Solving Crosswords with Clues

Jigsaw Crosswords have existed for over 200 years entertaining and thrilling families for generations. Yet what is it about the Crossword that enthralls the mind? Besides the mental benefits of testing and strengthening the mind in putting together the differing pieces, the original purpose was educational. In the 1760's John Spilsbury created a wooden Crossword for teaching children geography. It was a success but it would not be for a little over a hundred years before technology let them be mass produced. The jigsaw Crossword heyday came during the Great Depression when Crosswords were cheap to produce and provided hours of entertainment. Advertisers promoted them with their products for free publicity and people could entertain themselves with minimal expense. Man became used to the jigsaw and as a hobby it has been able to endure today, becoming a perfect activity for bringing families together and giving something to do when the power goes out.

The simplicity of a jigsaw is unique in that anyone can pick a Crossword with crossword puzzle answers and begin working without any difficulty. Sure color gradation and number of pieces may be a challenge, but the human mind is constantly putting pieces of information together and a Crossword is no different. More and more people are discovering the perks of solving Crosswords. Many have seen how this renowned pastime helps not just in enhancing vocabulary, but also in sharpening such mind skills as logic. These Crosswords are available in different levels, starting from easy to very difficult, with the latter always being almost unsolvable. If you are just a newbie to crossword solving, then it is recommended that you start with the easier ones before you move on to the more complicated ones.

Before beginning with your crossword though, here are some helpful tips on how you can finish solving a Crossword even if you are just new to the game:

* Answer the clues that let you fill in the blanks first. The crossword puzzle answers to these are usually easier than the other clues in the crossword.

The great thing about doing this is you will already have a web of answers that could help you solve the other clues. From this grid of answers, you can already start solving as many of the squares as you want. You can start with the first box before you move across and then down.

* Always return to the top of the Crossword to solve the clues you have missed. Going through them the second or third time might help you complete the Crossword.

As soon as you have a number of letters filled into the squares, you might just be able to guess the word that will solve the Crossword. Make sure that all of the letters of your answers fit the numbered boxes precisely. Knowing the correct spelling is very important here. Remember that an incorrect letter will often result to a chain-reaction of wrong answers.

Repeat steps 1 and 2 until you completely solve the crossword or until you are fully convinced that you cannot go any further.

This is the point where you try to know the missing letters for each of the boxes designed to every answer.

If you are looking for crossword puzzle answers that has themed clues, then learn more about it.

The key to solving any Crossword is to know more about its clues, especially if these pertain to a certain theme. Look up the themes on the Internet and see if you can guess some of the answers to the clues this way

* Look into the missing letters.

Keep in mind that there are not that many combinations of letters that will work for two words that are crossed with each other. This will help you make guesses about the missing letters and where they need to be placed. Before discarding what you think is an unsolvable crossword, review it and the clues you might have missed. You might still be able to complete the Crossword this way. Strategies have been developed to simplify the completion of jigsaws. 

Some of the more common crossword puzzle answers are to separate the corner and edge pieces from the middle pieces and then build the exterior of the Crossword. This way you have the framework and size of the Crossword adequately scoped out. Another common idea is to sort the inner pieces by colors or by theme. Leaves and trees look different from sky and ocean pieces. These two simple tips can make jigsaw Crosswords so much simpler.

When a Crossword is complete, you could call it a work of art. The picture on the Crossword makes an excellent decoration and many people hang up the Crosswords when they are finished. Of course first you need to buy Crossword glue and a Crossword frame (optional) so the Crossword does not fall apart. There are two kinds of memory, short term memory and long term memory. In short term memory you remember those things that happened most recently. In long term memory you can remember things that have happened some time back. If you want to increase your memory you have to keep the brain busy. Some of the things you can do are learn new song lyrics or try to remember old ones. If you cannot remember the old ones or remember only remnants of it then find the lyrics and relearn them Memorization is good for the memory.

Doing crossword and jig saw Crosswords can also keep your brain busy. Crosswords are good for remembering words you no longer use and the jig saw is good for hand eye coordination. The latter also makes the brain work a little harder. Occasionally you have to fool the brain to make it work. In cases like that do something different from the ordinary, for instance, if you are right handed then spend a day doing everything left handed. This makes the brain wake up muscles and bones that have been asleep because they did not have to work. All of these tips are answers to the question how to increase memory.

The older we get the more apt we are to lose certain memories. This is a natural phenomenon but it can be helped. If you feel you want to remember something from your past and you can't just quite remember it, then think about it and write what you do remember. Eventually, in reading these notes back to yourself you will remember the rest of the story. Some of the best memoirs have been written in this way. If you want to know how to increase memory the answer is give the brain some exercise. Get a hobby, read, write, play a game and keep busy and you will find your memory increasing with each attempt .

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