Impact of crossword puzzles on kids

A crossword puzzle consists of a grid of squares and blanks where words cross vertically and horizontally and are written based on clues. Recent studies indicate that crossword puzzles are the most popular and widespread word game in the world with people of different ages as their cult followers. The first crossword appeared in England in the 19th century.

As your kids grow they would reach a point where they need to give exams so as to move further in their academic career. Many unconventional techniques can be used to prepare them for exams. One of the most popular and effective method is to introduce them to crossword puzzles and shape them accordingly so that make crossword solving a regular habit. This would not only help your kid to gather unbounded knowledge but would also have a positive impact towards his/her final results. You can be confident that solving Crossword puzzles will fetch positive grades for your child but these grades largely depend on the efforts put by the student has an individual. Let us delve more into this aspect of how impactful can crossword puzzles be for kids. What do researches and surveys have to say about it? 

According to researchers, using different unconventional teaching techniques like introducing kids to Crossword puzzles has a great impact on their living standards and studying potentiality. Crosswords actually help in making complicated information look easier when solved. Individuals differ according to the type of stimuli that they retain and the way they process information but it is also very crucial to have a variety of resources available to help in learning the process. In response to different techniques of learning, the use of games in the school can be a useful tool, especially for kids. Implementing crossword puzzles as games will school would help to get the child’s attention in the matter and at the same time would make learning fun for them. After all children love what’s fun. Don’t they? According to another study conducted, it was found that talented and brighter students prefers to participate more in puzzle oriented games than orthodox teaching techniques. Some teachers find it hard to implement different teaching styles because they prefer the use of traditional methods on which they are conversant with, but games like Crosswords can still be used as a supplement to the traditional method. The use of Crosswords as a part of supplementary syllabus in the classroom can add flexibility and offer the kids a choice to decide what’s good for them. Also they have a positive impact towards your kid’s feelings and moods because they make learning extremely enjoyable. There are several others benefits associated like they help in cognitive development; they motivate a student to study instead of memorizing, and they boost the confidence of the student especially when they get a correct response. 

Regularly solving crossword puzzles has a mentionable impact on a kids approach towards things. It makes him/her well acquainted with problem solving, it increases their urge to know more about different things, to learn what is unknown and helps in organizing oneself all of which are of utmost importance in shaping a bright future. It has been found that the majority of students prefer hands-on learning mechanisms like cracking Crossword puzzles. The use of such games in education thus makes a student’s interaction more active rather than passive and also helps in the development of the mind which in turn is very important because the mind is an instrument that needs development for proper sound growth of an individual. If you look at all these benefits in details, then you will surely agree with that crossword puzzles are the best classroom tools. Crosswords have been used in different fields successfully but the impact they have on kids is incomparable. Crosswords have developed well as a teaching tool since many people are familiar with them, thus, reducing the need of giving directions on how to use them which inadvertently saves quality time. Kids perceive crossword puzzle as a recreational activity, hence making them more enjoyable and less threatening than the old teaching techniques.

What more can we expect as benefits of using crossword puzzles and how can they affect a kid’s learning procedure? Crossword puzzles have been proven to be more effective teaching tools for terminology, spellings, the pairing of fundamental concepts and in the definition of words because of greater retention and memorization ability. Crossword puzzle requires spelling of items to be correct in order to complete the puzzle. Thus their usage promotes carefulness in learning. Also while solving a crossword puzzle, one has to regularly traverse through his memory to find the desired words to the clues. If the answer is still left unsolved, then he/she may take the help of a dictionary for the same. This not only helps to gather more knowledge about the subject but also increases a kid’s love towards learning.

Crossword puzzles help in identifying a kid’s area of perfection and at the same time helps in understanding his/her area of weakness. This may have a positive impact on the kid’s final grades. In most cases, when students have difficulty in completing crossword puzzle they are forced to ask questions and research properly on the subject so that they can find answers. This promotes the studying ability of pupils. Crossword puzzles increase motivation of students in all subjects thus providing another positive impact on the kid’s learning abilities. Also the use of crossword puzzle in the classroom improves the interaction of student in the class. This will have a positive impact on their study because they can share information concerning their doubts. The usage of crossword puzzles promotes classroom performance.

Crossword puzzle makes a kid sharper because whenever they have a problem they will ask in order to clear their doubts and as the process goes on, they will develop a habit of wanting to know more. By so doing the kids become more active and sharp in their studies. When you play this game for long, you might become addictive which in turn is good because you will always have the motive to learn more about new things. So have you introduced your kids to Crosswords?

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