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Crossword Puzzle Answers - 05/04/2017 - The NY Times, LA Times, Usa Today, Newsday, Universal and more

  • Crossword Puzzle Answers - Solutions for daily newspapers: The NY Times, LA Times, Usa Today, Newsday, Universal and more.

Watches late TV until a teen comes home, say 
Kirk __, first movie Superman 
Beneficial substance in berries 
Each answer to a starred clue begins and ends with identical ones 
Accessory for Mr. Peanut 
Last Super Bowl won by the Giants 
Former Education secretary Duncan 
"From my perspective … " 
Start of a preschool song 
London subway system, with "the" 
Cruciverbalist Reagle of "Wordplay" 
"Monday Night Countdown" airer 
Katy who voiced Smurfette in "The Smurfs" 
Cereal with lemony lemon and orangey orange flavors 
Process of electron gain or loss 
Mahogany or maple 
Fully infatuated 
Slanted type: Abbr. 
Map book 
Palominos and pintos 
Stopped sleeping 
States as fact 
Engrave deeply 
Protest unfairness 
Private __ (detectives) 
Sit for a portrait 
Caribbean, for one 
Performs in a play 
Devises, as a theory 
Composer Johann Sebastian __ 
Takes a break 
Collector’s __ (rarity) 
”You __ big trouble, young lady!” 
Having awesome power 
Single-celled creature 
Frat party recyclable 
Maui or Tahiti 
Skier’s inn 
Quick flash of light 
__ Tower (Paris landmark) 
Informal eatery 
VIP’s vehicle 
List of candidates 
Chops (off) 
Sch. at West Point 
Flight of steps 
Little kids 
Direct and outspoken 
On vacation 
Computer owners 
Worker’s pay 
”Two’s company, __ a crowd” 
Besides that 
Gas pump rating 
”Let me think . . .” 
Cry of delight 
Top corp. leader 
Restored to health 
Gorilla, for instance 
Course with lettuce 
Log homes 
Suffix for kitchen 
Give forth, as light 
Digit for pointing 
Mined minerals 
Not doing anything 
”Gotta go!” 
__ or less (approximately) 
Fail to win 
Mountain climbed by Moses 
"I warned you!" 
III, to Jr. 
Trees with split-resistant wood 
Lender’s security 
100 percent 
RFD part 
Grant of "To Catch a Thief" 
Openings in pumice 
Bee’s collection 
Wasn’t straight with 
Feature of "gnome" or "gnaw" 
Constellation called "The Hunter" 
Unlike plain donuts 
Storm-tracking device 
Verse that may be "on" something 
Sport with clay pigeons 
TV chef who says "Yum-o!" 
Backspace over, perhaps 
Gyro wrappers 
Common buffet offering 
Blue Grotto’s isle 
Casino town near Carson City 
Saloon shelf array 
Fish, to Inuits 
Redheaded talk show host 
Make seams, say 
Did some keyboarding 
Rehearsal, as of a speech 
Shooters, and a word that can follow the last parts of 17-, 40- and 64-Across and 11- and 30-Down 
Campaigner’s barometer 
Berry promoted as a superfood 
Observe with a nanny cam, say 
Opponents of "us" 
Scotch and Drambuie drink 
Societal goofballs 
Dine late 
Cuisine with crawfish 
Like the Housewives of reality TV 
Locale of many a Club Med 
Source of much comforter filling 
Kin of the damson plum 
Chart shape 
Thin Apple tablet 
Center X, in a game 
Object of Indiana Jones’ quest 
Peter of "The Maltese Falcon" 
Some portfolio holdings, for short 
Mottled mounts 
Tramp, to Charlie Chaplin 
OkCupid.com linkups 
Burdensome debt, e.g. 
Fateful day in the Roman senate 
Word on Chablis labels 
Rudder controller 
Composed tweets, say 
Spending limit in pro sports 
Dark wood that sinks in water 
Have trust in, with "on" 
Speaker with a burr 
Up to this point 
___ mater (brain cover) 
___ chi 
What zero bars on a cellphone indicates 
What causes the circled letters to grow? 
Viking tales, e.g 
Urged (on) 
Totaled, as a bill 
Tolkien hero 
Synthetic fabric 
Surgery locales, for short 
Stiller’s longtime wife and comedy partner 
Steam and such 
Sour milk product 
See 34-Down 
Ring decoration 
Renaissance Faire events 
Refugee camp sights 
Recreational device that holds 35-Down 
Reads carefully 
Rather conservative 
Race with batons 
Quick hit 
Pink cocktail, informally 
Opposite of wane 
Old-fashioned theaters 
Old airline with the slogan ‘We have to earn our wings every day’ 
Modern prefix with skeptic 
Mafia V.I.P 
Look over 
Like advice worth listening to 
Leg-revealing item of apparel 
Have life 
Hacker, but not on a computer 
Glowing coal 
Gets even with? 
Flood refuge 
Fireplace holder 
Fifth member in a noble line 
Experts on the brain 
Done for 
Disney character hinted at by the circled letters 
Defunct gridiron org 
Conclude with 
Companion of the Niña and Santa Maria 
Bit of dinero 
Baseball, in America 
Apple’s former instant-messaging program 
Admit (to) 
1996 horror movie with four sequels 
‘Someone turn on a fan!’ 
‘On the Beach’ heroine 
‘Memoirs of a Geisha’ accessory 
‘I was at the movies – nowhere near the crime,’ e.g 
Majors in broadcasting?
Somewhat, suffixally
Put away
All competition
Time for giving up?
Class where you'd use the SOHCAHTOA mnemonic
Letter after theta
Sad trumpet sound
Chemistry subject
High-tech obstacles in caper films
'La Bamba' singer
Somewhat, informally
'Do the ___' (soft drink slogan)
Holiday celebrated by Kramer and Frank Costanza
Sign in Anytown, USA
One of eight in V8
Ankle bones
Bunker or stream
'Grease' character who sings 'There Are Worse Things I Could Do'
Game involving on-screen drawing?
Morphine source
Pie crust ingredient
Letter before theta
Exterminator's target
Trattoria topping
Trap at a lodge, say
Team with a basketball-bearing-a-B logo
It spans eleven time zones
Waxer's target, at times
Tour worker
Avignon article
Jessica of 'Sin City'
Resident assistant's residence
Bathroom at a pub
To boot
Pirate's purview
Kyoto quaff
Team with a flaming basketball logo
Resistance figures
A very long time
Cattail setting
Edit menu option
Bleachers level
Winner of four gold medals at the Berlin Olympics
Final offer words
They'll have you walking tall
Join a jury
Not in a private area?
Tapered tuck
Manipulated one
'Outta my way!'
Practical intelligence
Tony of 'Taxi'
Cecilia Bartoli, for one
Science class setting
2013 biopic starring Naomi Watts
Incredibly divisive
Chow ___
There are seven in una semana
Great Leap Forward leader
Dump feature
ABC Family series about teen gymnasts
Naptime nuisance
Total jerk
Crumbling car
Emmy winner Alan
Extremely - See more at: http://crosswordpuzzlehelps.com/clue/Wall-Street-Crossword-Puzzle-Solutions-April-5th-2017-#sthash.QCYZ9ZKh.dpuf
Pinocchio feature
Pumpkin-eater of rhyme
Inuit's glider
Norse war god
Captain Nemo's creator
Equine female
Really involved with
Stirring utensil
Seed cover
Distinction between multiple things
It can make you sweat
Prove beneficial
Part of a drum sound
Some seeded breads
Has debt
Barn nestling
July's third?
Feeling of low spirits and sadness
Short rest
'Pet' cause for complaint
Creative concept
'If it's all the ___ to you …'
Without difficulty
Major French river 
Black billiard ball
Interruption, as of a subscription
'Wait, there's more …'
Full metal jacket?
Tanlike color
St. John's herb
A real bloodsucker
Tora ___ (Afghanistan battle site)
Places to be pampered
Diagonal nautical pole
Beer varieties
'And Then There Were ___'
Mayberry self-jailer
Prefix with 'European'
Certain sword
'Let us know if you're coming' on an invitation
Give reparations
What a bull does
Like a hot online video
Two presidents
What makes Len lean?
Perpetual bane, essentially
Rummaged through
Margin jotting
Milk-producing animal
Card game expert Edmond
Head-turning 'over here' sound
On the briny
Smallish salamander
Yore's 'before'
St. kin
Rectangular paver
Cry like a baby
Worshiped object
.45 half
Carrying or holding
Valdez cargo
Cherry center
Pyromaniac's crime
Salk's conquest
Wrap up securely 
Unobstructed, on a traffic sign
Picture to click
Send a check 
Capital of Western Australia
Like the word 'hangry' or 'bae'
Cooking utensil
Is mistaken
Coil anagram
In a safe place, at night - See more at: http://crosswordpuzzlehelps.com/clue/Universal-Crossword-Puzzle-Solutions-April-5th-2017-#sthash.dfyBE1as.dpuf
Singing voice
Large pebble
Fairy-tale fiend
Writing assignment
Bakery worker
Undue speed
Papa's spouse
Large trucks
Large bodies of water
Woeful cry
Able to read
Health resort
Beer barrel
Leg joints
Rose Bowl city
Puts up
Good's opponent
Breaks sharply
In the sky
Rudolph e.g.
Window sill
Burns' 'before'
Part of VCR
Bird's abode
Prophetic signs
Large vases
Discount event
Skin woe
Trio number
Animal's den
Milan's land
Andean animal
Potato bud
Bridge seat
Church word
Lingerie edging
In the middle of
Double curves
Seat rows
Pedro's friend
Plant again
Cowboy's tool
Campfire remains
Recipe abbr.
India's neighbor
Sharp knock
Words of understanding (2 wds.)
Make money
Jazz singer ____ Fitzgerald
Malt beverage
Country lodgings
Farm measure
Cleaned (clothes)
Positive replies
Telescope glass
Baker's dozen
____ a boy!
Civic gp. - See more at: http://crosswordpuzzlehelps.com/clue/Washington-Post-Crossword-Puzzle-Solutions-April-5th-2017-#sthash.IV7Tbx6u.dpuf
Con man's target
Bit of chess action
Flip over
'Hamlet' courtier
Post-op therapy
Green Gables girl
Workplaces for LPNs
Does business with
'Into Thin Air' peak
Webpage index
Ambien, vis-à-vis sleep
Accessory for Mr. Peanut
Most severe
Geeky sort
Oldest Brady boy
MapQuest output: Abbr.
PC key
'Tell __ story'
Capital of Barbados
Last Super Bowl won by the Giants
Kirk __, first movie Superman
Golfer Michelle
Former Education secretary Duncan
Campsite shelters
Holy smoke
High behind a front, e.g.
Diabetic's concern
Nikkei index currency
Snapchat upload
'The Martian' genre
Absorb the loss
'__ who?'
Amount to pay in Calais
Hotel room amenity
'From my perspective … '
Watches late TV until a teen comes home, say
Start of a preschool song
Gull relative
Sailor's 'Halt!'
Golf game spoiler
Big bunch
Each answer to a starred clue begins and ends with identical ones
Danish shoe company
Cruciverbalist Reagle of 'Wordplay'
'Monday Night Countdown' airer
Highly recommends
Bus. card info
*London subway system, with 'the'
Show up
Asian rice porridge
Lets up
Compete in a sack
At the center of
Takes off the shelf
'Jeopardy!' creator Griffin
Katy who voiced Smurfette in 'The Smurfs'
Not as much
Lacking the skill
*Beneficial substance in berries
Have a bawl
Bryn Mawr undergrads
Cereal with lemony lemon and orangey orange flavors
Killer whale
*Process of electron gain or loss
Insulate, as a jacket
Advil target
Like kindling when lit
Judge's setting
Lay eyes on
Chickens (out)

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