Crossword puzzle: an economical way of entertainment

With the introduction of latest video games and android mobiles, free games are easily accessible. Crossword puzzle game is too available in the form of game applications. It is true that the game have been serving many people since it was published in the newspaper first time. Well, even today people play this game for free and they are keeping on enjoying this free entertainment. Even crossword puzzle answers are available free on online websites. So, let’s see where you can find these games: 

Newspaper & magazines 

Since the introduction of printing media, crossword puzzles have been the favorite hobby of many people since its existence. It is evolved, its pattern changed, different types of puzzle games were introduced and now people are playing it on digital devices like phone. It’s like an addiction as people used to play it at home and at office. So, after you get bored with the news of newspaper then start playing crossword with your pen or pencil. Magazines also contain such games and one can utilize their free time in it.  

Crossword applications

Crossword gaming applications are like blessing for those people who love to play this game 24x7. Well, it is obvious that one will not be able to carry newspaper all the time. But with number of such applications, you can play it ay time or any place. Also, each application offers you unlimited levels and each level is divided according to the difficult of the puzzle. 

Unlike traditional crossword puzzle game in the newspapers, these applications are innovative and in each game you will find different themes, challenges and rewards. 

Playing it on newspaper surely give you happiness when you get all of the words. But these applications reward players in the form of medals, stars and points. 

One can even play a totally different version of crossword as it is combination of traditional crossword and the modern one. Besides this, combination could be anything like themes combined with the words. 

But those who do not know as how to use mobile will remain unfamiliar with such applications. 

Besides this, here are some of the famous crossword applications which are free and include all the 
characteristics of a good puzzle game: 


Do you want to play unlimited word puzzles? Well, crossword will offer you that as it includes two thousand and three hundred puzzles. Among all of them, players get one hundred and eight puzzles for free plus with the multiple language features, players will be finding words in their native language. Besides this, you can have an option to replay the game if you don’t score well in the first attempt. Clues are there to help you earn medal at the end of each level. Besides this, it often offer you colorful crossword puzzle and one will see colors like blue, pink or yellow. One will not need a separate crossword puzzle help as you are rewarded clues according to your score after completing each level. 

Crossword puzzle

Are you ready to play a puzzle game with exclusive features? Crossword puzzle offers you every sort of help a player need. In it, your fellow friends can be bale to help you in the game. One can even hide or show errors, Google the words, view your position or ranking in the game etc. Setting option in the game let you to do all the necessary settings.  The game even include timer and with the auto download option players will get the updated version without any efforts. 

Word search

As by name, players will see random words and from them they have to find out hidden meaningful words. The game sounds simple but it will swell your brain veins. Besides this, the game has been divided into different categories like music, kids, Hollywood, places etc. Also, many times players can find a new word and it will be added in the dictionary of the game. Levels are even divided into easy, medium and difficult levels. 

CrossMe Nonogarms 

What makes this game unique is its structure and features. Besides this, pattern actually confuses players and it’s a challenging to find out words from the puzzle. In order to solve crossword, players need to look at the words carefully as each puzzle contain large number of words. Hints are a big part of this game plus they appear in a unique way. Also, it is hard to figure out the playing pattern at first.

Crossword puzzle free

Looking for a family game?? Well, now your entire family will enjoy it as the game is extremely simple plus funny on the other side. If you are tired up of playing complicated games then switch off to this one. Unique feature of this game is that different levels are available in Spanish, Portuguese and in English language. Yes, it is free but works best in android mobile phone. 

Crossword games even entertaining than traditional games as puzzles are not limited in it. Besides this, here are some tips to play these online games: 

Googleplay is the best website for such games as it is authorized plus all the technical information is mentioned on it. 

Crossword solver is not required when you are using gaming applications. It is required when someone prefer newspaper or magazine. 

They are free so all you need is MB to download it but in many games, playing further level required money. 

Try to link your gaming account to the facebook so that your games can be saved there. So, you can able to play it even after uninstalling it. 

Update your games regularly when you want to continue it as you don’t want to miss the updated features of the game. 

So, this is all about crossword puzzle game. These games prove that learning words can be fun and entertaining. Weather you play it on newspaper or mobile, this is the best way to utilize your precious time and make yourself intelligent.  

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