio Caine portrayer
Letters from the Civil War era
Latin land?
Jonesboro inst
It has a head and hops
Is clueless
iPhone buy
In which case
Home of the NHL Senators
Highly decorative
Hawaiian harvest
Hamlet's big brother?
Gut feeling
Famous Dakota resident
Evil act
Early Ford
Diana of 'I Married a Woman'
Designer's bottom line?
Descendant of Noah
Crème-crème linkup
Corrida headliner
Close, to Keats
Clarinet component
Certain serves
Certain activists
Calm waters northeast of the West Indies
Burdened beast
British and Aussie colleges, for short
Blowhard's favorite suffix, perhaps
Basketball's Stoudemire
Basic bed
Bad gut feeling?
Animated bunny hunter
Animal house?
Add to the books
Accepting personal responsibility
'Puppet on a Chain' novelist
'Here, piggies!'

Yale Bowl fan
Work like Manet or Monet
Vinick and Brewster, to 50-Down
Ventricle or atrium
Underwired undergarment
Typesetting option
To this point
Tattoos, piercings, etc
Storage story
Some glee club members
Six-sided solid
Sidewalk eatery
Sheet music mark
Serve as a tutor to
Sends out
Seat facing the pulpit
Season after Shrove Tuesday
Sci-fi craft
River of ancient Thebes
Relish tray morsel
Receive top billing
Punk rock subgenre
Poetic palindrome
Place to launch a cannonball
Perspiration outlet
Pays heed
Only slightly
Ninja Turtles' hangout
Needs calamine lotion
Move through a webpage
Memory unit
Memo intro, perhaps
Like a good watchdog
King Julien, in the 'Madagascar' movies
iTunes competitor
Have memorized
Halloween handout
Half-circle shape
Greek alphabet ender
Google Earth image
Game with Draw Two cards
Gain admission
Former cohost of Kathie Lee and Kelly
Folder holder
Flows back
Fir dropping
Fills with cargo
Fiery gem
Fellow, to a Brit
Fare at some cook-offs
Dust particle
Deep black shade
Decides on
Cut on a slant
Corporate VIPs
Constricting snake
Collective bargaining side
Cobalt or copper
Clears the horizon
Canyon rebound
Calligrapher's fluid
Bounty alternative
Blissful spots
Be of the same mind
Bather's bar
Barely achieve, with 'out'
Ate greedily
Arty London or Manhattan area
Armageddon force
Any of Soprano's men
Altimeter's locale
Alan of 'The Aviator'
'Just as I suspected!'
'Angels & Demons' author Brown
'America's Got Talent' segment

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