Free Crosswords – What To Know About Them

Summary: For those who are new to the crossword puzzle niche, free crosswords can bring the excellent beginning.

Have you ever tried playing printable free crosswords on a daily basis?  This free game idea besides keeping you entertained, keeps your brain energized by keeping your brain active and these free games will also improve your creativity to a great extent. When it comes to the selection of the fun and interesting hobbies and activities to do during your free time, you might be aware of the different choices available in front of you. As against watching television, listening to radio or any other form of entertainment, free crosswords besides being affordable can bring many benefits to your brain functioning as well.

Crossword is actually a unique word game that was initially invented by a journalist from Liverpool in England, but was first printed in an American Newspaper in December 1913. The game turned out to be an instant success and due to its success, the crossword has experienced a wide range of variations of the same kind of word puzzle games all through the years. Nowadays, puzzles are found in electronic format and even in computers. Free crosswords are now available in different sizes and variations. However, traditional crosswords can be found mostly in rectangular and square shape. Even, the games are available in different geometrical shapes as well.

Many of us love towards solving challenging crosswords and to solve this purpose, many techniques were developed over the years to solve them. As mentioned earlier, these puzzles are available in different sizes and different difficulty levels. When it comes to increased difficulty levels, puzzles generally have indirect puzzles as against direct ones. 

There are different types of free crosswords and when it comes to the one with higher difficulty levels, cryptic puzzles are stated to be challenging. The reason associated with toughness of these puzzles is that they make use of anagrams. Anagrams are the result of rearrangement of letters of a word with a view to create new word with similar meaning. Another popular type is double clue lists and these are also challenging to play as they make use of one grid, but the grid can be filled by solving either of two lists of clues.

Will a single crossword puzzle help in mental training?

You might have been informed by your friends that completion of free crosswords or even it is paid one can improve your brain functions by providing mental training. But, the question here is that whether solving a single puzzle will bring mental training? Let us find the answer here:

Many of us come across the phrase ‘mental stimulation’ and we are advised to stimulate our mind, but what is mental stimulation? If you are an individual, who solve a wide range of puzzles every day, have you got the same experience when you solved the first puzzle and your 100th puzzle. The answer will be that the excitement you got during the first puzzle was highly enjoyable as compared to my 100th puzzle. What to understand here is that real mental stimulation lies in different levels based on the difficulty level of the puzzles that you solved.

Example to consider:

Let us consider the example of physical activity here. There is actually a clear difference between physical activity and physical exercise. The former occurs, whenever you move your body or whenever you engage in leisure activity that involves moving your body a lot like playing cricket or swimming, etc. When this it the case of former, the latter involves repeated and structured activity to specific part of the body like jogging, walking, etc. Even though, both these activities are good, exercise alone will help in improvement of functionality and for building muscles. 

In the same way, mental exercise, which can otherwise be called as brain training, goes beyond mental activity. Here, mental activity in our body takes place, wherever we are awake and during any activity we do ranging from mere daydreaming to reading books. On the other hand, mental exercise or brain training is something that refers to the structured use of cognitive techniques. The aim of mental exercise in short is to improve particular brain functions.

Understanding the difference between mental activity and exercise is highly important.  For example, many people feel that they are doing the best for their brain after completion of daily puzzles. This is true as crosswords are identified as one of the means of providing the best exercise to brain.

Whenever, an individual feels tired and stressed out, he can just look for free crosswords and can choose just an easy game to solve. Once he completely solves the puzzle, he will automatically get a boost that he has solved the puzzle completely. At the end of the puzzle, he will find that his mental stress has completely gone away to his surprise. The reason is that he was so far completely concentrated towards solving the puzzle and so he totally forgot the thing that was disturbing his mind and was making it stressful. 

Fun activity for different occasions:

The thing to remember here is that free crosswords in printable format are available online these days. So, people planning for entertainment aspects to the guests of their family party can just take printable puzzles and can distribute them to their guests as a means of entertaining them. Even these puzzles can be used for giveaways during birthday parties by printing the name of the birthday boy/girl on the back of the puzzle as an excellent gift for guests. 

Free crosswords for different age groups are available online. So parents looking for the ideal entertainment to their child and hosts looking for the ideal entertainment for their guests and also those adults, who are looking for such a thing to relax themselves, can choose one or more puzzles to solve as per their purpose. Those looking for ideal ways to improve their brain function can also rely on websites offering free crosswords and can get a whole lot of fun and entertainment.

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